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G.NA, “Chest surgery? I didn’t do it…”

“I didn’t do surgery!”

The super rookie singer Gina (G.NA), who is currently gaining attention as the next generation sexy queen like Lee Hyori and Son Dambi, expressed her difficulty when picking out stage costumes.

Gina’s debut title song ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live’ (which is making the music industry shine hotly) is a light R&B song that is placing importance on her outstanding singing ability. However, when she starts singing on stage, the audience and the watchers ignore her voice and instead, they keep taking glances of her chest.

In addition to having a height of 169cm and a waist of 25in, she has a fantastic body and even D-cups that are rarely seen in Asian women.

Gina confessed, ‘Because I wanted to gain attention through my outstanding singing ability, I wore my stage costumes so that my glamorous body wouldn’t stand out. I tried pressing my chest with a black top, and I purposely wore loose clothing without bringing to much attention,” and “But, the more I hide my chest with these clothes, the counter effect occurs in which my whole body starts looking strange.”

While she sings and dances, she has no other way but to look striking with her voluminous chest. After the broadcast finishes, she repeatedly receives suspicious eyes that wonder ‘Did she get surgery by any chance?’

Regarding this, Gina admitted, “I heard that the people around me were curious about whether I did surgery or not. In order to prepare my debut, I lost a few pounds and although some parts of my body got slim, my chest was the only part that didn’t shrink,” and “I never did surgery. My mother’s side generally has glamorous bodies.”

Gina’s agency is worrying more about her chest rather than her singing, and they announced a break through.

Her agency’s representative announced, “From now on, we will no longer try to purposely hide Gina’s voluminous chest. I don’t think you can hide sexiness just because you say you will,” and “Now that Gina can forget her worry regarding her chest, she will prepare a more perfect and better singing ability on stage.”

In the meantime, the fact that Gina prepared a debut with After School’s UEE, Wonder Girls’ Yubin, etc. while they were in the girl group Five Girls made her gain more attention.


33 Responses

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  2. aside from the boobs….how old is she? looks kinda old to have just debuted.

  3. I think instead of glamorous it was ment to be translated as glamor because glamor models have her type of body so her body time is called a glamor body because that’s the time of body a glamor model has so she isn’t saying she has a glamorous body, the statement just got translated wrong.

  4. i wouldn’t mind having your bra size, you could swap with me. Lol.

  5. oh who cares about her boobs!! she’s a singer for heaven’s sake! her singing is sick and her song is the bomb!

  6. Umm to be honest her face isn’t very natural either. Her jawline looks too round & fine to be natural. Let me not even go on about the rest of her face. I think a little plastic surgery is fine when it enhances your features, not totally erase them which is what I feel is going on in her face. She still has a kick ass voice though, no getting around that.

    • i think she’s only gotten her eyes, ive seen her pre-korea, canadian pictures, she looks pretty much the same, nose still weird, and face shape. except her eyes have gotten slightly bigger, well i cant really say since the pics werent really hq.

  7. aishh i feel her sadness, seriously.
    Big boobs = Big problems

    ( strange to say tho’)

  8. Wow, D-cups?????
    I thought my B-cups are annoying enough?
    Honestly, I’m prob a minority who find big boobs annoying n not so attractive. So much trouble n it hurt a lot when I jumped and played soccer. I never feel comfy wearing other types of bra apart from sport bra.

    For Gina, I guess there r many downsides from having D-cups, people would see nothing but her chest.
    Tough to be different…XD

  9. “Because I wanted to gain attention through my outstanding singing ability, I wore my stage costumes so that my glamorous body wouldn’t stand out. I tried pressing my chest with a black top, and I purposely wore loose clothing without bringing to much attention” maybe in korean it sounds more nicer but in english i cant help but think that G.NA is thinking to highly of herself..

    • that’s just how things are when translated into english. the real essence is lost. and i don’t think she meant that she’s oh-so-gorgeous.. girls with a gifted chest and bum is termed as ‘glamorous’ in korea. it means they’re voluptuous in certain areas and girls who are naturally gifted in those areas are very rare. in all honesty and fairness, she does have a good body.

      • ohh i see…. and yes she does have a good body a very good body… it is almost very rare for girls in Korea to have a body like her..


  11. sports bra please haha jigglypuff on the lose

  12. well it’s normal for big chests to jiggle too much, since they’re mainly fat. I have big breasts too and i know how she feels.

    And believe me, it hurts a LOT when you’re jumping/dancing.

  13. one of the particular performance, her chest really move toooo much, like she didnt wear bra or smth. ><

  14. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, 쉘리 쉬예 and Elmas Ageng, mai. mai said: K Bites: G.NA, “Chest surgery? I didn’t do it…” http://bit.ly/cv5znX […]

  15. she needs a sports bra on stage. they really do jiggle too much.

  16. lol i’m going to think the translation is just blunt so it makes it awkward that she said those words herself.

    she’s got a super hot body, and it’s proportional.. so however she got it, good for her.

  17. I think her boobs jiggle too much to be fake.

  18. uhm okay.
    “we will show off her glamorous chest”? i’ve never seen a rookie talk so highly of her chest, but okay.

    LOL Not most asians are flat chested as others may say.

  19. lol i think that’s just so awkward for her to have to say that. lol

  20. liar lol

    • Korean girls can have big breasts too you know

    • If you saw her when she auditioned for “Shinhwa Coke Play”, you’d see that she was big-chested then too. It isn’t rare for young girls to have big chests so for you to call her a liar is just low on your part.

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