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Super rookie miss A up #1 on Monkey3 weekly chart for the 3rd consecutive week

Super rookie miss A is up #1 on Monkey3 music chart for the 3rd consecutive week.

According to music specialty site Monkey3 (www.monkey3.co.kr) miss A’s debut song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ is up #1 on the weekly chart for the 4th week of July (19th~25th July). Amidst other singers like Son DamBi and IU moving up very fast on the chart, miss A continue to hold their #1 spot for the 3rd week.

At #2 is Son DamBi with ‘Queen’ and #3 is ‘Lucifer’ by SHINee. At #4 is IU with ‘Because I’m a Woman’ OST for drama ‘Road Number 1’ and #5 is Park JaeBum with ‘Count On Me’.


Find the rest of the rankings for Monkey3 weekly chart here: http://www.monkey3.co.kr/#/chart&s=week


21 Responses

  1. i think now is queen in number 1 but i think miss A is doing really well

  2. Wow! Both WG and Miss A have stayed number 1 for three weeks 🙂 let’s see if they can get four!

  3. Why is Min such a slut? Have you seen her pre-debut pics? The girl gets away with things that other girl group members would be butchered for doing. Stay classy, salty Min!

  4. Park JaeBum # 1 <33333!!!!

  5. Congratulations to miss A, this is a great achievments. Usually, the top songs are always changing, i can’t belive a rookie group is doing soo well for 3 weeks.

    I think BGGG is a fantastic song, seriously one of the best songs of the year so far. It’s very catchy without following any of the current trends in kpop (having a strong beat, autotune). It has a very unique JYP feel. At first i wasn’t fond of it, but now i can stop singing it.

  6. sorry but their song is not even good to begin with..don’t kill me just my opinion

    • im sorry but i KINDA agree with you there song is good but not that good ^^ and there concept is boring
      but they have the Talent and that is the most important

  7. BGGG is indeed a good song but not hit material. It just that all the songs this year were mediocre at best.

  8. Wow… I think they’ll grab the Best Rookies awards at the end of this year.

  9. cos they are amazing.

  10. Congrats they are indeed a super rookie

  11. that’s because monkey3 is associated with jype. it’s all about the money.

  12. go miss a!! they are best!!
    and seriously, i wanna rape suzy 😛

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