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SiWon and BoA pose in 3D glasses!

Super Junior SiWon and BoA for a photo together.

SiWon posted on his Twitter on 24th July about BoA’s new Twitter and asked for support for her Twitter page, “My friend BOA is also on twitter now BoA_1105 ! Please follow her and show much support 🙂 !!”

Together with the Tweet, he also posted a photo the 2 took together wearing the 3D glasses for the movie ‘Toy Story 3′.

Netizens’ comments are, “BoA is so charming”, “The 2 look close and are cute”, “It has been so long for BoA” etc.


Meanwhile, here is the MV to BoA’s Korean comeback


12 Responses

  1. whoa those 3d glasses are ugly

  2. soo cute

  3. Haha..i did comment on the picture..Boa look really nice with her new hair..=)

  4. ughhh esa chica de ahi esta muy cerca a mi siwon.

  5. awww siwon oppa is soo cute :3
    btw, that girl there is ugly.

    • You are ugly. BoA is probably much prettier than you will ever be! 🙂

    • u mad? u want a cookie?

    • BoA is gorgeous! Jealous? A little? Ha.

    • ugly? you wannna look at yourself in the mirror first? be careful the mirror might crack.

      you’re just jealous she gets to pose w/ siwon, watch movie w/ him, and hang out like best buddies. you’re just one ugly troll hiding behind the computer spewing out sh!t.

    • wtf. sjw you r one of fuckin rotten bitches

  6. i think they were watching somethng else, cause Boa twitted that they should go watch toy story after the pic was posted. .

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