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IU picks 2AM ChangMin as the one she would “grow sick of if they go on a date”

Singer IU gives 2AM ChangMin a heartache (?).

IU was on SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolate aired on 25th July together with 2AM members when MC Kim JungEun asked IU, “Someone whom you will become sick of immediately when you go on date with him” and IU threw a glance at the 2AM members and said “ChangMin”.

ChangMin then said, “I look at you in a good light…” obviously saddened by IU’s comment. IU stated her reason for choosing ChangMin, “Even though ChangMin is a very fun person, but he talks a lot and I thought I would grow sick of him if we go on a date.”

For Kim JungEun, she had chosen SeulOng for the same question. She said, “If you want to capture the heart of a woman, you cannot be like SeulOng who seems like he will treat the girl really well. When you look at SeulOng’s face, it has the words ‘I’ll treat you well, and be good’ written on it.”



32 Responses

  1. there’s something wrong with the questions that KJE asked IU.. she also asked her which 2am member has stinky breath…
    I wouldn’t be surprised if 2am fans went crazy on iu. But I don’t know. I would have to watch the show to know if it really was an inappropriate environment.

  2. IU’s a bitch.!
    Never really liked her personality.
    Changmin is nice!
    And thats pretty bad as it is that she disses him out in public.
    Thats bad karma.
    Just wanna slap her for being a snob.

  3. i wld luv 2 go on a date wif both seulong n changmin.. they look like a bunch of nice guyz who will treat their galz right..who knows,i might be wrong.. mayb after getting 2 know them,i can judge 4 myself what kind of person they really are..

  4. Lie girl~~

  5. Wow this one makes me think.. If i were to ask the same question i would pick Seulong hehehe I think i get KJE’s reason.. mine is more or less the same reason he seems to have alot of girls he closed with. I’m not really the jealous type but i don’t want to have a guy who treat other girls so well.
    In 2am Changmin is closer to my ideal type he’s seems wiser, funny and great cook he’s a man with capabilities and abilities :p

  6. LOL of course.
    She only has eyes for Taeyang.

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  8. Anyone else thinks she looks like Kim So Eun in that pic?! I thought it was her for a second! lOL

  9. all she wants is Taeyang LOL

    • haha she should of just said all of 2am members, since none of them are Taeyang

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  11. I think what Kim Jung Eun is saying is that Seul Ong only looks like he will treat women nicely.
    You know, he looks like the type that will put on a nice front, but maybe be a douche later?

  12. I don’t know how is KJE’s reason bad.
    I would date good guys who treat woman nicely.
    I guess some women like the bad boys… lol

    Honestly, Seulong isn’t really a good guy type. lol
    After watching some variety shows, he seems to be quite mean.
    The guy who falls under KJE’s reason is actually Jokwon or Jinwoon.
    Well, that’s my opinion.

  13. IU sucks !! Changmin oppa Hwaiting !!!

  14. IU would prefer to go on a date with Taeyang. 🙂

  15. IU is beautiful..

  16. There was nothing wrong about IU’s reason.. I understand how it feels to date someone who keeps on talking non stop..

  17. that was kinda rude for both of them….

  18. I bet her real reason is because “he’s not that good looking” (to put it nicely).

  19. Changmin n seulong are awesome! ❤ iu prefer taeyang. Lol.

  20. lol is it euphemism to say that seulong is ugly? lol

  21. WTF!! What Is Wrong with IU???
    Chang Min is a nice guy…

  22. “When you look at SeulOng’s face, it has the words ‘I’ll treat you well, and be good’ written on it.” is that bad? i don’t get it?

    • It means Kim Jung Eun likes bad boys. The last one she dated broke up with her over the phone. >.>

  23. Woow.. IU’s reason was okay but Kim JeungEun’s was a bit harsh for SeulOng.

  24. Ohmyyyy! I will never get sick of Chang Min! ❤

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