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f(x) Luna in tears after hearing Charice Pempengco sing

f(x) Luna is seen in tears on SBS Star King.

On SBS Star King aired on 24th July, singer Charice Pempengco who had made headlines with her great vocal capabilities had made special appearance on the show.

On the show, Charice said, “(Korean translation) I have been contacted by American ‘Oprah Winfrey show’. Through my appearance on the show, I got to meet world-known producer David Foster and debuted officially as a singer.”

With that Luna said, “I wanted to show my song to David Foster.” And she had performed the song ‘One Moment In Time’ by Whitney Houston on the show.

After her performance, MC Kang HoDong asked, “How about let Charice sing the same song?” And Charice did her rendition of the song which had earned the loud applause from the audience. Seeing that, Luna was seen in tears which had the other star appearances shocked and they comforted her, “Our Luna did well too.”

And Charice voiced, “I have something to say. Her performance was great and there is no reason she should cry.”

Luna added, “I have dreamed to be a singer when I was young through the song ‘One Moment In Time’ and before debut I’ve seen Charice on TV. I want to be like unnie, to work hard and be a world star.”

S: Maxmovie

Aww.. I love Luna all the same

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  1. you have no idea what you are talking about, even if they have different style in singing you will know if a person is born to be a singer or if they have that x factor. Even my aunt can beat luna (the korean pretty girl who sang before charice) in singing this song in a karaoke. I like luna’s voice but when it comes to this song she needs to practice like charice. If I am one of the audience I would cry like luna too because charice sang it so beautifully.

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  8. Luna, as an artist with great passion, for sure it hurt if she heard such rumors like that (“YOu’re not good enough..” etc.). BUT what LUNA did was very unethical… During that time, CHARICE was the GUEST and was promoting her album… Clearly, LUNA’s showing off.. was OUT OF PLACE. And really, normally, it would offend any guests.

    What the HOST did was right actually. By asking Charice to sing the song too would make up for the unethical thing luna did.

  9. Luna, as an artist with great passion, for sure it hurt if she heard such rumors like that (“YOu’re not good enough..” etc.). BUT what LUNA did was very unethical… During that time, CHARICE was the GUEST and was promoting her album… Clearly, LUNA’s showing off.. was OUT OF PLACE. And really, normally, it would offend any guests. There is always the RIGHT TIME to show-off..

    What the HOST did was right actually. By asking Charice to sing the song too would make up for the unethical thing luna did.

  10. first of all…i was so happy to see Charice back on Star King. I’m a Filipino whose fascinated with the Korean culture, I watch almost all Korean tv shows available here in the Philippines.

    re: this Luna – Charice issue…I don’t think it’s any of the two girls’ fault. They are both talented. Obviously, there is a HUGE difference on their voice qualities (even without alleged technical problems). But I definitely agree to everyone who said that they are both good singers. Of course, we cannot level Luna on Charice’s level now. WE ALL HAVE TO ADMIT that they are on different career levels now ‘coz Charice is already an international singer and is being trained by nonetheless, David Foster himself. BUT we also shouldn’t crush Luna’s hope to one day succeed like Charice on the international scene. Like Charice said, everybody has a chance to make it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Korean or Filipino. When it’s your time to shine…it will be.

    Nevertheless, I was delighted to see Charice on Star King again. I was more focused on her interaction with Kang Hodong, Super Junior and that guy from CNBLUE than all the drama the writers are trying to pull. Better to laugh than to be caught in the drama, right?

    Best of luck who has a dream like Luna and Charice! Keep your heads up! ^_^

  11. charice is really a good singer. she makes us all proud!

  12. Luna also did well =D
    Whenever I look at them both, they look similar.

  13. goosebumps!!! ang galing nya talaga!!!

    yan ang VERSION nya!!! na ONE MOMENT IN TIME

  14. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
    charice got a hug from leeteuk!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am so so so jealous!
    lucky charice! =)

  15. I agree, Luna is a good singer, but Charice has a strong voice, with or without a mic, she can sing the songs. Also, not a lot of people work with David Foster, only those who are really talented. David Foster in The Opera Show said that he couldn’t believe that he was able find someone with a magnifican voice to work with again cause most people only come across it once in a life time.

  16. I felt bad for Luna but I think she really has a great voice and she is indeed a good singer. I also love their group f(x). Too bad there was a noticeable technical inconsistency during her performance, there was some sort of echo while she was singing.

    Go Luna! ♥

  17. It was great that Charice went to Star King for the third time, but i have notice that everyone was enjoying themselves EXCEPT Sulli. What is Sulli’s problem, if she’s jealous or has personal problems with Charice, she should not have gone to the show. What is with her expressions, seriously, looked like she was discussed or something. I was annoyed by looking at Sulli’s face, gets on my nerves. btw. I LOVE Charice and I am a huge fan.

  18. For those of you who called Luna cocky and Charice conceited, you are barking on the wrong tree, you should crucify the script writer/s and director of Star King not these two ladies. i’m sure Star King producer is very happy at the moment since they get what they wanted ATTENTION, sadly at the expense of two beautiful ladies

  19. Luna can be the best singer in F(x) but compared to charice she is nothing… and yeah, if shoe goes alone, not in f(x) she’ll be nothing.

  20. CHARICE… WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!! Love her! ^__^

  21. Charice & Luna are both wonderful singers, end of story.

  22. Charice had been there. I could still remember ppl here saying flat out no to her years ago. Girl received harsher comments in the past and even now so she understands how Luna felt when some idiot had the gall to say that she should just stay in Korea. It’s commendable to see her give those encouraging comments, esp since Luna is a talented lady too. 🙂

    I don’t think Luna was being cocky. I mean you could see that she volunteered singing in a lighthearted way. Charice on the other hand may come across as conceited, but that’s just how she performs. And with that outstanding vocal talent of hers, she needs to bring confidence in her performances. I’ve been following her since she debuted globally and that’s her performing style for the most part.

  23. luna did good. I just dunno what she said exactly, but I think she that MAYBE IF she sings, she MIGHT get noticed by David Foster. But if she said, “If I sing too, I’ll be on the top 10 billboards as well and have David Foster as my producer too”, that would sound cocky. Right now, without the translation, it is unclear. However, Luna seems to be a sweet girl. I would assume she was sincere about just trying out her luck.

    If it was scripted or not, I dunno, but Luna and/or the show producers couldn’t have chosen the worst song for Luna to sing– “one moment in time”. Are you kidding me?! Charice + One Moment Time = Nuclear Explosion. They should’ve known that. Tsk tsk..

    And for the one who said to not get carried away about saying Charice as “The most talented girl in the world”, well, in my book, she really is. No singer in her generation can top her. And as far as I know, Oprah and David Foster thinks so too. Its a HUGE compliment, as well as an ENORMOUS responsibility and pressure to be called something like that. So you can never ever expect anything else but the best when Charice performs. Next thing to conquer for Charice— GLEE!

  24. i’m sorry to even say this but luna > charice. and i’m filipino and really don’t care if people say i should be backing up charice.

    there’s one thing i can’t stand about charice and that’s her need to belt out every single note she sings. and i’m not exaggerating when i say it’s EVERY SINGLE NOTE. i understand she can sing phenomenally but you don’t have to belt out every single note you sing. it’s like she’s trying to show off or something. i truthfully can’t stand that.

    i love that luna keeps her poise when she sings. she stays calm and she doesn’t feel the need to do show-offy moves or showcase her vocal talents in an overly dramatic way.

    yes, charice is an amazing vocalist. i won’t deny any of that. but i truthfully believe as a singer/entertainer, luna exceeds charice’s talents.

    • Not really. Don’t worry about you being filo and all. I am too and I don’t really prefer Charice’s music or her style either.


      If we actually strip down all of it, she’s still the better vocalist out of the two. It’s quite obvious, as much as I find Luna really vocally talented too and all. There’s a reason why she got discovered outside the Philippines, after all.

      I think both of them are different so even tho I technically find Charice’s voice more superior, this kind of discussion is kinda pointless lol. Both are doing different genres of music and they both excel at those individually. 🙂

    • Totally disagree on Charice belting out EVERY SINGLE NOTE. She’s overwhelming you with the belting parts that you’re missing out on the more mellow parts of the songs she sings. Or prolly, all the songs you heard from Charice were the power ballads. I’ve heard her sing with the most soothing of tones.. just a couple examples of those would be “somewhere over the rainbow” and “the christmas song” with David Foster playing piano behind her on both occasions. She had ABSOLUTE control of her voice and her delivery was smooth and mellow. Very very impressive.

      As for charice performing “dramitcally”, well, that’s you. For me and for many others, I think she’s the most watchable entertainer up there. The girl takes up the stage so dominantly like she was born there. For many Filipinos, I would understand that some may misinterpret Charice’s confidence on stage as cocky, i dunno if it is because of the filipino culture, but, Charice is a performer and in my book, that’s not cocky, that’s confidence and turning yourself into a performer on stage and not a motionless amateur singer.

      Luna is a good singer. I’ve heard her sing other songs too. But she needs more work. If she wants to dwell in the power ballad arena where Charice is at home, she would need more work. But definitely, Luna has good potential. Charice is just in an entirely different level.

    • wtf are u on about? try looking up charice singing smile, or the christmas song, or when she sang you’re still the one by shania twain, or even crescent moon the live version. she didn’t belt out in any of them.

    • oh yeah, i forgot to add, she also sang the filipino song torete and she didn’t belt out singing that either.

    • it’s because people recognize singers who can belt than those who can’t… it’s just like that…. no need to hate anyone.. if she doesn’t belt would she still be famous?? not right?? that’s also the reason why it is hard for korean singers to enter american market.. koreans have soft voices..

    • its because charice has something to showoff..helloooo!!..luna’s voice is good..but thats just it..im sorry?!did you just say your a filipino…hmmmm…yeah!so filipino>>>>CRAB MENTALITY…tumulong kana lang sa pagasenso ng bansa sabi no PNOY!

  25. luna

    there’s no reason to cry at all. you have a unique talent that’s solely yours. God given talent.

    charice went through a lot of disappointments too – even far worst than what you feel probably. she joined a national singing contest in the philippines and it was not her who won it – i think she placed 2nd or 3rd only. she’s just one of the many who can sing in the philippines. she was actually discovered via youtube. got a call from ellen degeneres and got invited in her show. followed-up by oprah and the rest is history.

    luna, you’re great too in your own special way. don’t ever feel intimidated. there is a season for everything.

  26. People really need to stop comparing Charice n kpop idols. Even in the US, Charice can be compared to the Divas like Celine Dion.
    I can say that in Korea, singers who can stand a chance with Charice are Big Mama and Naul but Naul is a male singer n his style is different.

    it’s not only about the vocal but the passion and emotion they had. Both Luna and Charice share the same passion for singing.
    Btw, they look like siblings.
    I love how Charice tried to comfort Luna.
    The comment was harsh. SK surely cut it to prevent a rage from netizens n fx fans.

  27. can i just say. Both Charice and Luna are phenomenal singers. However, you can’t compare the two. They both have completely different singing styles. And I love that comedian but that shouldn’t have been said. I’m glad she noticed her mistake and wants everyone in Korea to know the real reason why she cried. Keep your head up Luna! And congrats to Charice for everything she accomplished! 🙂

    • Can’t compare? Yea you can. They just sang the same song.

      • Exact;ly! How can anyone not compare? Luna sang her intrepretation and she sang the song well. But come on now, Charice the same song and she clearly sang it better.

  28. Yo Luna I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but CHARICE JUST PWNED YOUR ASS!
    Lol sorry I just had to. T.T

  29. I don’t like how they cut it out. Just makes Luna seem weird without a reason

    Luna being arrogant or not, I don’t think she deserves all the hate you’re giving since she’s also good, not as good as – but she sings

  30. I’m sorry Luna brought that to her self I love her
    I watched the whole episode twice
    but Charice was like that 3 years ago so that is not her fault

  31. am i missing something?

    How did Luna Deserve THAT? how was he acting COCKY.

    Oh god people, Shut up ==

    • she preety much said that if David Foster heard her she would be up in billboards too. I think that is being arrogant. She just put herself in the same level as charice which i would say “NOOOTT !!!”

    • When she said “I can debut oversea too n be in the billboard chart” and went on stage to show off her engrish.

  32. Luna deserved it anyways – who asked u to acted all “look at me look at me” and say stuff like “I can debut oversea and enter the billboard too” >____>
    maybe if she wasn’t so arrogant she wouldn’t have been humiliated like that.
    PS. If u wanna try singing an English song, learn how to pronounce it properly first.
    And to the someone who told Luna to stay in S.K: thanks for telling the truth.

    • luna was asking for it. She got was she deserved.
      attention whore really.

      She implied that she’s great also and can do what charice achieved. So cocky!

  33. DAMN! way to kill luna charice! thats what she gets from being arrogant right from the beginning “look at me!” anyways.
    plus if it is like that rumor that someone told her she couldn’t make it worldwide well she’s right anyways, the truth hurts and charice’s first sentence was already way better and much more clearer than luna’s.
    good job charice!

    • ‘Look at me’, ‘thank you’

      I was like, ooooookay.

    • Yeah!! you so right ..
      Charice she’s so talented girl i loved her so much xD
      just check out her when she sang “Listen” ..
      and about Luna & what the rumor said that a women told her she’ll not make it in overseas well that’s the truth baby ..

    • haha i agree
      luna is too cocky and acted superior.
      And now she got pawned lol

    • I agree. Luna seemed so cocky. I feel bad to some degree, but she set herself up for it.

  34. Luna sounded like an amateur after Charice sings.

    I went back to listen to Luna after Charice…whew, I guess there’s a reason why Charice is love by Oprah and David Foster.

    Charice is only 1 year older than Luna. You guys talk like 1 year is going make Luna the next talento on Oprah…and no it won’t.

    As long as Luna sings crap like Nu Abo, she will never surpass Charice.

    • sm does not showcase her talent enough.

      • Oh, sure. Let’s all blame SM.

        You can hear her singing on radio shows and yeah, she’s good to Korea, but she is not good enough to go overseas.

    • charice has a rare voice. even though people say that her voice is common in the philippines, i have yet to hear those filipino singers with her kind of voice range. the most popular singers in the philippines right now like regine velasquez, and sarah geronimo can’t even sing as well as she can, and they’re both known as belters as well.

  35. it’s scripted anyway! Star King needs drama..
    Both are great though..

  36. The producers scripted all this to add drama and worldwide gossip…the producers told Charice to sing it in her usual way and she had to oblige.

    • i felt that way too. cuz last time she sang with kyuhyun she toned it down a bit. i mean we all know how hearty charice’s singing style is. i can tell she felt bad that the two performances looked like night and day, but what could she do?? they asked her and she couldn’t really refuse.

  37. Charice LITERALLY OWNED IT. Though Luna was also good. BUT CHARICE REALLY OWNED THE SONG! Both of them were GREAT singers!!! *clap clap*

  38. Charice’s voice gives me goosebumps. I swear she’s the best singer alive!

  39. Luna may not be at Charice’s level, but she’s still a really good singer with lots more potential. i’m sure this was a learning experience for her.

    Luna Hwaiting 😀 !!!!

  40. luna implied that is also great and capable. She even mentioned she can debut abroad and enter billboard also.
    But when she sings, it was mehhhhhh.

    She should know better. She is too overconfident. It was her own doing. Thats what you get for being arrogant.

  41. Luna must not feel bad she is a talented young girl and as charice said always believe in yourself ^_^

  42. i read in some site..Luna cried because one of the guest told her that she can’t sing in other countries..that’s what made her cry…and that’s why Charice told her to not believe what people say..

  43. wats wit d title? making it sound so intruige,, tbh theres no competition at ol,, theyr both great singers, both sang it well, its reli jus d difference of d power of voice.. I jus hope this doesnt add to charice’s problem,, this s too lil to pay much attention to..

    LUNA,, ur good 2,, u can be like charice someday jus work harder like she has done b4..

  44. daaaammmmnn!! Charice can sing boy!!! her voice always gives me goosebumps!

    she has a major envious voice!! but i feel like she kinda wanted to out do Luna or sutiin cos her performance, as sick as it was, it felt kinda overboard for me.^^’

    but yeah Luna did awesome and i think she has one of the best voices in kpop..well in in girl groups anyway.

    i wish kpop had ppl who were as talented as charice cos then there would be a lot more good music around…i mean there are a few talented singers like Bom and Taeyeon but their not really on her level…

    but that’s just my opinion i not trying to start some lame argument here so don’t get all offended and ish.

    • that’s how charice sings in every performance. honestly, the first phrase alone that charice sang already surpassed luna’s. the two should’ve just done a duet

    • Charice was not trying to show Luna up…This is how Charice always sang “One moment in time” see past performances on Obama inauguration and ASAP on youtube…

      • i just TY her and yeah i guess she always goes all out when she sings…which ain’t a bad thing. and yeah they shud have done a duet like she did with KH last time she was on SK.

      • lol i mean’t … YT

    • She always go all out in all her performances. She’s carrying a huge rep as “the most talented girl in the world” and as “the next asian superstar.” She can’t do half-assed performances just so that Luna will feel better, you know? People are waiting for her to fail. If she tones it down a little bit, her antis are gonna eat her alive.

      • “the most talented girl in the world” ..lets not go over aboard.

      • @maligurl, I think that’s the title Oprah has given Charice, and not just kim’s opinion. But anyway, I agree with what Kim said. Although, I felt bad when Luna cried, cause I also liked how she sang One Moment In Time. I noticed the mike that was given her had lots of echo in it(might be a karaoke mic). But she didn’t sing bad at all, it was actually good. Just that, Charice is known for belting out power ballad songs, she’s being groomed to be the next diva. She has to do it, her reputation’s at stake. And I know everyone in that studio was not expecting any less from her. So yeah, more power to Charice and Luna!

      • just cos Oprah said that abt her doesn’t mean it’s true…the girl is super talented but how knows there could be someone out there even more so.

        I’m not putting her or her accomplishments down but that’s just a ridiculous statement to make…but an awesome compliment to receive! lol

  45. wow ! ! both did great. . . Luna like what Charice said, just believe in yourself and everything will fall into place. . . i’m proud to be pinoy . .

  46. I’m more curious about that idiot who said she better not think about going worldwide with her talents. I bet he/she was just trying to be funny, but this isn’t the gag concert and he/she isn’t wang bi ho, so there’s no reason to get away with it.

    poor luna. hopefully she’s strong enough to turn this into a challenge and make herself even better. she’s one of the best idol singers in kpop, and has a ton of room still to improve.

  47. honestly, luna did awesome! i give her props for even having the courage to wanna go up there and perform. if it was me, i would be supremely intimidated if i was relatively still a rookie and had someone like charice pempengco there and still wanna sing. for luna to have the courage to do that and still hold her own and pull through… she should be proud!

    and it was sooo awesome of charice to comfort luna after too. i’m sure she’s been there. the girl who’s still learning, still honing her skills. i’m sure she knows how it feels when someone just sings better than her and is upstaged by a tenfolds. it’s so cool of her to give advice and tell her not to feel bad abt it and all.

    at least now luna knows what extra mile she has to take when singing and maybe soon in the future she can reach that level. i’m rootin for her!

    love em both!<3

  48. charice is a better singer.

    even korea knows it…

    • Charice sings better than all the Super Junior members together. LOL

      proud to be Filipino!!
      Go Charice 😀

      • who even mentioned SJ? SMH!

        don’t start unnecessary drama here…take that to AKP.

      • Don’t feed the troll.

      • Charice is even way better than Xiah Junsu..

      • @TabiYB

        you can’t compare her to junsu. Singers have their own forte.
        Junsu do well with his great voice. Charice also is good.
        Not all singers have to shout or give great high notes to be called a great singer.
        Xiah Junsu is amazing, so is charice.

      • Charice is an amazing singer and she makes us Filipinos proud. But comparison is not needed. Every singers has their own forte and it just so happens that Charice can sing diva songs. A singer who cannot singer powerful songs like those of Whitney Houston and Celine Dion for instance doesn’t mean they’re not good singers. Luna and the other Kpop idols can sing pretty well too. I think the problem has something to do with their companies coz they’re not giving these idols songs that would improve and showcase their real vocal range and abilities. And they should stop using auto-tune (not sure if that’s what’s it’s really called). Luna also did great given that she sang an american song. These two lovely ladies were both great so stop comparing.

  49. mmm….they shouldve said that luna sang the soft ver. while charice sang the powerful ver., Luna must’ve just followed the script of the show…she can try it again and sing powerfully like charice… :))

  50. Damn. She has twenty feet of voice in five feet of body? =o

  51. -comment taken down-

    • wow…where did that comes from…u must be psychologically depressed saying all that hateful comments…did they said something bad? u should’ve been a professor in social science or something…bravoo..just bravo for your hateful opinion….you racist!!

      • racist look who’s talking your people with so called pride are racist did u forget the thing that happend with a member from beast in a nationale tv show wel do ya he painted his face black and if you are not racist where is that damn post of that ha were is it u people should have shama on your faces u hate blacks and you copy them i know why this blocked my comment cause it was true and it hurts to read it you say people have to learn the history of korea before to come to the country or before non asian can audition to any company in korea wel cry me a river do you know the history of america do you know that do you so called proud koreans know that well i dont think so 1 you people will never become world star cause you think you are all that cause you think white is beter than black 2 you dont know the history of blacks so pleas learn and you now what take this message if you want i dont care delete it if you want but now one thing if korea is not willing to see that they are racist they will never become world stars

      • I couldn’t fully understand what kim said, but there is some truth to it. IMO, Korea is somewhat “racist”. I don’t think it’s intentionally done in a bad discriminatory way, but just because the country is so homogenous, the majority of the people do carry prejudices with them. But I think that it can only become better as new generations are more open-minded and receive other cultures/races in a better way.

  52. Luna ❤

  53. she actually cried because one of the comedians there said that she’s better to just sing in korea than to show it worldwide, or something like that. it’s just edited out.

    which is why charice said those encouragement words to luna. luna’s so cute calling charice unni and all. ^^

    i really admire luna’s great talent. one of the best singers in kpop so far, and definitely she has a shot in being a worldwide star too.
    and of course, i admire charice’s great vocal power! she’s just a year younger than me.

    proud to be pinoy. 🙂

    charice and luna fighting!

    • I also love Luna and I was really annoyed with the way someone in the audience insulted her.

      Charice experienced something like that too (even worse) in the PI, so cheer up Luna.

      Charice & Luna jjang <33333~!!

    • that jackass of a guest insulted Korean artists as a whole! By basically saying that Luna is only get enough in Korea is like saying artists who hasn’t made it outside of Korea has no talent.

    • I’m glad charice stuck up and praised luna.
      it was rude to tell luna to “stay in korea” or whatever they said, even if it was a joke. you can see when the translator told charice that her heart sunk. poor luna.

      • exactly!
        when the translator told charice, from all smiles, suddenly she frowned. and from that moment, she gave an encouragement message not just to luna, but all the artists. ^^

  54. Omo,, Luna, don’t cry.
    Charice’s vocal is very powerful, and ur vocal is great too… ^^ Just keep practice, and you’ll be better and better! Fighting!!

  55. luna’s vocals r daebak..there iz no need 2 compare her vocals wif charice..charice has made phillipines proud;im sure luna will make korea proud as well.. =)

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  57. Chasters!!! ❤ Charice.

    Luna is good too.

    • “A Korean Chaster friend emailed me today and wrote:
      hi schoen~
      Luna is one of the famous singers.
      Of course Charice is more more better than Luna.
      But she is younger than Charice.
      While Luna singing, a sound system was not good.
      After her song, she said, she thought that “I can sing more good, but i can’t.”
      At that time, a cast tell luna “you have to be here in Korea.”
      The word means “Luna can’t success if she enter other countries.”
      That’s why she cried.
      I am sorry that Luna cried…
      I want other chasters know this truth.
      Yesterday, I am proud of Charice more and more~
      It was great day.
      thanks~schoen – From Korea”

      • Charice is only 1 year older than Luna. Also, your vocal ability has nothing to do with your AGE. Mind you but Charice never had any vocal training or lesson. It’s talent; it’s ageless.

      • Charice alone is better than ALL the K.idols together.
        it’s sad but true.

      • Totally agree, even Junsu is a joke compared to Charice.

      • Luna should control her emotion.
        Sorry! but luna is cocky.

      • @pi_pride.

        don’t go there. Junsu is a great singer.

        Maybe charice is better in terms of shouting and massive high notes. But Xiah Junsu is an amazing singer too.

      • I am glad that someone came out to explain it’s better that way than just believing that star king hate luna for whatever reason.

        but prove me wrong Charice admit that her mother and aunt taught her how to sing at a young age. she said that on starking/oprah

      • luna’s prettier imo. she’s an idol, not a professional singer. their talents go in different directions 😉

        haha. idk how junsu came into this picture LOL. 1. he’s hot. 2. he’s sexy. 3. he’s adorable… I never thought of him as an amazing singer o_o I always thought of him as an IDOLLLL. 🙂

      • @aaa That’s not entirely correct. Charice has been vocally trained by her mother since she was 4 years old. Sure it’s not formal vocal training, but it’s training nonetheless.

    • Charice is awesome!

      Luna is very good too!

      People are comparing the two, but really, art and music should be about expression, not competition.

      I think Luna handled herself really well and the way she looked up to Charice at the end was very sweet, especially if the rumours about the comment that someone made about her singing are true. Charice is handled very gracefully and showed that she’s a lovely person.

      I wonder what the heck the PD of Star King were thinking. Yes, let’s get a girl group member to sing this song not in her first language and that she’d likely only been told about a fews day prior, and then have her be compared to a world-renowned English-speaking star who has that song on her repertoire and knowing Charice’s work ethic, practiced thousands of times before. It’s a little… mean.

      • just so you know Luna VOLUNTEERED to sing for david foster. Its a given that she would be compared to Charice. She was the one who put herself in that position.

      • Emm… don’t know you these shows are totally scripted?

      • scripted or not its their shows idea to do it. so it was scripted for luna to be eaten up alive? what a great idea. The one who organized this have seen clips of charice before and if they were so smart they would have thought of it carefully. because in the end their the ones who would look bad. not?

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