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‘Adam Couple’ Jo Kwon and GaIn for Weddings InStyle Korea

A set of photos for ‘Adam Couple’ Jo Kwon and GaIn’s feature in August issue of Weddings Instyle Korea has been released recently.

Find the rest of the photos under the cut.

18 Responses

  1. WIsh they can stay forever =)

  2. i think he looks cute and actually he looks super manly in the one pic with the ripped abs ๐Ÿ™‚ he’s worked hard to prove his masculinity.. give the guy a break.. he’s entertaining enough to be able to over-look his femininity

    and him and gain are the cutest couple ever.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Their both so cute together!!!

    eye candy jokown!!! xD

  4. He looks so umm feminine. Don’t hate

  5. I want a bigger of GaIn in the tub and JoKown “watching” her!

    I wonder if I AMs are upset over that pic..

  6. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ohhhh they look so cute!!!

    Loving all the photos. The first one is sexy! ^^

  8. haha so i guess they did do that ‘in the tub’ photo in the end

  9. ohmygad!!!
    GaIn is really really beautiful!!
    and i love the last 2 pics of jokwon..
    i kinda agree that some of his hairstyles doesn’t suit him..

    bali is B-E-A-utiful!!

  10. OMG!! DATE ALREADY!!!!!!!!

    they look so ubberly cute together!!

  11. jokwon with the hairstyle and fashion style at the beach = YES!!!!! definitely hot! ๐Ÿ™‚ it suits him very much!

    the other hairstyle makes him look like Fido Dido.

  12. oh my gosh they look like a real married couple already! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Does this mean they didn’t make it to the cover?

    I remember in one WGM episode about them having the possibility of appearing in the cover.

    There are also some shots shown before that are missing. The picture of the wedding gown is not there.

  14. yeah..you’re right…jokwon hairstyle not suit with him….
    but the pic at the beach really make me melt~!

  15. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by grrlygaile, mai. mai said: K Bites: โ€˜Adam Coupleโ€™ Jo Kwon and GaIn for Weddings InStyle Korea http://bit.ly/bXQX32 […]

  16. cute couple, but
    some of jokwon’s hairstyles make me angry

    • agree wit the hairstyles .. -.-”

      but the last one reminds me of 2PM’s Changsung haha

  17. love them both. thanks!

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