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Go EunAh pays a visit to the police station after getting into an argument at a drinking bar

Talent Go EunAh pays a visit to the police station for investigation after she had allegedly gotten into a heat argument at a drinking place.

It is known that Go EunAh had gotten into an argument with the customers and other residents at a drinking bar situation in Seoul GangNamGoo on 25th July at 8:50am. After which, she was brought to the police station for investigation.

Both parties have admitted their wrong, and had came down to an agreement for the case at the police station after that.

Go EunAh’s representative revealed that no one was hurt in the disagreement and both parties have came to a closure on their disagreement.



30 Responses

  1. who cares about this i hate censorship

    • lol just because your little story about B2ST isn’t published, then you are all mad. like a baby…
      it was the same thing with Hyori, right ..

      attention whore.

  2. Why is everyone getting so pissed off? She got in an argument, so what? Why are you comparing her to Linsay Lohan and Britany Spears? It’s not like she’s wandering around the city drunk and half naked.
    With your reactions, you act like she committed some freaking crime.

  3. EunAh: “NOBODY insults My Sweetie Kid Bro Mir!”
    “Mir’s Ddongkumong BELONGS to ME!!!!!”
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  4. dont butt in if u dont know anything…me and her went way back from high school…and i know her and mir and her family well…she indeed has the hot for her bro..they werent as close as before becus mir knows how her sis feels for him..she’s a brother-com…a sister that is obsessive of their younger bro.

  5. she lookz like mir’s twin sister even though she’s older den him..

  6. Wow haters.

    She got into arguement because the person that she argue with insulted the relationship between Mir and her.

    she is trying to protect Mir and is this wrong?

    don’t tell me if other ppl insulted ur parents and u won’t argue back.

  7. this is the one that wants to fuck up her own lil bro. pathetic.

    • you’re the one that pathetic..so shut up if u don’t know the truth, what if u’r in her position, & i wrote like what you did “this is the one that wants to fuck up her own lil bro. pathetic.”..what u’r feeling?? so just shut up

  8. I cant believe that comments that Im reading

  9. She used to be a CF princess. Filmed a lot of commercials.

  10. Attention-seeking bitch. Kiss her bro and getting into arguments. Why is she trying to be a bad-girl so much? I sniff Britney Spear’s panties lingering in Korea…

    • can i call u bi** too, u like to being call like that??

    • wtf… what’s wrong with you?
      too much jealous maybe ? seriously, she got her reason to get into an argument.

  11. nice smile.ha ha ha.

  12. Yeah. She’s becoming Korea’s Lindsay Lohan already. Getting into controversies in order to hit headlines and not personal capabilities. More in a notorious way though. What’s gotten into her recently? Is she effed up that she kissing her bro became such a huge tabloid and after which, he even proclaimed her prefer his fellow band-mate, Thunder’s sister (Dara) than her? Sheesh. Be popular in a good way. 😀

  13. Hmmm she doesn’t seem to come out in dramas or movie that often huh that she seems to be out in articles with weird news.. kissing her brother… now arguing in public.. Wow this girl..

  14. is she Mir sister?

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