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TaeYang makes special appearance on ‘Hero Girls’, receiving IU’s surprise love confession

Big Bang TaeYang gets confessed to by IU and they performed his hit ‘I Need A Girl’ together.

This was during SBS Hero Girls aired on 25th July, where the national female rugby plays have made special appearances on the show.

And with the wish of the team leader, TaeYang was invited on the show. And Yoon InNa who is from the same company as Big Bang had called up TaeYang personally to get him to appear on the show, and she had said, “IU has been TaeYang’s long running fan.”

IU who was then put on the phone with TaeYang said, “Recently I have been watching your activities. I really want to see oppa,” making a shy confession.

And with IU’s request, TaeYang had made special appearance on the show. Upon meeting IU, TaeYang said, “You have grown prettier with time. And you sing well too.”

TaeYang also performed his song ‘I Need A Girl’ together on the show. And in the midst of the performance, IU had given TaeYang a peck on the cheek.


38 Responses

  1. YURI is not for taeyang! IU is!! yuri is hot and fun but not for taeyangggg!!! taeyang is IU’S!!!

  2. IU is soooo adorable. Her fangirling and her nervousness and spazzing is really genuine. True admiration! I noticed too that YB was more nervous and giddy with IU than anyone else too. IM OFFICIALLY A SHIPPER OF THESE TWO!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  3. I need Subs ASAP xD
    IU is so cute

  4. is that a girl kissing Taeyang on the cheek in the lower right hand pic? probably is because I dont think a boy would be kissing Taeyang lol

  5. I really want subs so I know what she was saying after she kiss YB. This was soo cute.

  6. IU is still the QUEEN OF ALL TAEYANG FANGIRLS. she’s too cute and her fangirling was so hilarious and adorable.

  7. she’s young, but i like her more than yuri xDXD

    superfangirl.. adorable

  8. i think i would haf reacted de same way she did if meetin my fave idol face 2 face..i applaud her 4 bein brave in planting a kiss on taeyang’s cheek..i would b 2 shy 2 do dat 2 my fave idol what wif my heart beating very fast.. =p

  9. if i were IU,i’ll kiss taeyang on the lips like top did for hyori,lol jk~they can be a cute couple~lately,taeyang really did a lot of fanservices,doesnt he? fangirls should be thankful to taeyang’s choreographer because of the kiss dance part they can kiss taeyang,kkkk~taeyang so cute!!!

  10. IU is cute when Tae yang came out her face was so red she was blushing all the time she couldnt even look at him I also felt that Taeyang was also very happy to meet IU yes she is 17 but they look so cute together

  11. IU<3 She's too cute for words.

  12. Taeyang is a pimp!!! first Yuri now IU hahah play on playa

  13. *girls

  14. many girl kissed taeyang..
    an audience on sketchbook , juri on kang shim jang and now IU…

    • I know, rite?
      Now, I need to see Yuri giving him a kiss or just dancing with him and my life will be all complete. xD

      • they sooooo need to do a special duet stage. i mean, can you imagine? ahh~ black pearl and shining sun together? cuuute!! >w<

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  16. IU is tooooo cute!
    haha she was spazzing & fangirling all over the place. She’s representing all of us fangirls XD

  17. IU is so cute!!! I am with you xx.

  18. hahaha IU is the definition of a true fan girl lol

    she is just too cute-this vid is on repeat for me lol

    i am a IU-taeyang shipper now

  19. I approve of this, even if she is a bit young at the moment.

  20. OMG!!! IU is so cute fangirling over YB! I ship them! Even though I think she’s still a bit too young for him Lol but whatever xD they are cute together ^__^

  21. Lol also,i love the segment,its so cute.

  22. lol that nice i never seen a girl act like that.

  23. lol, a girl after my own heart. it was really funny to see the girls freaking out esp. iu. sooo cute

  24. lol iu fangirling is so cute omg

  25. That would make some nice babies lol

  26. haha so cute IU is so in love with Taeyang In Young is cute to.

  27. *giggles* ahhhh..they must date! ^_^

  28. omg watching this, i can feel my heart beating very fast kekekekke….

    omo omo i can feel the heat from IU towards TY ^^

  29. cute!

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