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Nich Khun not doing any special event for Victoria during 2PM’s concert

2PM will have their first independent concert since their debut. And it has been known that member Nich Khun will not be doing any special even for his made-believe wife f(x) Victoria on the show.

Nich Khun wrote on his Twitter on 24th July, “I will not be doing anything related to MBC We Got Married at the concert. The concert is for fans. Please don’t misunderstand.”

In the history of We Got Married, there are made believe couples who do special events during their concert for their partners. Meanwhile JYP Entertainment revealed, “The members are working hard on preparing for their concert this weekend. We have prepared surprise stages. We will show a different charming side of 2PM never revealed. We hope that everyone will anticipate it.”

The concert will take place on 31st July and 1st August in Seoul Olympic Stadium.

S: DailyKyungJae


42 Responses

  1. I don’t mind the whole khuntoria thing, I AM A 2PM FAN ๐Ÿ˜€
    but it’s like Nichkhun is always not putting in effort for the show, although it is fake, but i am glad he knew that work is work and didn’t invite victoria to the concert.

  2. I feel tired and bored about the fans that donโ€™t separate between the real life and the fake variety program.


  4. WGM fans should be respect for 2PM fans. This concert are made for 2PM fans who are always love and support 2PM all the time including hard time or bad situation. In that time, where are you? WGM fans

    Khun got a lot of blame from f(x) fans in WGM EP4, but in WGM EP5 they kept their mouths quietly because khun did the best photo album.

    I feel tired and bored about the fans that donโ€™t separate between the real life and the fake variety program.

    • it is 2pm’s concert! he could do what he wants..
      first ever concert so he wants it to be special for his fans..
      maybe his grilling a surprise to victoria but not in their concert because it’s for the hottest..
      let me just remind some of you that WGM is a fake marriage, they are paid to act..he is sweet to victoria because he is paid to be sweet..maybe WGM staffs are not willing to pay JYPE to have a khuntoria number..

      • The truth why WGM want Khun to joy the program

        Khun should be worked this program in 2009 (with gain from BEG), but it because of jay park’s myspace then JYPE canceled all 2PM’s variety schedule (except inkigayo). Before jokwon-gain joined WGM program, the rating was very low about 3%. PD try to increase the rating by using famous idol couple (SNSD, 2PM, 2AM, BEG, CN-BLUE) and the rating increase from 10-11% to 15-16% [TNS Media Research] after Khun join WGM program.

        In the PDโ€™ Interview, she told that there are a lot of celebrity want to work with Khun in WGM, but because of the international couple concept she decided to choose Victoria.

        All WGM couple came from the management and concept of PD that mean WGM was the fake variety program.

  5. well…i think he means he won’t record WGM during the concert but it doesn’t mean that he will not invite victoria. She still can go backstage and support him though.. why you guys are so serious and be harsh on khun..-*-

    It’s 2pm concert and many korean fans doesn’t accept WGM yet. They paid for 2pm show not WGM show.understand? I love khuntoria but there’re many other events they can show their love.I think Khun cares both his fans and victoria. What will his fans think when he does special stage for victoria? yes… you expect him to be a good husband… but he’s IDOL SINGER not her real husband. take it easy guys…

  6. LOL jealous fangirls are really PATHETIC.

  7. It’s good that he knows when work is work. If Vic wants someone who does special events at concerts, well then she better find someone else.

  8. ;_________;
    do something, you punk

  9. I love Victoria, but i have to say Khun does the right thing. As a fan I’m so sick of celeb couples showed off their love to each other. I don’t waste money for that concert to see that

  10. Good decision indeed!! n.n

  11. Khun made good decision. I don’t like when Solbi appeared in Shinhwa concert.

    • how coome? I thought it was adorable :0. Yeah, it was their last concert and was emotional, but she was there for moral support! Even though they werent a real couple, I’m pretty sure they were friends, and andy was probably thankful for Solbi’s presence.

      Plus, the Shinhwa members love Solbi!!

  12. Nichkhun is a bad husband!

    • lol i don’t know why this made me laugh so hard ๐Ÿ˜€
      btw Victoria is a cutie. and Khun’s not half bad too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • He came across as a huge player to me.
      Vic is too nice of a girl for him.
      He should be with someone like Qri or Hyori, the more experienced one then it will be funny how they trick each other n play their game of love. lol

  13. mm…maybe Victoria would do a special event for Nichkhun on
    SMTOWN LIVE ’10 korea this August 21.

    • I hope SM won’t allow it…XP
      The guy should do something first.
      Vic had done a lot in the show.

  14. Why would he? It’s not like he has to prove something to Victoria; WGM is just a show.

    • That’s true but you may never know what will happen between them. It can be real or fake.

      • Although WGM is just a show it would be nice if he did cause loads of couples before Khuntoria did. I wonder if Yong will do something special for Hyun during the CN Blue concert which is on the same day as 2pm’s lol

      • @ Ash:
        that’s what I’m sayin’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

        It wouldn’t hurt for him to do a little something just for Victoria x) it’s not like it’ll ruin the concert.

      • but his fans will definitely hurt her…

    • Shinhwa Concert – Andi & solvi

    • Brown Eyed Girls Concert – Ga-In & Jo Kwon

    • Hwayobi Concert – HwanHee & hwayobi

    • SM Town Live 08 Bangkok Concert – Taeyeon & Hyungdon๏ปฟ

    • Yeah! sometimes people forget that! WGM is just a show…

    • deducating a whole perf for vic may not be good (major jealous fangirls lol), but doing a small gesture or something would b sweet (like what andy did with the heart pose :D)

  15. Khun doesn’t have to do everything by the book. He’s thinking about his fans (most of them girls) and maybe he’s afraid the fans won’t like him showing love for other girl.
    I’ll love him and 2PM no matter what!

  16. Good choice

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