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SBS Inkigayo 25.07.2010 – TaeYang wins 2nd Mutizen with ‘I Need A Girl’

Today on SBS Inkigayo, TaeYang wins his 2nd Mutizen award with his comeback title song ‘I Need A Girl’.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

Comeback Specials

  • SHINee “Up & Down + Lucifer”
  • ChaeYeon “Crazy + Look x3”

Hot Debut

  • Rottyful Sky “No Way”

Goodbye Special

  • Super Junior “No Other Person Like You + Bonamana (Remix ver.)”

Take 7

  • Brown Eyed Girls Narsha “Bbi Ri Bba Bba”
  • Taeyang “I Need A Girl”
  • Son DamBi “Queen”
  • miss A “Bad Girl Good Girl”

Summer Special

  • One Two “Very Good”
  • Sistar “Push Push”
  • Jang Yoon Jung “Olleh (remix ver.)”
  • JooSuc “Pop & Drop”

Hot Music

  • Gina Choi w. BEAST Yoon DooJoon “Leaving So You Can Live Better”
  • T-ara’s JiYeon and SoYeon “What should we finish”
  • Black Pearl “Go Go Ssing ”
  • Teen Top “Clap”
  • Ze:A “Level Up ”
  • December “Came by Myself ”

Power Rookie

  • Apple Girl Kim YeoHee “My Music”


37 Responses


  2. I love SHINee’s performance; they’re fierce as ever. I also love their safety traffic song, it’s just a bundle of adorableness.

    Congratulations to Taeyang, (:

  3. congtarz taeyang !!!!!!

  4. FAIL MC… lolz junghwa i still remember that time in the SBS gayo daejeun 2009 when junghwa was asking taeyang the same question heechul asked… lolz…. anyways congratz taeyang!!!

  5. ‘i need a girl’ is sooo addictive..itz a smooth rnb song..de song goes well with taeyang’s style n voice..here’s a toast 2 ur win.. =)

  6. congrats taeyang~he really deserved it and he looked really tired,he really needs a rest,back and forth from japan and korea,WOW~congrats to big bang too(they got an award in japan yesterday),big bang the best~

  7. YongHwa messing up again lol

  8. Congrraattss! So happy he won!!
    I will really miss super junior! =[

  9. […] the rest of today’s performances, head on to KBITES Video Credits to […]

  10. Taeyang!!!! congrats!!

  11. Yay! ^_^

    Dang Taeyang flew all the way from Japan just to perform at Inkigayo and claim his award then flew back right after since Big Bang is doing activities in Japan right now.

    • He could’ve won both M! & MuBank but he wasn’t there, so his public broadcast and live performances scores were low.

  12. LMAO!!! yonghwa announced YB as the winner before it came up on screen then he apologized. hahaha. funny guy.

  13. Kim YeoHee !!!!! SOOKYYY Find that video now and update ❤ u

  14. he performed
    guess, some didn’t watch live…

  15. yes I was hoping that Miss A will win but congrats Taeyang

  16. Congratulations TY 😀 btw, there has been some debate on ALLKPOP whether TY performed today…

    • it’s because he just got back from Japan..last night it was announced that he will no longer perform in inki but he did!

      • thats yg for you. If they know they will win they will attend lol

      • @nona: not really. pshh… what a hater. =__=”

        YG loses either way. if YG doesn’t let YB perform then fans would be like, “OMG, YB didn’t even get enough promotions!….whine whine.” if he does perform, haters go, “oh, he has a chance to win that’s why he’s there…moan groan.”

        might as well please the fans and irritate the hell outta haters, no?

  17. woo congrats to taeyang .<

  18. Congrats Taeyang. On a sidenote I really have a concern its always the Big 3 companies collecting awards on these music shows majority of the time. I mean will smaller companies ever get a chance to win something?? 4minute never got one award since their comeback. After School didnt win jack, neither did Beast or Mblaq. I know Rain and Hyori won but they are King and Queen lol so its expected. But the last couple of wins were Suju, Taeyang, Miss A now wih Shinee coming back they most likely collec a few awards. What do you guys think? Why is it that way?

    • I believe 4Minute won on Mnet countdown??? Yep, but we all know anyone can probably win on Mnet. Dont worry, they will get their time 😀 I believe Beast also won from Mnet. Just imagine how it was before the Big 3 became THE BIG 3. They probably started the same way.

    • The amount of fans behind those artists vs whoever else is promoting at the time. They aren’t the big 3 because they produce the best music (though some of it is good), they’re the big 3 because they pull in the most fans. More album sales/ dls/votes etc. its all just a popularity contest anyways. 3+ awards a week a few at the end of each month then yearly awards for each station. as long as they music of your choice is the one you like don’t worry bout the glass trophies

    • G.NA’s the only artist outside of the big 3 that could’ve won this week imo. but she’s really new.. so in time..

    • T-ara is under Mnet and so far they won 8 awards from different music shows

    • because of fanbase..usually an artist/ a group who has a bigger fanbase always win..regardless of quality..album and digital sales are included in the criteria, not to mention the amount of viewers votes..

    • IU,CN.Blue,T-ara,Kara, After School etc also won before

      it’s all about the song
      the problem with 4minute is that their songs are all sound similar, they need to come out with something that are fresh and different to what they usually do

      OMG so happy that Taeyang won,
      but no video of him performing?

    • hey not exactly true, cn blue’s from F&C but they won twice in inkigayo and mcountdown for LOVE. so did IU & Seulong.

    • it is all about popularity afterall… you cant blame the Big 3 companies for being so popular that 4minute,After School, BEAST,andMBLAQ didnt get any awards.. it is not always the Big 3 you noe KARA,T-ARA,CN BLUE, and IU also won in msuic show too…

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  20. Congrats to TY for winning the Mutizen! Hopefully he can score his third one next week!

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