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4Minute HyunA, “None of our members had plastic surgery”

4Minute HyunA said, “All the members have not gone under the knife for plastic surgery before.”

She had said that when 6 girlgroups had appeared on MBC Bouquet aired on 25th July. On the show that day, group LPG said, “All 5 members, they had done up to 27 times plastic surgery.”

HyunA then said, “We 4Minute is known for not doing (plastic surgery). All 5 members, we have not done any plastic surgery.”

With HyunA’s honest statement, SookNyeoShiDae Kim SaeRoom joked, “It seems like you didn’t. When you clean off your makeup, there is no eyes, nose or mouth. And LPG SaeMi chipped in, “Really when I see 4Minute’s fresh faces, I couldn’t recognise them.”



52 Responses

  1. Keep lying to yourself Hyunah, keep lying to yourself. *pat pat*

  2. they are DAEBAK

  3. whatever hyuna ofcourse you still have not gotten any surgery because you are young! you can’t have surgery if your below 18 you need a parental consent! and a lot of surgeons does not allow below 18 yrs old to have surgery because their body is still growing.. my brother was suppose to have his nose done but he was only 16 the surgeon said he is still growing so you need to wait to see if you reach adolescence already.. so in the near future if your in your 20’s already you’ll never know if you will do it! so don’t talk so highly as if you know everything your only 17!

  4. i think its true that they didn’t get surgery.

    hyuna did get a shot for her nose though.

  5. yeah that’s probably one of their assets that they want to show off since majority of idols had plastic surgeries.

  6. of course they dont ….. but they needs one. they’re all look bloated with or without make up

  7. Relax people, it seems like a joke so no need to get worked up.

  8. lol LPG are mean plastic girls ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    i had to point that out.

  9. In all honestly LPG are a ugly group so i would say what a waste of PS’s, the fact theyve counted how much theyve done and are bragging about it, shows what losers they are.

    if i were them id be ashamed.

  10. and i smell a catfight :],
    lol is getting PS done so many times something to brag??, anyway LPG without makeup probably doesnt look same without makeup either even with surgery, coz everyone looks diff with makeup on,

  11. That’s what they all say. I think every idol star in Korea has had some sort of sugery done on themselves even those I like.

  12. yeah myb they didnt recognize 4min without makeup coz they dont hv their glasses on or contact lenses..
    4min girls are pretty without makeup โค

  13. What did those women talk about?
    I’ve seen 4min without make up…
    They’re all good-looking.
    People in Korea should really tone down their obsessions toward pretty faces.

    I esp pity the girl idols… They can’t even show their no make-up faces without getting bashed.

  14. seriously, i think 4Min looks pretty without the makeup. They have nice skins too.

  15. they are DAEBAK!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. LPG
    Lucy – 25 (birthday in May)
    Yoomi – 27 (birthday in April)
    Semi – 26 (birthday in
    Gayeon – 25 (birthday in July)
    Eunbyul – 23 (birthday in
    too old for an idol

    • I’ve seen older. IF they are old, so is BEG. The youngest is Gain at age 23. The rest is 29.

    • Other than the 3 BEG ladies, Kahi & JungAh, Dara & Bom, Lee Teuk & Heechul etc are all 26 and above. I didn’t know that they’re too old to be idols ๐Ÿ˜€

    • idols don’t have to be young, it’s just the annoying influx of younger idols these days.

  17. well, make up AND plastic surgery are 2 different things yknw. :/

  18. uhm..but i think is GAYOON looked different now compared before..seems like she did something on her face i just can’t point it out..

    • No she lost weight
      Compare during Hot Issue days, her face look more thinner, cuz she lost 5-7 kg, her dier before used to be a hot topic

  19. LPG who? liquefied petroleum gas? sorry…

    but 27 for 5 members are incredibly shocking!

  20. jyp girls don’t do PS.

    • Although they are so ugly

    • they are cube girls not jyp -_-

      • Cube is a sister company of JYPE.

      • @ ^_^,, Cube not sister company of JYPE..

      • i thought JYP owned both of them?…if he does then it don’t matter cos his still be making money of them regrades.

      • @ Kyakya
        listen to ^_^, cube IS a sister company of JYP

      • JYPE does not OWN cube. A board rep of JYPE made his own ent company and that was CUBE. But both the companies are close and share trainees etc. But CUBE and JYPE are 2 DIFFERENT companies unlike JYPE’s sub companies such as AQ Ent (Miss A) and Big Hit ent ( 2AM and 8eight). But CUBE and JYPE are 2 different entities.

      • Cube is STILL a subsidiary unit of JYPE.

        Subsidiaries of JYPE:
        Big Hit Entertainment
        AQ Entertainment
        Cube Entertainment

        Wonder Girls
        Park Jin Young
        Liu Xin
        Park Joon Hyung
        San E

        Kim Ha Eunff
        Lee Young Yoo
        Lim So Young
        Kim So Young

        Big Hit Entertainment:
        Kim Sang Mi
        Lee Hwan
        Lim Jeong Hee

        Cube Entertainment:
        Young Ji

        AQ Entertainment:
        miss A

        Former Artists:
        Jay Park
        Jo Kyoo-Cheol
        Kim Tae Woo
        Danny Ahn
        Son Ho young
        Park Ji-yoon
        K. Will

  21. OK , someone tell me WHO is LPG members ?????

  22. ya you are right HyunA & all your members so pretty except you but i think you need one or more than one kekeke

    • hahaha i really think you guy/girl don’t like her anyway agree with you 50%
      she is the least beautiful in her band , i think the girl in long dress in their song HUH she is really pretty ( i don’t know her name )

      • i think it’s jihyun? the leader?

        they are pretty! seen them all in person!

        gayoon is my absolute favorite and the prettiest in my opinion.

      • @ sanoj

        WHAT , i was think HyunA is the leader ??
        THANKS GOD

        ya the girl i talking about her , she is in the pic ( left ) with long hair
        she is damn-good looking

      • The leader is Ji Hyun, people.

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  24. Geez. LPG members had 27 times plastic surgery? O.o

  25. They’re naturally beautiful even without make up :|.
    They’re still adorable in fresh faces. We got used to their fresh faces esp. HyunAh and JiHyun. They’re really pretty :). SoHyun is cute like a kid and 2Yoon are adorable :->

  26. o_o interesting show, put these girls together and we’ll get a good cat fight. who’s ์ˆ™๋…€์‹œ๋Œ€??

    • anyways ์ˆ™๋…€์‹œ๋Œ€ and LPG are all old ladies…. what theyre saying is too ironic cause they probably look worse without makeup than 4minute.

      not even a 4min fan but i feel like defending them from these nasty, superficial ladies.

      • lol completely agree. idk i like 4minute’s fresh faces. it’s actually extremely pretty (and they’re not afraid to show it. most of their self camera pictures are fresh face with other members).

  27. โ€œReally when I see 4Minuteโ€™s fresh faces, I couldnโ€™t recognise them.โ€
    wtf?XDDDDDDDD very nice

    • thats just the power of makeup

      • Sigh, the power of makeup….

        I’m pretty sure netizens all around the world forget that stage makeup is especially thick and pigmented, allowing the makeup artists to contour and blush as needed to highlight or hide features. :/

        But even off stage, at shows, they use a tonnnnnn of foundation, concealer (under-eye DARK CIRCLES/BAGS!!!!!!) and more to hide “imperfections”. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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