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Micky YooChun’s manager accused of violent act against fan

There has been opinion forming amongst netizens that Dong Bang Shin Ki Micky YooChun’s manager have been acting very violently towards fans. And the police is currently looking into it.

A netizen has posted on an online forum about Micky YooChun manager’s violent behaviour. And under the post is the heated debate amongst netizens on the case. The netizen wrote about how his/her younger sibling have been treated violently by Micky YooChun’s manager, including suffering slaps and hits. The netizen also attached captures from a CCTV video which shows the violent act.

However Micky YooChun’s side’s stand is of the opposite.

His representative told Newsen on 27th July, “There was not hitting but just pushing. It is exaggerating to say that pushing equates to violent act. And we are also currently helping the police with the investigation. The stand of the opposite party is definitely not the truth.”


확보됐으며 목격자들도 존재한다고 덧붙였다.

30 Responses

  1. Omg, I m getting so angry that some people just have to defent their idol because they really are crazy about them even if the idol or manager have done something wrong. I really like DBSK but this is sooo wrong. Like how could he do that to the fan, he is like smashing her on the face that she falls down then he crossed over her and prented that nothing happend. She lied about being slapped? She didn’t get slapped, SHE WAS ABUSED! I fucking hate him!

  2. she lied about being slapped? yyou could actually she in the video that the manager are hitting her away, and she falls down. He is using violencee!!!! I hope he gets in jail

  3. Hey, Sookyeong, are you going to post a follow up article to this story? The truth has already been revealed and that the girl lied about being slapped.

  4. Of course fans must take responsibility for their actions too. But she didn`t get much of a chance to be a dangerous crazy fan, if that was her intention…seems to me he pretty much just wiped her out right away, to be sure nothing was going to happen, maybe? That`s not the way to do it that`s for sure. WHERE ARE THE REAL BODYGUARDS? These guys are going to hear it for sure.

  5. OMGGOGMOGMGO the manager is crazy!!! He used violence to her and he could actually go into jail. She didn’t even touch Mickey. I feel very bad for that girl! He could like yell at her or something like that but not hit her!!! DFIHEFDIH OF THAT IS CRAZY, she actually could get hurt!

  6. should I say not only his manager does that thing to fans but a lot of managers.

  7. This is awful. She didn`t do anything wrong. He was physically violent towards her. You just don`t do that, period!!! There`s no excuse. I`m glad this has become a police matter.

    And yes, they`re with Avex now. Things, then, probably didn`t go as smoothly as they hoped for when they left SM. Clearly there is no such thing as a “good” management and a “bad” management. There are so many grey areas…you have to be prepared to deal with trouble whoever you`re with!

    I agee with you Anon.; this is a major offense. If it`s not counted as such in Korea then something`s not at all right with the law!

  8. ^ wow are you serious? who cares about the girl? She’s a human being and she doesn’t deserve a violent act. A push is still a violent act

  9. who cares abut that girl???
    hopefully this won’t give Yoochun oppa a bad name.

  10. awww poor YooChun TT___________TT
    it’s AVEX fault !!!!!!!!

    • More like, the work of a pissed off anti. Witnesses to the event say that the “fan” was the one at fault.

  11. I truly think that yoochun’s manager did do it. If they have CCTV and witnesses than his word automatically gets canceled. It’s not the first time something like this happened to DBSK :S

  12. i have to say, pushing, hitting the head, slapping and such..it seems that it’s just a minor act in korea, but in other countries, it’s a MAJOR OFFENSE! i can’t even believe that even pushing is a minor case..c’mon! it’s really offending for the girl.

    i hope managers from different artists refrain from doing those. they got issues.

  13. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by blogs of the world, mai. mai said: K Bites: Micky YooChun’s manager accused of violent act against fan http://bit.ly/aUeqEA […]

  14. What r they talking about?? pushing IS a violent act. Yoochun himself has been pretty aggressive towards fans. I hope they change the way they work. They can’t keep bullying the fans, they are your bread & butter

  15. Lack of proper shielding technique and uncalled-for behaviour!
    Learn how to do it properly, DUMBASS!!!!!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  16. When it’s not him, it’s his manager ? Great.

  17. I’ve seen it on YouTube. I do not know if that is solely Micky’s manager or all of DBSK’s. It goes like this, they was in the airport and one fan-girl hurriedly rushed up to them holding a notebook (I suppose she wants to get their autographs) and a pen. But before she can do so, the manager or whatever you call striked her and she fell flat on her back. WTF? The camera then continued showing DBSK going up the escalator thus I don’t know what happened thereafter. But DBSK didn’t even looked back. Well, I’m not blaming them. All of them were infront and the “manager” was slightly behind them so I can’t confirm as to whether the DBSK boys witnessed the violence of their “manager”. Above all, to a GIRL. She could have sustained injuries like concussion and such. But the “manager” did not even looked back on try to stop her while she is falling from his push. From all artistes’ manager, I’d have to say DBSK has one of the worst. I’ve watched videos of (example) SuJu, SHINee, F.T Island so on and so forth and even if their fans were to hurriedly rush and to get a signature, at most the managers would shield their artistes NOT slamming down a fan to protect their artistes. DBSK/Micky’s manager should seriously go for an anger management class. I think he (if this is the same person I watched from the video before) has suffered during childhood like being severely trashed up by his mom and dad. Or. His wife beat him into a pulp and screwed up his groin before divorcing him. Else I couldn’t think of a third reason as to why such violence could be comprehended.

    • Found it. Just to attach the video should anyone be interested:

      • wtf? that was uncalled for. can’t he just block instead of hit? does he want someone to hit his mom’s hole which he came to this earth from? someone to smash his wife’s titties? LOL. wanna fight, GET THE FUCK INTO THE BOXING RING. but don’t wail when you meet someone who’d end your life there and then. SHEESH.

      • wow nice one
        the manager just carry on walking like nothing happened

      • but this is old?
        aren’t they talking about a new one ? O_O

      • crazy cassies deserve it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • this news is related to YooChun actual manager.

      Junsu’s manager and bodyguards are agressive too. they usually push and slap people aside like fans were trash.

      AVEX managers SUCKS !!!!!!

  18. just, damn.

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