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Sulli embarrasses Jung YongHwa, Jo Kwon and TaeYang on SBS Inkigayo?

Jung YongHwa. TaeYang and Jo Kwon gets embarrassed by ‘giant baby’ f(x) Sulli.

During SBS Inkigayo aired on 25th July, Sulli’s MC-ing together with C.N Blue Jung YongHwa and 2AM Jo Kwon garners great interests. Sulli was seen in a while simple dress and in a pair of killer heels.

But standing in between the 2 other male MCs, netizens have noticed, “She look taller than usual together”, “The air up there must be nice” etc.

And also on the show, TaeYang had won his 2nd Mutizen with the song ‘I Need A Girl’ and during his thank-you speech he had stood with the MCs. And Sulli had seemed especially tall amongst the 3 others. Sulli’s height is at 170cm and with the killer heels, she had appeared especially taller today on the show.

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  1. […] This is not the first time Sulli’s height has been in the spotlight. Recently, her height was also being compared to other male idols like Jung YongHwa, Jo Kwon and TaeYang. […]

  2. Jo kwon with his awesome in-soles.

  3. ggoooodd

  4. […] This is not the first time Sulli’s height has been in the spotlight. Recently, her height was also being compared to other male idols like Jung YongHwa, Jo Kwon and TaeYang. […]

  5. […] This is not the first time Sulli’s height has been in the spotlight. Recently, her height was also being compared to other male idols like Jung YongHwa, Jo Kwon and TaeYang. […]

  6. i read an article a month ago that Sulli now is the tallest in the group… 169cm… i know that 162cm-163cm is almost 5’4 already… so means shes 5’5 to 5’6… shes tall in her age tho and she still growing!

  7. the guys need some kkalchang LOL go insoles

  8. omg even jokwon is taller than youngbae! i always thought those 2 were around the same height…lol

  9. But in the videoclip Sulli do not look that much longer then Jo Kwon and he is 172 cm, and Taeyang look shorter then Jo Kwon and I really don’t think that Taeyang is 174 cm long -.- ♥

    • jokwon is not 172 tho. because if jokwon is 172 then changmin and seulong must be only 178/177 and that doesn’t sound right because we all know how tall seulong, changmin and jinwoon are. taeyang is shorter than jokwon, yes. but he’s not 170. lol.

      • Jo Kwon is 172, Jay was 170 (and he said that he was 170 cm!) And Jo Kwon and Jay are almoste the same high so Jo Kwon is 172 o_O

      • i’m pretty sure jokwon is taller than 172 cm well personally i went to wonder girls concert when 2am was the guest i was in the front row and all of them looks like giant like seriously i think jo kwon is probably at least 175 cm just from looking at the video sulli is about 170cm with that giant heel and jokwon is still a little bit taller than her so i highly doubt jokwon is 172cm….

      • @tekla: fine then. i still think kwon is 175 so doesn’t matter anyways. no one here is right unless we see them for ourselves and measure them personally. these are all guesses anyway. i’m only here for the fun of it.

    • Sulli is wearing 3 inch heals, which is like 6-8cm. That’s why she looks so much taller.

  10. Honestly guys, Taeyang’s like, 168cm. He LOOKS short. Yonghwa’s a lot shorter than i thought he was, even tho he’s wearing tall shoes.

  11. omo taeyang congratz !!!
    yg fighting!!!!!!!!

  12. Yonghwa is not 182cm coz he even smaller than jokwon who has 175cm height -__- And Sulli is 169cm, she said that.

    • but she must have grown since then. younghwa’s profile says that he’s 180 but here he looks 176. i know for sure taeyang’s 174 so sulli without the heels looks to be same height as taeyang. jokwon is 175.

      • Taeyang is not taller than 170cm. It’s a well known fact. Do you believe everything YG artist profiles feed you?

      • @mitzi: actually, i’m 168 and if taeyang is not taller than 170 would that mean i’m taller than he is? i doubt it because a friend of mine went to their ELT concert front row and testified that taeyang is indeed taller than i am. it is a well-known fact that taeyang is not in the higher 170s but i can definitely say he’s taller than 170.

        you believe what you want to believe. and that goes for me too, so who cares right? you’re not gonna change your mind, and i’m unwilling to do it just for someone like you… so there.

      • @Mitzi dude taeyang is taller than 170cm …. if you watched the inkigayo interview here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVHXlU5dUFQ taeyang is a little bit taller than her(sulli was wearing flats) he would appear taller in that interview if he didnt stand with is leg open like that but still taeyang is still taller than sulli i think sulli is maybe 169/170 cm she said it herself in idol army earlier this year…? i would say that taeyang is about jay’s height ……

      • @12345: you’re right. jay is the same height as taeyang. both of them are 174. and sulli has grown taller since last time she said on idol army. she is a growing teen after all.

    • Yonghwa on WGM said that he was 179.5 so they just rounded up hes 180.

  13. I cant believe this became news so what if she is taller than these two guys its not the end of the world

  14. At the point it’s going to be difficult for shot men to live with themselves. Maybe they should all jump off a bridge because it’s such a sin to be short. Really people, this is considered news?

    • *short

    • There’s nothing wrong with short men. It’s only a problem if they or their agency lie about their height.

      • yea, and it’s obvious here that younghwa’s profile is lying when it says he’s 180 cuz he definitely looks to be 176 here.

      • then again, sulli is wearing those heels, so it might be close. haha. i’m thoroughly entertained by this.

    • yes, it is news. hear of the gossip column?

  15. so much emphasis placed on height these days

  16. yonghwa’s 180??? LOL good joke..

  17. yonghwa’s 180, and i think sulli grown abit more coz she def doesnt look 169, dont think kahi is that all compared to rest of AS members apart from Raina but nana is a completely diff story xD

  18. Haha, Sookyeong… Not much news today for you to post this huh? 😀

  19. I remember Taeyeon said that when she used to share dorm with sulli. She was just a small girl and within 2 years she grew 20 cms n outgrew Taeyeon…lol

  20. Sulli is not 170 she is 169, and the boys are short (dont know about YongHwa), but Jo Kwon is 172 and Taeyang is like 170? 😛

    • younghwa’s 176 and taeyang is 174 for sure. so sulli must be more or less 174 as well without those damned heels. jokwon is 175.

      • YongHwa is 179.2 but they round it up to 180 cm.

      • how did that 179.2 go all the way up to 180?? shouldn’t that round up to 179? in my school, it only rounds up to 180 if you’re 179.5 and above. lol. still, i believe you now. i think he’s 179.

  21. Sulli must be over 170 cm, i thought she is 173 or 174 cm, cuz when she stand next to Taec yeon, even she didnt wore high heels, she is just shorter than him a little bit
    And when she interview After School, she is taller than every AS members

    • wow, really? even taller than kahi and nana? impressive…

      • I would say she’s around the same height as them. Uee’s the tallest at 173, Nana’s like 171. Everyone else is below that.

        You can watch this for reference (and a good laugh at the end). All the girls are in flats.

      • @dori: but younghwa’s profile says that he’s 180. i personally think he’s only abt 176 because i know wooyoung is 178 and in that video he looks wayy taller than sulli. so, going by this i think sulli must be 174 cuz i know taeyang is definitely 174 and without the killer heels she must be the same height as taeyang. and yea, UEE’s height is abt 173 so that sounds just abt right.

      • then again, in that video with wooyoung she was wearing flats. so i think younghwa might be 179 so it’s not that far from his profile after all. lol. this is too interesting.

      • @ naninoona

        yeah, i dont know why i find this so interesting too, huhu~

  22. “the air up there must be nice” LOL forever xD

  23. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, Jacintha (자신타), Jacintha (자신타), Miya ( 미야 ), 마리 and others. 마리 said: tsk tsk RT @sookyeong: Sulli embarrasses Jung YongHwa, Jo Kwon and TaeYang on SBS Inkigayo? http://wp.me/phE2s-9Ss […]

  24. it must be a slow news day in korea to make article like this.

  25. she’s a giant! and taeyang-baby, how many times have people told you not to stand next to tall people like Siwon, Taecyeon.. and now sulli.. but it really can’t be helped, ayt?

    haha! i kid! congrats BAe!

    • Taeyang is just a midget.

      • nope, he’s just short.
        To be consider a midget u have to be an adult with height shorther than 4 feet10 inches /147cm.

      • LOL even JoKwon is taller than Taeyang 😀

      • well … God is fair. HE gives some, HE takes some. Tae Yang may be lacking in height but he surely is waaaay more talented than some of those tall people mentioned here.

    • Taeayng is just really short but I dont think Sulli is taller than Yonghwa and Jokwon!

    • since she is 16 I think she is very tall for her age but I dont think Taeyang must feel ashamed or must not stand next to someone who is taller than him in the end he is still hot

      • @121: lol. i spot ur fan up there tryin to make you look bad again.

      • mmm … i guess that fan of yours must be the same person who impersonated me months ago … and if i’m not mistaken, that person had done that to you too naninoona cos i remembered reading some comments seemingly from ‘you’ which were totally not something that you would’ve written.

      • @lay: it must be. i guess we’re famous now? PFFFT~

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