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The words that SHINee hate to hear the most? “You guys deliberately starve yourselves”

During their comeback stage on 23rd July on KBS 2TV Music Bank, member Onew is eating his 2nd lunchbox in the waiting room. In a while, the lunchbox was emptied and Onew finds scouts for another lunchbox. The amount of food in the lunchbox is obviously enough for an adult, and the report said jokingly, “Eating again?”

Already, members JongHyun and Key had finished their lunchbox and youngest member TaeMin is busy eating from his. So the reporter asked SHINee, “There are people who think that you guys would starve to maintain the build you have now.” TaeMin then looked up from his lunchbox, “Ah~! We hate hearing that!”

When one thinks about SHINee, one would think about the skinny boys, and their builds do not follow the trend of ‘beastly idols’ of late. And there are some fans who pointed out, “Do they deliberately starve themselves?”

JongHyun said, “We eat a lot.” It seems that their skinny build is due to the stress from work. Onew said, “We practise a lot, much more than the amount we eat, that is why we don’t put on weight.”



23 Responses

  1. Starving yourself? Not a smart way to do it…you’ll see results..but at a price.

    Sometimes motivation is not enough to make lasting weight loss changes. Weight loss requires a mind shift. Weight loss may be the easist aspect of the entire process. The most difficult is making the process a life long and enjoyable journey. In other words, you may achieve your goal weight. Can you stay there? The answer is YES, if you have a shift in the way you think and do. Learn more.

  2. I don’t know about others but i like skinny boys

  3. lunchbox..?how cute..reminds me of primary school days..they must be eating healthy food since they have packed lunchboxes with them..at least they are healthy;that’s the most important thing.. with or without abs,shinee looked yummy to me.. =p

  4. They’ve always seem healthy to me considering the amount of time they practice and so forth, and I’m sure their metabolism is fast as well.

  5. i understand there are plently of people with fast metabolism that eat like crazy, i am one of them, i even have a guy friend at 180cm weighing 55kg and eats like crazy who’s perfectly healthy, i think taemin is healthy and that he doesnt starve himself but for some reason he just looks like the type to little, his image maybe?

  6. This is shit. One good example would be Eunhyuk of Super Junior. He is a helluva big eater, even bigger than their group’s biggest boy Shindong. Why can he/SHINee be so slim, there’s only 2 reasons I can think of:
    1)They dance alot. (Sure, Eunhyuk dances like mad. Same goes for SHINee)
    2)Their metabolism burns fast. (Yeah, every human whom metabolism burns fast doesn’t gain weight that easily that those with slow metabolism rate)

  7. they cant change their bodies -.- it’s normal. IF they’re eating alright and not gaining weight then it’s normal.

  8. although i can’t stand looking at their body, it’s unfair on their part to be judge as “they starving themselves”..they look so unhealthy but who the hell knows what they are dealing with..maybe it’s the body that SM wants for them, or their metabolism are too fast..

  9. don’t lie to yourselves.. that’s the equivalent of snsd saying we’re plastic free.

    • ckckck haters… U should look around before judging.
      I’ve met countless of people as skinny as Taemin or even worse but they eat at least 2 plates of rice for one meal.

      Tough being a celeb… although they’re being honest n revealing the truth, some people will choose to deny the fact.
      If they choose to stay quiet about a certain matter, some people will call them cowardly for avoiding the topic.

  10. I actually prefer skinny and less muscular guys. Never been a fan of the beastly trend.

  11. Yup…
    Onew had said this many times before that he and the members eat a LOT, then do exercise as much.

    Good mindset!

  12. its nice to not follow the beastly trend
    im getting a bit tired of it

    they have there own concept
    besides i doubt they would starve themselves
    i mean they’re young boys
    they like video games and food the most XD

  13. Taemin should eat more.

  14. Some people should really understand that these boys r not office employees who sit on their desks 8-10 hours a day.
    Same goes to the female idols. They move and dance more than any reasonable people would. It isn’t weird that they can’t put on weight.

    I know that one of my friend lost so much weight due to her modern dance training which was only about 2 weeks before the competition. If 2 weeks could cause so much weight loss, what about these idols who do it everyday??

    I like Shinee coz they don’t follow the Beastly trend that I’m getting sick of.

  15. i can’t see these boys not getting excited in front of food..

  16. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and Dian Albertina , mai. mai said: K Bites: The words that SHINee hate to hear the most? “You guys deliberately starve yourselves” http://bit.ly/cSp8Tl […]

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