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BoA reveals MV to ‘GAME’

BoA finally revealed the MV to her Korean comeback 6th album title song ‘Game’ on 25th July.

Love it or not?


43 Responses

  1. […] BoA revealed 2 songs off the album ‘Game’ and ‘Stand By’ previously on 28th July. The album will be released officially on 5th August. […]

  2. […] BoA revealed 2 songs off the album ‘Game’ and ‘Stand By’ previously on 28th July. The album will be released officially on 5th […]

  3. […] of this, she also revealed the song ‘Game‘. She will be revealing the title song ‘Hurricane Venus’ […]

  4. I’m not gonna lie… I was expecting something more… :S

  5. Song sucks. Her make-up and fashion look good.

  6. she looks like lee hyo ri.. in some scenes
    but i like her mv ..so good

  7. well some artists are experimenting, i guess. trying new things and ideas, which isn’t a bad thing.
    and BoA is just doing that. the mv and the song may be not fit for other people’s taste, but she’s just doing the things that any other artists are doing, going for a change, experimenting on new concepts.

    i think she’s going glam here in the mv, and like some of the people here, im not used to seeing her with a glam look. i love her with he fierce-slash-boyish look. the song is not good, but not that bad either. ^^

    im just glad that BoA is having a come back. i can’t wait for her title song, too. 🙂

  8. She looks like Hyori but the feeling isn’t there.

  9. this song is -______- bleh

  10. grr i forced myself 5 times to watch the MV over and over again because it is BOA but i still dont feel the song at all… i just hope that her title track is nothing like this at all…

    • LOL 5 times?
      you beated me, i watched it 3 times. lol
      i really like the video, it’s refreshing. but the song, i don’t know… i hope that her title track is different too =P

  11. i don’t feling the song 😦 i expexted so much more i aam dissapointed!

  12. Not feeling it at all even after I listened to it 5 times.

  13. it wasn’t bad but still
    I was expecting something can beat se7en, hyori and rain when they came back but it’s not

    still hoping that this is not the title song

  14. i really liked it. i thought it was good

  15. In some scences, she like Lee Hyo Ri, in the long white T-shirt, it make me remind Katy Perry.

    the scences she hold the ice-cream, I remind Kei$ha and Pink in So what.

    this song has American style, and I don’t like it 😐

  16. Boa nooooooooo… Hope title track will be a lot better

  17. don’t like it .=s

  18. however,even this is not her title song,how come they choose this lame song,can`t they find a better song this is her comeback,we expecting a great sound.

  19. And I forgot to mention that BoA looks fabulous in the music video.

  20. The MV is awesome. BoA is a grown-up, and she can’t be the same as she was 5 years ago. Besides, she delivers the sexy image without revealing much.
    Love it!
    The song is pretty good and catchy. It’s getting better after you give it couple listens.

    Ps: This is not her title track. This is her “thank-you” gift to korean fans who have been waiting for her for 5 years.

  21. wow!!surprised and not in a good way
    boa was always boyish!! and i loved her like that!!
    i dont think she can pull off the sexy-kind-of-hyori look
    and whats up with the song!! that rap kinda like ke$ha…
    first danbi now her
    boa has great voice ..she could sing great!!
    and where’s the dancing!!!gah!!!


    all articles clearly state that this is just a song off her album
    her title song isn’t revealed yet


  23. I like the looks where she was sittiing down

    she look soo beautiful!

    some of the makeup is really cool i felt like it popped out of those cool make up ads!

    i cant wait to see her perform!

  24. Don’t like her makeup and hair. Make her look older then Park Kahi and Lee Hyori

  25. um….this is not what I was expecting! It’s a total 180 BoA! LOL…I dont like the song either…it’s boring…I hope the title song is better than this!

  26. hmmm…. this is very un-boa-ish. y’know? very girly. not sure if i’m liking the new sound for boa. the song on its own is good. but a boa song? not sure. still, she looks good and did a great job with it. think it could have been better.

  27. I like the new MV but she doesn’t dance in this MV much. Maybe she will perform the song with a dance..?
    And yes, I also heard that Game isn’t her title track. One korean friend said to me that she will reveal one more MV and this song will be her title track. But..Let’s see how it will be. 😀
    I want to see her performance with Game *-*
    This song made my day.~♥

  28. Surprisingly, i really love this song. Nice mellow song, catchy chorus. She looks gorgeous in the MV too. I’m shocked not to see much dancing (since i’ve always though dancing was BoA’s “thing”).


  29. too much of a beyonce vibe. it just hit me at full front and it sort of gives a similar atmosphere to her “why don’t you love me” mv.

  30. I like the concept , her style and of course her makeup and she kind look like Hyori but I dont love her new song the game is a song that I dont think I will bother to listen to it again her song is just boring

  31. it looks like a mix of son dam be and hyori style…sort of. And she doesn’t sound very boa-ish. Coz she has a very distinct voice, i can only conclude that they autotuned her voice, again. And they could have had a way catchier tune. We’ll see how it goes~

  32. emmmmm OK , we wish her title song is good more 🙂

  33. ummm i guess it was ok? i just hope smenty give better songs to their artist like SHINee deserver better song than that Lucifer… also does anybody noe if this is gonna be the title song cuz i i read from allkpop and in here that Game was gonna be the title song?..

    • Boa herself twitted that her title song is Ordinary Day (Haru Haru)…

      • lol..actually it means Day By Day..i saw her twitted that too but it wasn’t sure if that’s the title song..

        i love BoA but sad to say i don’t like the song…her jpop songs are way much better than this..

        SME should hire great composers for their artists since SM is rich anyway and surely they can afford that!

      • They already have great composers. Kenzie and Yong Yoo Jin are very talented composers.

    • ohh really?

  34. Jpop style and makeup come back. Refreshing! ^^

  35. any teaser? 😮
    ♥ I loved it
    SM and BoA did a fantastic work..

  36. i heard this was NOT her title song & its just a regular song in her upcoming album that she did an mv to. kinda like how hyori did ‘swing’ mv but it wasnt her title track.

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