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Lee Joon as a Top Star for a new drama!

Top group, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon (22) is setting his feet on the drama screen for the first time, with his role as a pretty-boy top star.

Lee Joon was casted in “Stay-at-Home Mom Kim Kwang Ja’s Third Gathering,”* which is in the works by Kim Yoon Chul PD (producer), the one that made MBC’s “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” a hit. “Stay-at-Home Mom Kim Kwan Ja~” is a drama that begins with a basic plot about an ordinary women in her 40’s liking a pretty-boy idol star. The role of the main character Kim Kwang Ja is taken by Yang Mi Kyung.

On the 27th, a drama official revealed, “In the short-drama prepared by Kim Yoon Chul PD who hasn’t done a short-drama since ‘Queserasera’ three years ago, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon is casted as a pretty-boy star and will be acting alongside Yang Mi Kyung. Kim Kap Soo was casted as Yang Mi Kyung’s husband. It will be a fun story extending from the basic storyline of Yang Mi Kyung being active in top star Lee Joon’s fan club.”

Lee Joon has appeared shortly has Rain’s younger role in the hollywood movie “Ninja Assassin” in 2009, but this is his first full-scale acting. Other than Lee Joon, other MBLAQ members’ appearance doing a performance is also planned. The first shooting will begin next month.

This short-drama will be aired after MBC Weekend Drama “Kim Soo Ro,” and along with Kim Yoon Chul PD, other PD’s will also began showing their short-dramas.


6 Responses

  1. Yahh!! ❤

  2. looking forward 2 c lee joon’s drama debut..hope he will fare well on the drama..just wondering,will there b an actress who will play as his love interest..? =)

  3. Lol they probably got scared that if they put in a pretty, young actress, then they would get attacked XDDDD

    but weirdly, i thought of Oh My Lady when I heard the plot.

  4. Yay! But it’s weird to see an old woman on joon. It reminds me of another drama. Well good luck LEE JOON!!

  5. Hope to see Joonie’s new side~

  6. i think he’d fit the part quite well considering he does have those pretty boy looks and exudes the type of confidence that is associated with idols. to me, joon represents the basic image of an idol singer that is often represented in a manga/manhwa.

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