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Sandara Park, “We have came to see Gummy’s concert”

After Se7en, Park Bom is the next one to hold on to Sandara Park’s ‘palm tree’ hair.

Sandara Park posted on her me2day on 25th July, “We went to see Gummy unnie’s concert” and posted a photo of 2NE1 members at the concert.

She added, “The concert just ended a while ago. Kyaa~ Really cool! (Hands clapping)!! There was instances where I felt so touched listening to the sad songs. Personally I really like ‘I’m Sorry’. The MV was good too. We also want a concert.”

In the photo revealed, it can be seen that Park Bom was holding on to Sandara Park’s ‘palm tree’ hair while CL has her back facing the camera.

Netizens’ comments are, “Sandara Park always have her hair caught by others”, “I hope that 2NE1 will have their own concert”, “It is envious to see them having close relationship and going to one another’s concerts” etc.


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  3. 2NE1 interview for “Vogue Girl”

    VG: You had been very dormant in your activities for a while, but I was hearing news about Sandara every day. Since your me2day updates were so frequent.

    S: me2day has been one of my biggest interests lately! When I find something fun, the first thought I get is that I should take a picture of it and post it up, and when I don’t find anything for a few days, I wonder if I should just make some scene to post, haha. It’s an addiction.

    VG: Aren’t you a bit disappointed, since every update becomes a news article? Some reporters seem to just sit around waiting for ‘Reporter Sandara Park’’s news report.

    S: Often I do get surprised. Sometimes, even though it’s nothing much, articles that bloat up the situation come up. Since I had started this to be able to interact with my fans, I try to keep that initial thought as most important. When I am on me2day, I feel like I’m communicating with someone so I like it. It’s like sending text messages back and forth with friends.

    VG: Has Me2day become more comfortable than friends now?

    S: Rather than that, it’s more because I don’t have many friends to send text messages to. I moved to the Philippines in elementary school, so in Korea, aside from company friends, I don’t have any friends. These days I had been very lonely, but I gained much encouragement from Me2day. If early in the morning, I can’t sleep and post something on Me2day, and a reply comes up, I think, ‘I’m not alone.’

    VG: How do you relieve your stress? Aside from Me2day.

    S: The only people I can talk to about everything in my mind are my members, so we talk a lot about every little thing, and often even cry.

    VG: Idol groups these days have such a variety of activities, but it’s hard to see 2NE1.

    S: I want to do them, but I’m very timid. Last year when I went out on ‘Family Outing’ all I did was quietly watch them. Rather than that, I want to go out as a guest on talk shows like ‘Come to Play’ or ‘Winning Streak’. Not alone, but all four of us together. I think our biggest problem is that we are fun if it is the four of us together. If we each were to go out by ourselves, don’t you think we’d be completely edited out? Haha.

    VG: From the members, who do you think will do well in variety shows?

    S: Bom! If Bom were to go out in ‘Family Outing’ or ‘We Got Married’ I’m sure it would be a huge success. She is so much more outgoing than me, and really at a different level than me. The image of her you saw in ‘2NE1 TV’ is really truly Bom’s actual personality. She’ll probably start so many trendy sayings, too! Haha.

    translated by orangie @ YGSECRET21.com

  4. HAHA, come on people~ relax!! just ignore those haters. they are jealous obviously of dara’s spotlight. its not like she’s asking for the spotlight, she’s just updating her life to her fans that misses her so damn much! its bcs she is the spotlight that made her updates a news. she doesnt need to gain spotlight or anything — she is in the spotlight. there is no need for her to go on variety shows and act stupid.

    bcs there is nothing wrong in 2ne1 those haters are taking this small issue and turn it big. just like snsd’s anti, just bcs there are nothing bad to say they talk abt surgery. get a life haters! haha

    • I’m SO jealous of Dara’s ability to make herself into a celebrity out of zero talents. If I had her manipulation skills, I’d be bigger than Lady Gaga.

      • Too bad you don’t have that skill so keep dreaming and envying famous people.

      • ^ Nah, she’s probably too busy living a life instead of living on the internet stanning a person you’ll never meet.

      • hmmm: Apparently, you’re unable to detect sarcasm. How low is your EQ?

      • ^lol, I think your the one who didn’t get my sarcasm.

        Really? I thought she’s busy hating on the internet.

      • LOL @ Issa … what a way to make you look stupid. you should be asking about your own EQ.

  5. i thot everyone of us clever enough to decide which type of news that they want to read and what so ever,this news just for BJs u idiot haters,if u dont like it just ignore it,simple as that~

    i want 2ne1’s comeback ASAP,YG why are you torture 2ne1 like this?they need a lot of exposure and experience just release a new song~

    • yeah … it is funny to read all these haters complaining about Dara’s updates when they could’ve avoided reading them in the first place. i guess .. .when it comes to hating, stupidity rules.

  6. I LOL at the stupidity of some posters above.

    Her Me2day is actually an update to her followers on me2day. Is it her fault that some writers in Korea would often get her posts and make it an article? Geez.

    And they’re practicing. Every freakin day since they last had their goodbye stage almost a year ago. Heh, granted that she would just give updates on their training days these months (which she does sometimes mind you), would you complain less? I doubt.

  7. The girl can’t help it if she’s a headliner.
    As a Blackjack, I’m actually quite happy that she updates her me2day because it’s been a year and there’re still no words from the girls.

  8. For us fans this little/small really means a lot since it is their long hiatus. You guys who don’t like it just don’t even click the news just ignore it..its a very simple way dude, can you?!

    I hope i have a me2day acc to so i can follow them, i’ve tried to make one but failed =.=

    • AGREE! the one who comment that she dont want dara in the spotlight but shes a fan of them and not an anti… OMG! I will tell you YOUR NOT A FAN!

  9. CL always avoids the camera nowadays 😛

  10. 2ne1 will bring The Song for 2010!!!

    • Really? lol 😀
      Don’t have any high expectation on any artists. Since this year kpop songs are all crappy, I so want to hear Song of the year.

    • LOL you wish
      Blackjacks are so full of it

  11. I wonder when they will make their comeback

  12. I hope YG let them go to variety shows or something. They using her me2day updates because 2ne1 have 0 activities.

    @ Sara,
    She is a celebrity, I guess it safe to say she likes to be in the spotlight.

  13. to be honest i’m sick and tired of Dara me2day ..
    she like to be in spolight =__=
    i want to see more activity of 2ne1 not just pictures
    of them like “what are they doing , eating ..etc..”
    i’m not even an anti of them but honest person ..
    sorry …

    • talk about Duhhh!!!!….blame it to the MEdia whose 24 hrs awake just to see whats her me2day and make it a news.

      I guess those “medias” are so lazy and bored to go out to find more interesting stories.

      • nah it is not media fault. It is their job for writing articles about celebrity news, either small or big.
        May be DARA just wants to be in the spotlight all the time.

      • so what if she just wants to be in the spotlight all the time? what’s it to you? it’s her life, she can do whatever she wants with it. and it’s not like your life is affected by her constant updates and all, rite? if you’re sick of anything about her, just ignore her. it’s that easy, unless you don’t have the brain or will power to do that yourself.

    • I agree with you guys…I’ve been waiting for 2NE1 comeback for forever but is it really necessary to report every single photo she posts up on her me2day??

      • Lol, its for the fans. Plain and simple. It always has been. If the media outlets report it, then don’t read it?

        Anyways, they’re preparing for their comeback but it’s up to YG when they comeback.

      • Have You Read their VOgue issue…There you can find answers how media is making her me2day a news. She answers It.

    • If you’re no longer in spotlight you don’t have any business in showbizness. Simple as that. If the media no longer cares and doesn’t write anything about you, it only means that you don’t have a career. Good thing that even simple things that she shares to their fans get noticed by the media, it goes to show that they are still hot property even after a long hiatus.

    • then just don’t come here and read this article,
      and it’s not like she likes to be in spotlight,
      she updates her me2day for the fans,
      so if you’re sick of her updates then just ignore it, duhhh!

    • wow talk about dramatic…its the author of whoever wrote this who checks it and posts it as if its top news…i mean me2day is like us using facebook and twitter to update whoever checks our profile and follows us on what’s going on in our life…she’s supposed to post stuff like that…everyone does…its just that hers makes the news. and fans want to see what they are up to, she posts stuff about other members and YG ppl too.

    • speaking about stupidity..
      let me ask you..
      hw many time do u open ur facebook acct.??
      hw many times do u upload pic on it?
      if i knew u got loads right?
      or lets just say hw many time do u update youre twitter acct.?if you don’t have shame on you then,thats probably why you don’t know what dara is doing..just like us she just updated her me2 of whats happening in her daily life,thats her way on how to communicate wid her fans that sure does miss her or 2ne1,but the big diff between dara and us is she’s famous and were not,so all her updates are monetored by reporters,we are really thankful of whats she’s doin,if you don’t like it plz for fuck sake go away!!!

      • It was just one comment, let it go.

      • i dont like dara’s regular me2day updates..and i dont want to go away..so what should i do?

      • @lolil
        It’s easy to just ignore and not click on articles, you know?

      • @lolil: Huh?? that’s your choice … but shut your trap and stop complaining then. if not, i’ll just assume that you’re just a stupid hater.

      • lol if I have to answer your question,
        I open my fb once a wk and upload pic if I have sth really interesting and changed. Why dara/2NE1 fans are so defensive? Do you know the way you act really affect your idol images. I used to be a BJ once but not anymore after getting into BJ fandom.
        I hate their
        Pathetic BB-2NE1 shippings
        Overly defensive for every single comments
        Attacking other idol groups, esp SNSD or 4minutes
        Always think that 2NE1 is the best and will dominate kpop
        Can’t accept the fact that 2NE1 gals are not pretty

      • wait I answer your question again, In fact I open my fb/twitter if I am bored or someone add me or got some activities. Probably this is dara job in 2NE1 to update me2day. One way to get more fans since she is not as talented as other members.

      • @… : not a fan of 2NE1 anymore bcos of BJs? because they are overly defensive? i believe every fan is like that. fans will always think their favourites are the best and will always defend them. as for attacking other artists, i see that in every fandom, not only in BJs.

        NAaah … from the way you talk, i believe you’re never a fan. but if you were, then good riddance.

      • @… talk about a stupid reason to not be a fan lol….

      • wow 2NE1 fans are really something. Like mad dogs, barking and defending every commenters

      • @wow: yeah … just like you haters who always bark at every single thing related to 2NE1. fair rite?

    • MTE. Girl is an attention whore. Spend less time on the internet trying to gain popularity and more time at the studio improving your vocals and dancing, okay Dara?

      • Skip the troll.

      • Uhh Dara updates me2day using a cellphone so she can update anywhere and it only takes a few minutes to post something while she’s taking a breather from training. This was meant for her fans and it’s pretty much expected of her to update all the time and Blackjacks are grateful because without her, we’d be so in the dark because 2NE1 has been on hiatus for so long. Blame the media for always turning her updates into news.

        For you information, Dara IS taking vocal/dance lessons everyday but she doesn’t always talk about it because that would just be boring. GTFO and ignore her articles if you can’t appreciate.

      • ^ rofl

      • agree with mitzi 🙂

      • @lolil: of course you’d agree with her. you’re from the same species … haters.

    • @all of you
      Wow .. !!
      how much i open facebook or upload pictures?!
      hmmm about 0% ..
      geez!! no one can take any honest opinion here ..
      finally i’m so sorry to make all of you live in pain with
      my stupid one comment here ..

      • how come no one complain when every photo or video uploaded by SUJU member on their twitter accnt are posted in any kpop news site yet they are still active on their promotional activities..however when Dara posted something new on her me2day, someone complains…come to think these girls are on hiatus and there is no other way to stay in touch with their fans but only through updates from Dara’s me2day..

      • Shes an idol my dear..a lots of fans, even just a small or lets say a negative comment like u post will be famous(!)… common this is 2NE1 article! reading this article are 90% fans of this girls! what do u xpect to say to u of dis fan? (Ok not just in this group… all group actually happened)… Maybe the good thing now is, maybe u can take it urself ur negative comment sometimes…. (i dont have a fav group, buit i love kpop!)

    • well, since they have 0 musical activities right now and YG doesn’t like for them to be on variety shows, how else are they going to communicate with fans?

      They did a photoshoot and interview for Vogue Girl, they recently did a shoot, for Beanpole, 2ne1tv Season 2 should be coming soon, and in August they have a Pink Play concert for Etude.

      but since we can’t see them on music shows every week, Dara’s little updates about the group are very much appreciated by Blackjacks.

    • because it’s her me2day..for her fans, if you’re not a fan then it’s not for you..don’t click it..
      you can’t see much activity from them because they don’t have one yet..if i’m not mistaken their comeback was pushed back again..2ne1tv is like a promotion for their comeback but it was pushed back..Dara said that in their me2day..it’s not just about pictures, it’s also a news on what is happening today..your making your life harder..

    • I applaud you for sparking comments from BJs that make them look like frenzied crazed stans. The comments here are lolarious~

      • and you’re just another troll feeding fuel to the fire. some life you got there.

      • @ naninoona: But you’re the idiot that took the bait.

      • i didn’t take the bait, didn’t reply to anyone. only reason i replied to you was cuz i just reeeeallllyyyyy wanted to point out how pathetic you look. so props to you for grabbin my idiotic attention.

      • Why thank you! I see you’re still replying to me so that means you must *really* care! How sweet! I’m so touched! Now, I have to disable wordpress from alerting me to comment replies because I’ve given you more attention than people in your real life and that’s just not cool 😦

  14. minzi is so cute o_O

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