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Super Junior ShinDong, “Please stop asking about me getting married”

Super Junior ShinDong requests for questions of marriage aimed at him to stop.

ShinDong, who recently garnered great interests for openly proposing to his girlfriend on broadcast, had said that during his guest appearance on SBS Good Morning aired on 27th July. He said on the show, “I hope people will stop asking me (about getting married). I am not going to get married immediately.”

He added, “It’s more like I want to get married, but I’m not going to. My wish is to continue protecting that love.”

Lee Teuk, who was also present, added, “It will be hard even if he is going to get married immediately. ShinDong mother owns a chicken restaurant and during World Cup, she sells up to 200 chickens a day and is really busy.”

ShinDong then said, “There is also going to be the Asian games, it seems like it will be hard to get married soon,” jokingly.


Meanwhile, a photo of ShinDong and his girlfriend (said to be an uljjang standing at a petite height of 150cm) has been revealed online by a netizen, garnering great interests recently.



57 Responses

  1. that guy will do anything just to get noticed

  2. […] like it will be hard to get married soon,” jokingly. Original Source:MTStarNews Translation by: Kbites Shared by Zunjiwu @ SJ-WORLD.NET Take out with full […]

  3. then don’t open your mouth..
    srsly fool if you don’t want the media to ask about you getting married then why mention it for? you already know damn well media gonna be on you like flies on shit yet you mention about wanting to get married. it’s your own damn fault.
    unless his girl ditched him cause he opened his mouth about wanting to marry her & she don’t like the unnecessary attention. i wouldn’t be surprise if she did leave him for that. cause that’s what he gets for open his mouth.

  4. […] like it will be hard to get married soon,” jokingly. Original Source:MTStarNews Translation by: Kbites Shared by Zunjiwu @ […]

  5. the beauty n the beast ( korean version )

  6. Why do they always talk about owning a Chicken of Beef restaurant in Korea. Do these restaurants only sell chicken and no other meat?

  7. I was only looking at Eunhyuk! He looks like a small boy when he shows his gummy smile. Aww I love this lil’ monkey. Irrelevant but bear with me laaa, since his picture is shown above. ^^ HAHA.

  8. […] like it will be hard to get married soon,” jokingly. Original Source:MTStarNews Translation by: Kbites Shared by Zunjiwu @ […]

  9. Why announce it in the first place ?! LOOOl What a dumbo.
    Even without conformation people still talk and assume things.. that’s how rumours start. It’s too late for him to take back his words now. It would be quite awful if it doesn’t work out for them now that he’s announced it to the nation.

  10. Wow that girl is extremely cute n petite.
    Hmm… is he channeling David & Goliath kind of couple? lol

  11. I’m sorry but attention seeker much? First he talked about it openly on shows and now he is asking ppl to stop asking him about it?

  12. his fans are so cool. I come to like shindong 😆

  13. his mom owns a chicken restaurant? no wonder he’s so fat..

  14. hi^^ @ for the author .. hi can u translate this ??!!! http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=2010072709542427373&outlink=2&SVEC .. I dunno, I’m not sure but I think it says: Kyuhyun: I am the strongest man/member in Super Junior ” :p

  15. What a prick. Why the hell he announce it to the world then? AHO. Get another life.

    • He already explained on Strong Heart, that he wasn’t gonna get married immediately. Looks like some people didn’t get the memo and kept asking him.

      • the thing is… k-netizens dont seem like ppl who would just stop on a request like that.. if he didnt want to be pestered about it then dont let the world know

      • Good point. I guess he failed to realize that k-netizens can’t respect an announcement like that.

      • He announced it in his ALBUM. WTF. And I’m not a fan of his stupid work so of course I’m not going to watch him on Strong Heart.

      • yeah before he keeps on talking about it then now he just wants to stop, what’s up with that?? it’s really hard to stand out of a 13/10 member boy group 😛

      • @ Dood

        So why bother to come to this article in the first place. Just go to your beloved YG articles.
        & for someone who don’t like SuJu, you’re sure paying a lot of attention to them. Thx for that anyway 🙂

      • I love posting great opinion on pricks. 🙂

      • @ Dood

        Good for you then 🙂

      • @Dood: So you’re not a fan and yet here you are. When he said on Strong Heart that he won’t marry immediately that was reported. His proposal was actually written in codes and some fan cracked the code and revealed it.

      • Did he think his stupid code would be uncrackable? If HE made it up, it’s OBVIOUS it’s crackable. He still announced it to the world. He should have sent her a love letter if he wanted to write to her in code, not on his stupid album cover.

    • agree with u 200%

    • the thing is.. if he kept it secret.. and he got “caught” by netizens… then fans would probably scold him and feel betrayed because he kept the secret from them =__= either way… always drama… pffff

  16. […] K Bites var a2a_config = a2a_config || {}; a2a_config.linkname="ShinDong is Not Getting Married Anytime […]

  17. Well then he shouldn’t have let the whole wide world know..

  18. Its him who brought it up at the first stage

  19. His girlfriend looks more like his daughter. She look so young.

  20. his girlfriend is only 150cm? that’s cute. I mean it. Short girls are all cute

  21. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and Rose Mary, mai. mai said: K Bites: Super Junior ShinDong, “Please stop asking me about getting married” http://bit.ly/bQu7mi […]

  22. the girl looks young! What a cradle robber… lol

  23. Then maybe he should of kept it a secret. Don’t expect media/netizens to stop asking when you were so open about it [Album thanks to. tv shows….]

  24. that girl is lucky 🙂

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