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Nich Khun does surprise event for Victoria ‘affection ↑’

2PM Nich Khun does a surprise event for his ‘wife’ Victoria.

The 2 went on their first vacation together on MBC We Got Married aired on 24th July. During the trip, Nich Khun had forgotten about their photo diary he promised, which had Victoria feeling a little down and sad.

Nich Khun, “I did bring along the diary. This is the first time that I’ve written in a diary. While writing in it, I felt great anticipation and happiness. I guess it will be good results since we did our best.”

The reason why Nich Khun had said that he didn’t bring the diary is to make Victoria sad and then at the end to surprise her with “I brought it!”.

During the show that day, the 2 pitched their tents and Nich Khun showed Victoria the diary. And it was indeed a pleasant surprise for Victoria.

The couple then wrote about the things they want to eat and the places they wanted to go etc in the diary.


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  2. um so like i dont care if this gets deleted. if it gets deleted it shows that you all are bias and dont want the truth to come out. anyway everyone. many kpop sites are censoring this news so you wont get upset.

    well Group BEAST’s member Lee Kikwang was seen in blackface on MBC TV ‘Hot Brothers. this has happened recently. there is even a picture of it. shakes my head

    just look on places like oh no they didnt who are not censoring this in order to keep kpop pure.

    dont waste your time mentioning this on omona they didnt. they will just ban you. dont waste time tipping none of these sites they will just act like it dont matter.

    • but why did he do that ? what’s the reason?
      what’s the episode ?
      a picture can have a lot of explanations. and i’m really not biased, i just want to know the reason =P
      maybe that’s why so many website censured it ? idk, i’m just saying.

      • well it was a episode where they thought it was going to be funny to do black face. it seems many are censoring it so that kpop wont be bashed or just so people wont attack the beast member or something. they not only did a thing where it was black face but he also did a fake watermelon cf and he also acted very stupid as he was supposely making fun of african americans. only one korean site reported on it and no other sites wants to.

        many sites have been censoring my comments. many people got banned on certain sites because they bought it up. i know it will be a big a*s sh*tstorm if people knew. still it have to be reported on so that koreans will know that many people dont like it.

        i dont even think the people who normally uploads the episodes on youtube will post the episode because they dont want to upset many people. as far as i know most people acting like it dont exist.

      • theere is only one site that reported on it. which i am glad they did. every other site will try to ban me for mentioning it.

      • OMFG it really does seem liek a big deal….

      • wait didnt allkpop’s forum posted something titled blackface earlier today or something cuz i remembered see something like that o well…

      • yeah only on the forums of allkpop it was posted. also on this other kpop site but no one else trying to deal with the issue. if you talk about it they ban you.

  3. I’m not a nickhun hater or anything, but this is basically manipulative action, intentionally making her feel sad knowing you can bring her spirit up later… it’s something players do, toying with girls emotions

    And I didn’t see the episode, but if he brought it and said he didn’t, isn’t that straight up lying?

    • agreed it so strongly. He keeps try to be a good man but the truth is not….. he keeps doing somthing like this around girl.

  4. Gosh khun, you really know how to impress someone LOL

  5. Those two are cute!

  6. This is what victoria actually expected 😉
    she said it in the interview

  7. omo I’m not a fan but victoria is really cute in that pic.

  8. Aigoo…NichKhun, I thought you did really bad to Victoria last week and now this .OMG.!!! you not only surprise you wife, but me too keke. And Thank God, you are still a guy who keep your words 🙂

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  10. haha what is thisssssss!
    one ep of wgm destroys his image and another pushes him up sky high again

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