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Se7en reveals choreography practice video to ‘Digital Bounce’

Ahead of his comeback stage, Se7en reveals a choreography practice video of ‘Digital Bounce’.

The video was posted on YG Entertainment homepage on 27th July. Se7en was seen dancing to ‘Digital Bounce’ with 6 other male back dancers.

For his comeback stage, Se7en will also be performing with Big Bang TOP who is featured for a rap portion in the song. He will be performing the song together with his title song ‘Better Together’. He will have his first comeback stage this week on 29th July.


30 Responses

  1. wow!!! one hell of dance. to bad i see GD and TOP style in it not se7en.

  2. awesome

  3. Just… AWESOME!!! The dance manage to bring the beats of my favorite song alive. Cool!



    Now, I can’t wait for the live performances. I want to see the full version.


  5. they should make a MV for this song! please!

  6. OMG! That was hella GOOD!!!!

  7. i loved it amazin wait 4 TOP~

  8. cool choreo~i love it~

  9. damn, that choreo is fucking sick as hell! se7en has some dope ass moves and i like it much better than the choreo for better together.
    cannot wait to see him perform it live! and with TOP!

  10. dude, the choreo is mind-blowing!! 8]

  11. Great dance, now i’m getting excited for Se7en’s comeback. However, i’m still a bit iffy about the song…

  12. niiiiiceeeee~!!! can’t wait for his comeback stage!

  13. this is hot! SE7EN show them what u got!
    shout-out to Movement Lifestyle for this awesome choreography!

    Shaun Evaristo, Keone Madrid, Lyle Beniga , Shitkingz, Mari Martin props to you guys!!

    • they choreographed it? because im pretty sure it isnt in them the vid

      • well i’m pretty sure that it is not them in the vid coz that’s se7en with yg dancers..
        but this is Movement Lifestyle’s choreography..
        hehehhee.. i’m just giving a shout-out to Shaun, Keone, Lyle and the rest of ML crew though, coz i like giving respect to the choreographers.. that’s all..
        peace out..

  14. now those are some slick, smooth unf-worthy moves. can’t wait for the stage 😀

  15. That’s Keone Madrid for ya~!

  16. it looks pretty ok

    but if you mix se7en’s vocal and rain’s dance moves
    now that would be a performance!
    while i think se7en’s vocals are good, his dancing is good but not that great
    rain’s vocals are ok but not as great as se7en

    they both have something the other doesn’t

    • Actually Se7en is a preetty good dancer if you look at his past performances. I will admit that he has gotten more stiff since when he last performed in korea but he’s still a pretty good dancer.

      • ignore that video, thats just two guys doing the dance not actually se7en.I don’t think se7en is in that video

    • i think Se7en can dance as good as Rain. I’ve been watching him ever since he debuted and he really can dance. I guess the song just doesn’t call for such a great choreography.

      • Rain is the better dancer but se7en isn’t far behind him. Rain was a backup dancer before he became a singer so I expect him to be good.

      • the song isnt the problem.

        some people are better at popping than others, some are better freestylin` and such. the song itself is suppose to show off robotic gestures and dancing style. perhaps he isnt as fluent in that style as he is others

      • eh~ I guess so. Sorry Im not a Rain fan so I never really checked out how he dances ever since then. I actually only saw him dance in his comeback XD im so sad. but then again, Se7ens not too bad.

  17. whoaahohoho ❤ hello shaun ~

  18. wow the choreography looks good is like watching MTV ABDC can’t wait for his comeback.

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