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HanKyung ‘Fire’ accused of plagiarising UKnow YunHo ‘Checkmate’

Super Junior ex-member HanKyung gets involved in plagiarism accusations.

HanKyung recently released a new song ‘Fire’ in China and the song has been slammed with plagiarism accusation. Currently, HanKyung had left Super Junior and is promoting solo.

Some netizens pointed out that the song sound very similar to Dong Bang Shin Ki’s song ‘Checkmate’ released by UKnow YunHo in a concert in February 2009. The song ‘Checkmate’ is said to be written and composed by UKnow YunHo and it has received positive reviews even though it was not performed on broadcast.

Netizens comment, “Does he have no conscious plagiarising and promoting the song in China?”, “I don’t know about others, but the interlude sounds the same”, “I think he needs to apologise officially about the plagiarism” etc.

While some netizens voiced, “This is not plagiarism, this is ridiculous”, “I hope it is not true that this is plagiarism” etc.


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  2. […] Source:Newsen Translation by: Kbites & Alice (OhㅡDɑrℓing♥) @ SJ-WORLD.NET Shared by Zunjiwu @ SJ-WORLD.NET Take out with full […]

  3. Thanks vampyin I didn`t know

  4. yeah, the interludes sound similar, there’s no denying that. but they’re NOT the same and the rest of the song doesn’t sound similar so it’d be ridiculous to condemn hangeng because of that.

  5. i luv both u-know & hangeng..i hope everything will turn out well though..

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  7. sm please press charges
    this is not fair to Yunho at ALL

    • Yes, because Yunho wrote Checkmate? /sarcasm

      It’s not fair to Checkmate’s composer IF it was indeed plagiarized.

      • “The song ‘Checkmate’ is said to be written and composed by UKnow YunHo and it has received positive reviews even though it was not performed on broadcast.”
        read the article, loser.

        Yunho jjang !!!

  8. if it really was plagiarized,
    i dont think SM would leave him so peacefully now.

    they ARE on a lawsuit.
    and if SM wants to win their lawsuit,
    i can hardly believe they wont watch him out
    and use whatever to go against Hangeng.

    • What lawsuit are you talking about? Has SM sued Hangeng?

      • SM and Hangeng is now in a dispute.
        Hangeng wants his contract with SM terminated
        and their trial is still ongoing

  9. well the reason why he become famous is because SM helped him. He should thank them not abandom them. Why can’t he stay with Super Junior M when they promote in China. LOL

  10. the sound similar at some point…im not sure if its enough to call it plagiarised tho…

  11. i don’t think that they sound that similar.
    maybe the beginning but they’re two different songs -__-;;

  12. I’m not a fan of these two… but seriously.. it obviously different.. either the single beat sound and the melody upfront… listen carefully…

    this tune or effect is common in dance/techno genre.. if people think this is plagiarism.. then everyone should registered every music notes that they used… then everyone could claim somebody plagiarized their music…

    • try to listen to G. Dragon’s Heartbreaker tt was accused of plagiarising flo rida’s right round~ (flo rida himself slammed GD)

      and u tell me who is more ridiculous… flo rida or these accusations

      • lol. stop making up shit. flo-rida did none of that jack. if flo-rida himself really slammed GD, why would he agree to a collaboration on his album or even agree to an appearance in his korean concert?? lol. don’t be stupid now.

        GD did not plagiarize Right Round and he was even cleared of the charges. where have you been lately? living under a rock?

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  15. it definitely sounds similar. it’s a bit hard to tell for some people because hangeng’s voice is heavily digitized

  16. I love the sense of irony in this.

  17. Both USED to be SM artistes. Now BOTH are in a plagiarising shit together. If only they were still together, DBSK and Super Junior as a whole — NOTHING WOULD’VE HAPPENED.

    • Now, do you really think plagiarism can be avoided by keeping groups together and not let the members out to do solo projects? That`s just not how it works. Let`s support the members`solo activities AND
      Just so you know…Yunho is still a SM artist. He and Changmin are both currently with SM.

      I don`t think the songs are exactly the same, but there definitely are similarities. I agree with those who say the composer has a responsibility for the material with which he provides the artist, but the artist must be involved in and knowledgeable about the prosess as well. Whether HanKyung has to apologize is up to SM to decide I guess. I bet Yunho`s gonna be pretty cool about it, he tends to be understanding in most matters.

  18. I am real tired of armchair theorists without an ounce of musical understanding accusing two songs of sounding alike based on a PARTIAL chord progression and a dance beat. I could point you to thousands of songs that use the exact same chord progression, but that doesn’t make them plagiarized off each other. The human ear and brain is wired to find certain musical progressions appealing–it’s natural that a lot of songs incorporate that somehow.

    The intro (1:00+ in Geng’s video, beginning of Yunho’s) is not the same. It happens to start in the same key, but that’s true for a countless number of songs. Geng’s video has the following repetition: A# – F – D# – C# – G# -F -D# -C#, A# – F – D# – D# – F – F – D# – C#.
    Yunho’s, on the other hand, goes: A# – F – D# – F – A# – F – D# – F, G# – D# – C# – D# – G# – D# – F – G#.

    The two songs use the same key, but their chord progression isn’t that close, the beat is different, and the melody is different. Enough with unfounded accusations and mindless head-bobbing.

    • Thank you for that. I’m glad someone’s got brains here.

    • This is the most sensible reply I’ve seen so far. Can you point me to the other examples that have the similar chord progressions? I had never heard these two songs before prior to today and the only impression I got was that they both sounded like something I’ve heard before.

  19. The song ‘Checkmate’ is said to be written and composed by UKnow YunHo. Now, is the song ‘Fire’ written and composed by HanKyung? If not, then the person who plagiarised is the composer, not HanKyung, just like Hyori’s case.

    • Yup the blame is on the composer but the one whose name will be tarnished is Hangeng.
      Just like how Hyori went through so much shit before it was confirmed that BAHNUS was all to blame. Even after that Hyori is still bashed regarding the plagiarism by some haters whose brain refuse to comprehend the whole issue.

      He chose the wrong company in China.
      The MV looked cheap, song got hit with a plagiarism issue, horrid make up n style.

      • I thought han geng created his own music label with his cousin (maybe i heard wrongly from the Taiwan news)

  20. whoa, why are all these offensive comments directed at hankyung? surely there are other people involved too.

  21. Both songs do sound similar at the same time I’m no music major. *sighs* Things just aren’t looking up for Geng lately.
    We’ll see what happens.

  22. I feel bad for Hangeng.
    This is not good for him.
    The song does sound so much similar to Checkmate (especially the interlude).
    Check out the mp3 ver. of Checkmate then you’ll know that clearly.

    I really feel bad.
    I always love Geng.
    But not gonna blame him on this.
    He doesn’t write nor compose the song.
    Still, I feel so sad.

    Poor Geng!

  23. I really don’t know what to think about Hangeng now… the new one i mean.
    Disappointement 😦

    • WTF?? lol
      R u trolling using someone else’s username?
      I doubt the real naninoona would post a smut in a kpop blog.
      I know that she’s not dumb.

      • wait… WTF? someone did that??? that’s horrible! i don’t see any here tho.

      • @naninoona
        I believe it was taken down already. lol
        EunHae SMUT with ur username. LMAO

        To hinaara… I wasn’t replying to u. There was a stupid poser below ur comment.

  24. “The song ‘Checkmate’ is said to be written and composed by UKnow YunHo and it has received positive reviews even though it was not performed on broadcast.”
    poor YunHo oppa TT__TT

    HanKyung SUCKS !!!!!!!!

  25. Ah, ouch. One of the worst things that could happen to him, and it happens.

    Guess he’s not close to Yunho, since he himself didn’t recognize it!

  26. OMG WTF hangeng !!!! his song sounds similar to Checkmate.
    I’m disappointed :s

    YunHo Hwaiting !

  27. sigh

    hangeng has no luck in this industry

    it’s a pity, poor him 😦

  28. It really sounds alike but the song was not plagiarized by hangeng blame his company!

  29. maybe its just me, but those songs sound similar to every other song out there.

    netizens should idk, devote their time into making something. i bet they’d create some masterful pieces with all the time they have

  30. towards th 1:00 min mark, from 0:50 — 1:00
    in hankyung’s vid it sounds A LOT like the beginning of Checkmate

    the dance break in the middle of both video sounds the same

    its a bit synthesized in hankyung’s vid but you can tell
    its a concert in Yunho’s video so you really can’t hear the music that well but if you strain your ears and really listen, it sounds too similar

    its waay too similar. the songs overall sounds too similar to not notice anything

    • thank you

    • i agree with you , o_O
      they do sound awfully similar..
      i wonder what’s going to happen
      considering the sm lawsuit and what nots :#

    • Agree with u.
      I’m so familiar already with “Checkmate” since the song released.
      And yes…Geng’s song does sound so much similar to it.
      I feel sad ’bout this.

  31. can someone point out the parts that are plagiarized
    for me

  32. OMG how could they do that ??
    How could they frame him??

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  34. HanKyung is in trouble i wonder what SM going to do.

  35. i find it funny cause they ‘WERE’ from the same company.
    like wtf. LOL

    but KPOP Artist & Plagiarize in one sentence is not a surprise

    • dont generalize…it exists everywhere…its pointless and immature to state that its natural for korean artists to plagiarize…

    • Yeah, I also find it funny. But its kinda strange… it sounds a little same… just that hangeng’s beat is a little faster and a bit different…. u-know’s is a little bit slower.

      Well u-know didn’t release his track officially yet… how is that called plagiarism… he only performed at the concert


      • yeah they did release it on the toki wo tomete album, so it’s plagarism now. but if you want to get technical the mirotic concert in korea was filmed for dvd (and had u-know’s song checkmate on there) which they sold for profit.

        On another note the beginning of the song sounds exactly like checkmate, you can’t deny that. it’s like saying g-dragon’s song heartbreaker doesn’t sound like florida’s song right round…lol.
        i’m just disappointed that hangeng would go along with it. here’s his chance at creating his first original album and he goes and copies a fellow artist and friend.

      • I guess so. I didn’t know…

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