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Justin Bieber’s producer Shin Hyuk praises and takes up producing job for Teen Top’s album

The producer of world-known pop star Justin Bieber meets with Korean idol group Teen Top.

Shin Hyuk, the producer of Justin Bieber, met with Teen Top. Shin Hyuk is the producer of Justin Bieber’s Billboard hit single ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ and he had met with Teen Top to help with the producing of their album.

Shin Hyuk said, “I got to know about Teen Top through American MTV and I’ve decided to do producing for this rookie band whose capabilities are already verified. After Justin Bieber, there are many stars who have proposed for me to do producing for them, but this is is the first time I’m doing album producing and it is for Teen Top.”

Shin Hyuk is known to have returned to Korea recently for the producing works of Teen Top’s album. And once the recordings are done, he will fly back to the States where he will do the mixing of the album under A-Rex Productions.

Meanwhile, Teen Top is promoting their debut song ‘Clap’.



32 Responses

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  2. whoa is he a singer/model/actor?? he’s really HOT!! =)

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  4. lol at these trolls hating before you know the facts. let me break it down to you. this producer is only 1/5 responsible for that justin bieber song. therefore dont judge this producer for only having 1/5 responsibility for a song many of you bieber haters may not like.

    proof is here. enough said.

    so hush you trolls

  5. lol no wonder teen top sounds like teens hitting puberty. well they are teens after all but i think they have great potential, especially that main singer neil(?) idk but the dude that sounds like jonghyun from shinee

  6. Whats with the comments. That’s good, I wish Justin bieber will go to south Korea. Not north

  7. You haters just can’t accept the fact that Teen Top and Justin Bieber are young and more successful than you old lowlifes. Get a life and stop hating on young stars who obviously has more talent than you.

    Anyways, I’m glad that the producer praises Teen Top because these boys are amazingly talented! ❤

    • rofl. Pulling the jealousy card? That’s the excuse dumb stans use when they can’t think of anything else to say to people that dislike mediocrity.

  8. great, shin hyuk has eyes for a group of bieber’s. lol. surely we all know teen top is a bunch of young guys like bieber, wait for couple fo years, then their voices will change haha. not dat im saying they are bad, their vocals in clap is pretty good.

    n i am sure another hater will comment ridiculously at my comment.

  9. they’re going for the same market in terms of age range.. like the style or not, it’s a good call on both parties.

    also; shin hyuk is hot.

  10. o_O WHAT!!

  11. The album will be shit then, won’t it?

  12. Is this the same producer who work with JYJ trio at america?

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  14. i don’t know how to go about this… maybe i’m getting too old, i can’t grasp the phenom that is justin bieber.. so.. i don’t think i’ll be able to like teentop as well…

    • that’s exactly what i thought. i don’t know whether it’s a good or bad thing he praised Teen Top.

    • same here.

      i’m getting old~~

    • LOL and i thought that i was the only one haha.
      but it’s a good thing for teentop for sure…

      but i feel so old next to them x_X

  15. wow, I didnt know if Justin Bieber has a Korean Producer, LOL

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