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Will miss A break So Nyeo Shi Dae’s record on music charts with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’?

Rookie girlgroup miss A’s debut song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ is up #1 for the 3rd week on music site Soribada weekly chart.

This is according to Soribada (www.soribada.com), and for the 3rd week of July (18th July ~ 24th July), the song is up #1 on the weekly chart top 20. The site announces, “JYP Entertainment girlgroup miss A, who has debuted less than 1 month ago, is up #1 for the 3rd week. Great interests as to whether they will break the record of 4 weeks up #1 on the chart set by So Nyeo Shi Dae with the song ‘Oh!’ early this year.”

The song stays put at the #1 spot despite strong competition from other singers like Son DamBi, Se7en, TaeYang, SHINee and Park JaeBum.



237 Responses

  1. hmmm…. sookyeong unnie i think it’s abt time for the comments section for this article to be closed. it’s getting wayyy too wild here.

  2. When I left this comment section yesterday night my timezone, it wasn’t crazy like this. It was civilized. Just bcoz of 2 or 3 trolls, this article turned into a monkey war.

    I feel sorry for Sookyeong.
    I still love u unnie far more than most AKP writers who likes provoking.

  3. The real question is…why is Shinee failing so hard. They are not #1 on ANY chart right now. lol

    • Their song aren’t good n their concept is horrible.

    • @ok i think it is because SM artist rarely do good on digital charts excpet for SNSD…i just think that most SM fans prefer buying the whole album than downloading the songs on online music site….. and for SNSD’s case i think SONES tend to do both…..but dont worry SHINee is number1 on the Hanteo Chart…

  4. Ppl kill me whent they’re constantly trying to PROVE that their favorite artist is better than another solely based on charts. The charts don’t mean they’re officially better than anyone because that’s a matter of opinion. They may be number 1 now but to others their favorite group will always be number one. I love Miss A, I think their style & performance stages are super for them to be rookies. But you fans need to chill the hell down, don’t try to bring other artist down like (Taeyang,Se7en,Shinee, 2NE1,SNSD etc) act like you have some sense. Fans do more arguing and usless fighting than the artists,and all of the artist RESPECT each other. LOL Maybe you should all learn a little from your favorite K-entertainers. Oh and just bc they won over “vets” it mean the K-pop veterans should be embarrassed? As if they didn’t win anything in their entire career lives… LAWL. So all K-vets should always win and all rookies should always lose? No. That’s stupid. Be happy for Miss A,congratulate them and wish them more luck, stop being so nasty all the time and saying things like that’s why JYP is better than YG&SME. Each one of those entertainment companies have thier pros and cons(including JYP.) But I have the decency to respect all of them even if I do have a favorite. I’m just not some bias blind fan fool. PSHHH. They are always ppl like this in every fandom, I hope these artists don’t see what some of their fans are saying…now THAT would be embarrassing to them. But I know that a few bad apples don’t represent the fandom as a whole. All the comparing is sooo stupid, and remember Miss A is a rookie group and to be honest they didn’t show off their “dancing” potential as best they could with their sexy moves. (although they are very clean with it) Plus I know Min is a very good dancer and Jia is very fierce, to me they are the strongest and Fei and Suzy are weaker. Every group have their weak spots and stronger ones. ACCEPT IT. As long as they work hard and show actual improvement, I’m happy. Also, when someone says a certain group is the “best” it’s because THEY think they are the best! It’s their opinion. You think Miss A is the best right? So why can’t others think 2NE1,SNSD,Taeyang,Shinee and Se7en are the best? LOL It makes no sense. Ever hear of “agree to disagree” you act as if the world is suddenly going to come to a halt if someone think another group/solo is the best. LAWL. Get over it. Take a chill pill and AGREE TO DISAGREE and move on!

    Please get a clue and stop trying to uplift Miss A while bashing other TALENTED groups,solos. You look very very very CHILDISH. There’s a reason why they’re famous and known for their work and you’re just sitting behind a computer screen bitching. You look very stupid just to let you know. There’s room for more than one “best” in the music industry.
    Mindless ppl.

    Good day and congrats to Miss A ❀

    • i agree.

      and btw, Say As are looking to be about as horrible as BJs were when they first started. now that BJs have chilled down it looks like Say As are taking over the spot. damn you guys are cocky. i think way cockier than BJs when they were considered cocky.

      i sincerely hope you guys are just Say A wannabe trolls making a bad name for Say As because i’d hate to hate you guys just cuz of the trolls. but srsly, if you’re genuine Say As then you should be ashamed of yourselves.

      srsly. grow up!

  5. i dont really know what this song has to be at the top of the charts for so long…..

  6. so many SNSD stans and 2ne1 stans

    some of you are really blind.
    each group has like one super good dancer and one good vocalist.
    the rest are just relying on entertainment shows, looks, onscreen personality to win over fans.

    • and some of the miss a fans aren’t blind?

      i just saw someone say they could beat Shinee, se7en and YB because miss a was supposedly more talented… and she/he didn’t even know who Se7en was (i seriously hope they were just trolling).

      and i can’t speak for SNSD, but 2ne1 has two great rappers, two great dancers, and three great to ok singers. only one of them relies on looks and personality. i like 2ne1 for their talent and music thank you very much.

      • take a chil pill.
        getting emotional forever something stupid as KPOP makes you look really stupid and no different from the people you’re bashing.

      • nikki, it’s cool that you’re backing up 2ne1, but heck who might that “relies on looks and personality” person be? it’s surprising to hear that from a fan. i’m guessing that person you’re referring to is dara?

        it’s not really fair to say that, i think. sure, dara is a bit weaker in terms of vocals, but her performance charisma is mind-blowing. she can be fierce, she can be cute, she can be sexy. her dancing and singing is average, but at least she holds her own against three more superior members. vocally, she’s more stable singing live than shaky bom and dancing-wise, she’s on the same level as bom. dara brings that spark in 2ne1.

        so i don’t see where this “relies on looks and personality” statement is coming from. i thought you knew better. but still, i guess it’s your opinion. so i respect that.

        p/s: to kpop fans in general, who the heck says bommie can’t dance is an obvious newbie to kpop or maybe simply frckn ignorant. she did that one CF with hyori and she was fantastic. again, HYORI. if she can hold her own against the kpop queen then i would think she deserves to be acknowledged as a better dancer. it’s just that minji overshadows her because she’s better.

      • that’s cause they’re the most talented!
        believe it!
        snsd & 2ne1 are nowhere near our miss A!

  7. i love snsd
    but i really don’t care if missA beats them on this… online chart thing…
    not saying that it’s not important.. but looking at it on a larger scale.. missA still has a long way to go…

    i personally don’t get the hype with missA.. like… wat’s so special about them..? o.o

    2NE1 and missA both had very successful debuts.. with 2NE1 i understand cuz they came out with something really fresh and people loved it..
    but i really don’t understand the reason being missA doing so well….

    not hating or anything.. i’m just rather surprised..

    veterans being beaten by a rookie. HA! they should be ashamed.

    Say A!!!

    • Okayyy… let see if they still here around 2 -4 years from now… if they last long that long, that I give you permission to brag around my fav artists…

  9. wow, a lot of fan-wars T_T

    i’m a diehard snsd fan, and i also love miss a. they’re something new and i like that about them. I hope they do go far in the future.

  10. when will these fans & antis ever move on with life?
    all these groups have plenty of potential
    each one with their own strengths & weakness

    die-hard fans please stop replying 2 haters
    ~bashing other peoples groups (this goes 4 every1) is gonna make them hate ur fav group even more

    going back 2 what the article was about….
    Miss A r doing pretty good 4 rookies
    im still waiting 4 a big “AWE” but i wish them luck *

  11. I hope Miss A will break SNSD’s records. Then, JYP will promote these girls more and retire his other talentless group. the Wondergirls.

    • add 2pm on the list.

    • miss a is in another company. i was actually surprised to hear jyp made a song for them. i think people can be really harsh to 2pm and wondergirls. they both tried extremely hard to get to where they are now.

  12. People Above are totally Hella DUMBASS FANS! Haters Trolls keep trolling. Comparing and bringing up other groups in this article makes this a war. should I say Newbie miss a fans are more pathetic. GROW UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!

    if you follow year 2009 both groups had receive big achievements and plus 2009 has a lot of popular songs from other artist. by digital or album sales all are recognized.
    newbies and the so called “fans’ of other groups that are now fans of other group are just simply STUPID!.
    well Lets see if u think this group can break the snsd or 2ne1 achievements this year by only one song Nahhh!! i might change my mind. but for now the song is not good or great just typical for fans to like the song.
    Effing F*** comparing their abilities to dance and sing to this group makes me Laugh! totally diffirent.

    Or you people are just so super hyper to see new groups that are coming in and so curious of how they will do thinking ” the next best g group’ F* that can pawn other veteran groups! Nahh!!! IM guessing they are New kpop KIDDO Fans!
    old kpop fans dont think that way coz its tiring and full of stupidity! but bringing up other groups of course we defend bcoz we know how they do.

  13. Allkpop’s comment section is strangely more civilized than kbites. it’s funny because it was the total opposite before. man, you guys are so delusional and defensive over your biases, it’s sad.

    • Lol, there are way more trolls here.

    • that’s because all them allkpop peeps started coming here and kbites peeps ran over to the newly civilized allkpop. the irony is killing me. too bad i love sookyeong more or i would have moved to allkpop too.

      • hahaha AGREED!

        i know a certain fangroup that ditched allkpop because of a certain article about their idol. ever since that time, i’ve noticed that there’s less and less comments in allkpop. now all these stans are here -__- *sigh*

        tarnished a really good site..

      • @Guest: i hear ya. before this, kbites was really down low and chill. now we have all these stupid trolls and antis hangin around making the rest of us miserable.

        price of fame, i guess.

  14. lol omg so many immature people. your comments are hardly related to the article that was written. Seeing Miss A’s growing popularity, i give two thumbs to them.

    seriously, why are people getting so butt hurt about idols beating other idols in whatever awards/charts? they’re NEVER FOREVER. they’re meant to be broken. from what i see, i think it’s about time a NEW idol group made a name for themselves & K-Pop get its credibility back. too many groups debuting, but most of them goes unnoticed.

    it’s depressing how kpop has just become another “fad” for teeny boppers to fangirl over. i dislike new generation fans that were struck by the kpop wave. i miss the old kpop days…

  15. WTF is up with the fanwars and comparing. This is about Miss A, go fanwar somewhere else! I think the song is doing well particularily because of the lyrics themselves and the fact that they’re not following the autotune dance trend (well their album is a different story lol).

  16. Wow, there are way too many elitists and trolls in this article.

    Anyways, if Miss A beats SNSD’s record – then congrats. Records are meant to be broken. All the popular groups will always achieve some kind of award.

  17. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a fan war !!!!!!!!
    who is better than who !?!

    in my point of view they are all idols .
    some more talented and some less talented
    but you cant say that they are not talented
    cause they must have a talent or at leats be pretty to be an idol

    you cant say that 2ne1 is better than snsd
    or v.v.
    cause both group have weaknesses (singing n dancing )

    popularity :
    one group consits of pretty girls and have lot of male fans
    and do a lot of v. shows
    and the other one has a big brother
    with lot of fans who also support this group and they had a ceo who knew how to promote this group to be succesful ( i mean the articles about ahh we are ugly ( which they are not– they are pretty ) or just one performance per week ….etc.-)

    i think Miss A is different
    there was no hype about them when they debuted ( 1 month ago or more..lmao ) and still there is no hype

    at first i was like ok JYP made another girl group
    ok lets check them out
    i was like …. why does the one girl have pink hair…
    except that hair they look like girls next door ….
    and then… they sound really good live…
    and omg they dance really powerful…. wait all of them can sing and dance ….WOW
    and the song was ok ( at first but after listening to it more and more i liked it πŸ™‚ and the lyrics is really good

    i think they are no.1
    because their song has no lil wayne ( i mean autotune) and
    no electro beat
    its simple and it rocks
    you can chill and dance to it
    its different from the songs /albums which are out there right now
    e.g. digital bounce or I need a girl or me I mine or narsha …
    i need a girl- is nothing special ( it sound like i have heard this song before — I am still angry with YG cause i think “YOu are my” would have been the better choice for taeyang as a title song ! )T _T

    back to the topic
    maybe MISS A will be no.1 next week
    ( i hope so because the song is nice and the group seems to be really cool πŸ™‚


  19. Digital Sale – WG/SNSD/2ne1 >>>>>>>>>> Miss A
    Album Sale – SNSD/2ne1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WG/MissA
    Fans No. – SNSD>>>>>>>>>>>>>WG/2ne1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MissA

    SNSD FTW!!!!

  20. bad girl good girl isnt that great lol

  21. Miss A? Their song isn’t even that great. I can’t believe its at the #1 spot :/

  22. aigoo….peace please can’t we all have a civil discussion…but I guess haters will be haters and fans will be fans…

  23. too much trolling in this article

  24. Snsd is not even a worthy competitor for MissA! 2NE1 rocks more than Snsd. Snsd are just pretty faces with no talent! Only Taeyeon can sing but no that much.lol She is a diva. Their plastic faces overshadows everything. MissA best competitor would be 2NE1.

    • Only Taeyeon can sing ? Then nobody in 2NE1 nor Miss A can sing lol.

      • nobody in 2ne1 can sing? ur such a pathetic sone. u must be deaf if u dont think park bom can sing.

      • Well haters must be deaf to say that ONLY Taeyeon can sing. Double standards, Blackjacks.

    • mistake! Bom pawns all 9 of them combined!LOL And not only are Snsd the plastic generations. They also have the worst fanclub! That’s why they disgust me. Actually i think the fanclub is more disgusting! They made me hate Snsd more.LOL

      • blackjacks like you makes me hate 2NE1

      • that’s a pretty stupid reason to hate a group; u dont even know them.
        im glad lots of ppl doesnt think like you cuz no group would have fans.

      • @p00pie what a lame excuse… fans like @…… are everywhere so i guess your just saying that you hate KPOP… get over it is not like your newbie in kpop(or maybe u are) the whole kpop is surrounded by those hardcore fans or more exactly TROLLs one advice for you dont go to allkpop at all orelse you’ll start hating the WHOLE KPOP…

      • Please Bom is not that good as a singer, and she is not a good dancer! And if someone have done plastic it’s Bom, you can see that she have done plastic surgery. And Tiffany, Taeyaeng and Jessica have all better voices then Bom (and they are better dancer to)…!!! -.-

      • @T sorry I dont agree with u delusional fan.
        Bom’s voice is way different than those “just pretty faces asses off” <– well I can say they cant belt out like Bom does on her solo song plus she sings a better song that those who mostly sing a "cutesy song". Have you watched those girls guest solo perfs well all they have is just simply singing like in a karaoke not saying is Bom is the best but she's more outstanding to them.
        well If u were very proud that those can dance than Bom, yes, but there are factors of it Bom.
        Oh Please Delusional fan Dont underestimate other Idols they have more skillls than those "ass' and PLEASE!!! So WHAT! if Bom had gone plastic surgery Does it really Bother You, her or others? We All Knew that and no one denys that Wehhh As if other idols ddnt do it eh1 …You are so LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • @T do you think your Plastic Generation is anybetter than bom?

      • @12345
        Do u think Bom isn’t part of plastic generation?

      • ^at least Bom doesn’t lie or keep quiet abt it.

  25. different group different style , why compare. Just love your own group and leave others alone. Love and Peace.

  26. How can u compare Miss A and 2NE1……….. ?
    Different level. For sure.

    And a group is not about knowing how to dance, but how to sing and dance as well.

  27. The best girlgroup ever in Korea is CSJH!
    They can sing and dance very well
    the other girlgroup in Korea just win in popularity

  28. One reason why Miss A’s song is doing soo well is because of the lyrics, Korean people are loving this whole “don’t miss judge me because of my appearance” type song. I think BGGG is a great song, very catchy despite having a relatively slow melody, it’s easy to replay the song up to 10 times.

    I think it’s crazy to compare Miss A to SNSD since Miss A are barely 3 weeks old whilst SNSD are 3 years (i’m speaking about commenter comparing the 2 groups…not cool).

  29. You people. Sheesh when SNSD begin work in Japan their popularity will plummet. We all know this. This is KPOP. People follow the mainstream charts, they’ll leave a fan club as soon as their idol becomes inactive. I’ve seen it time and time again: DBSK, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, The Grace and so on. Don’t believe me check the daum fanclub charts more people are leaving these fandoms then joining them.

    • But SNSD is already planning to comeback early next year to keep their popularity strong. So I doubt it will affect them that much because they’re not leaving for long. πŸ™‚

    • @Cute-sone they are afraid to lose their popularity that’s why they make early comeback next year!LOL

      • Well… it’s normal to be afraid to lose popularity… Who would like that ? Your comment is pointless.

    • pointless my ASS! Snsd are cowards! There are many artists who don’t make comebacks that early but they are so coward that they make comeback as soon as possible so they won’t lose their fans!LOL

      • You’re one hell of a hater… Insulting SNSD in each of your comments… It’s sad…

      • you being a hypocrite is making me more sad!LOL but anyways it was nice having a chat with a pathetic sone like you. I hope to see more of your fail comments in the future.ROFL

  30. SNSD have power level over 9000! SNSD will eat Miss A alive.

    • don’t be so cocky! One day your precious Snsd will fall too:P MissA rocks!!! They are 100 times more talented than Snsd!

      • Well right now SNSD owns your non-popular group ! πŸ˜€

      • @ygfansmakemelol that’s because Snsd are flashing their butts to the public. They want to promote sex to teenagers that’s why.LOL But other than that, they have no talent. Taeyeon only can sing, but her singing is mediocre. Not that talented either. Snsd sucks!!

      • It’s not true… SNSD is pretty and talented… Haters see it but don’t want to admit it.

      • Lol so obvious that “……” is a hater of SNSD and we can always see her bashing in most articles related to SNSD πŸ˜€ Whatever girl you say they suck right? humph…let’s see if you are any better than them then πŸ™‚

      • @cute-sone: actually snsd is targeted to the ahjusshi fans. lee soo man said so himself lool. so…yea it kinda does promote sex.

  31. SNSD popularity is no joke I’ve come to that realization lol no other girl group can eff with their success its just the reality of the situation LOL

  32. 2ne1 vs. Miss A. Not a fan of both groups however, i saw how much they improved since their debut even though they still need improvement. In terms on debut songs, I say Miss A did better. During 2ne1 debut days with Fire, the song didn’t do quite well and the competition was quite low, considering Super Junior was finishing promotions for Sorry Sorry. and the competition Miss A has is quite tough right now and they seem to have potential even though their vocals aren’t really in the top levels.

    • competition was quite low really?
      that was when suju just started to promote their It’s you,Shinee comeback with Juliet

      also last year was more harder for digital single to wins on music show that is why you hardly see anyone won on music shows last year with digital single but this year many winners are those that released digital single

      Miss A stil have a long way to go
      but i think they will win Rookie of the year for sure
      but to beat SNSD or 2ne1 for that matter
      i think they need to win Song of the year and artist of the year

    • Suju started their promotions for It’s You though. and 2ne1 just had a digital single meaning no album sales to back them up like miss a does.

      and how did it not do well? Fire, with only its digital sales won 2 awards at Inkigayo.

      • if it’s not clear, i’m saying you can’t compare the success of a debut song with an album to a debut song that just depends on digital sales.

    • actually, when they won their 2nd mutizen, the competitors were 2pm, shinee, and suju, which i believe have a strong fanbase and really popular. but good luck to miss A, we’ll see wether they could win inkigayo this week.

  33. Nah in terms of Song of the Year, SNSD and Miss A won’t win anything. It definitely go to 2AM since they got so many songs, OST, digital singles released in 2010 first half.

    I’m not saying Oh! is bad but in terms of Digital Sales and popularity amongst viewers ‘Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die’ is definitely the song of the year.

    But we have to see the 2nd half of 2010 as there are many big comebacks such as Big Bang and 2ne1. I heard SNSD is coming out with a Korean Version of their new Japanese Single which is set to release is November. Then again most awards time range from October 2009 – October 2010

  34. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by miss A ph, mai. mai said: K Bites: Will miss A break So Nyeo Shi Dae’s record on music charts with β€˜Bad Girl Good Girl’? http://bit.ly/ceWQDZ […]

  35. Go MissA!

  36. for me, the song doesn’t really catches my interest… i like snsd, 2ne1… like 4minute’s songs, i instantly like them eventhough i don’t really like 4minute before… what’s with korea’s taste of songs?

  37. Some people make a record, there must be someone else break the record~

    So Nyeo Shi Dae’s popularity is no joke now and everybody knows that. So it’s not important at all if there was s.o else to break their record lol~

    However, good girl bad girl is a good song though, but i don’t like missA’s style >””<

    Anyway~ good luck to miss A ~


  38. Definitely not.

  39. this group is suck & their song O_O“
    i don’t know who is this stupid who love this boring song ??

    • well korea love it for the past 3 weeks.

      • agree with @ O_O
        come on guys , they are wins because their company (is JYP)
        THAT IS IT πŸ™‚

      • Well, Korea doesn’t have much of a choice since all the song that coming out right now mediocre at best.

      • not really. JYPe has been buying the song.. like what they did to 2pm.

    • that’s pathetic.

      f(x) are under SME and they never won an award.

    • I don’t think u should insert a rather insulting comment to people who enjoy the song. Don’t expect everyone to share similar musical taste with u.
      My friend despises Hip hop n dance tracks, he’s a ballad fan. Does that make him stupid?

  40. Yes because they have real talent. miss A and 2NE1 are real musicians.

    • 2NE1 can’t sing nor dance. Thank you.

      • Yes they can. Thank You.

      • Really ? lol CL screams more than she sings, Bom can’t sing live and Dara can’t sing at all… And considering the fact that 2 of them are horrible singers, I don’t get why people call them “talented”. Well, they are talented. But they are not more talented than SNSD or WG or 4Minute or whoever you want. Do they even compose their own songs ? No. So they’re not musicans either.

        They’re just an idol group like the others, with the fact that they were the first female idol group to do Hip Hop. Beside that, 2NE1 has nothing special.

      • wow, lay down with the hate.

        Why so pissed at the person above who said that they’re the most talented? Obviously you don’t pay enough attention to them enough to have that usual comment you have. Would your opinion change granted that I showed some evidences opposing your statements? I doubt.

        It goes the same way to other groups — it’s like me saying that the only special in snsd is that they’re nine when obviously it’s not.

      • @hum, agreed

      • Well hating aside, I kinda agree though. 2NE1 isn’t more talented. I used to be a 2NE1 fan so I know what I’m talking about. I even opened a forum dedicated to them during the Fire days. Believe me or not. Anyway.

        I think I know 2NE1 enough to say that they are not more talented than the other idol groups out there. Yes, they do have talent but they have many weaknesses too. You can say that they are talented for sure, but please don’t give us the “2NE1 is the most talented” thing because I truly believe it’s not true.

        This is coming from a CSJH fan.

      • The only reason 2NE1 got huge success is coz of YG/teddy. Can you assure othere groups will not get same level of success as 2NE1 if they are given the same songs? Arrogant for nothing πŸ˜†

      • I would have agreed too. I follow 2ne1 more than the other groups mentioned so I know that they’re not the best.

        It makes me cringe when some fans go all by saying that they’re the best because it bring more haters and it’s not some universal truth, but when ppl totally make a counter argument saying that they can’t sing or dance and that they’re bascially shits, it’s annoying. I mean at least make credible arguments out here.

      • Yeah and Teddy produced some crappy songs lately lol…

      • Excuse me? ONLY because of Teddy? Wow jesus haters are on a roll.

        It’s like saying Miss A’s song got popular because of JYPE’s song.

        @…. –> You’re ignorant for nothing.

      • ^ read my comment gain. There is nth arrogant in my comment. Browse dictionary if you dun know the meaning of arrogant.
        Yes.. Miss A’s song got popular because of JYPE’s song is somewhat true. Coz the song is not really fantastic.
        Teddy is not the GOD to produce hits song all the time. I am saying if IDC and FIRE is given to 4minute, can you say they will not success? I dun have fav gal groups srsl. Dun think I am being bias. Just feel like 2NE1 fans are over the top

      • “2NE1 can’t sing nor dance” – lol

        “2NE1 are real musicians” – lol

      • @ Hum, i’m confused. earlier in this post, you said you like 2ne1 but now you have resorted to just hating. it’s sad really.

        CL raps more than she sings and even Tasha screamed when she rapped, Bom’s lives have significantly improved if you’ve seen their recent performances, Dara is the weakest singer in the group but if she was in a group like SNSD or WG, she wouldn’t really stand out as the worst singer (since they have yoona, hyoyeon, yuri, sooyoung, and sohee). and if you haven’t seen it, i suggest you watch their “love is difficult” perf or their “pretty boy” performances because you seem to be very ill informed as far as 2ne1 goes.

      • @nikki : Yuri can’t sing ? I doubt Dara will ever be as good as Yuri…

        Sooyoung is a bit weaker but she has a powerful voice :

        Please don’t say these two can’t sing. Thanks.

      • @cute-sone, sorry all i’ve seen are live performances and their voices don’t sound that great.

      • i guess they just can’t sing and dance at the same time.

      • Yuri sounds great on performances… Really, I think you should watch again. =/ Sooyoung, I admit that it depends, but Yuri really sounds good ! πŸ˜€

      • I agree… Yuri sounds good.

      • no wonder snsd have the most antis ; sones always feel the need to bash other groups to bring SNSD up.

      • It’s not true, one Blackjack brought SNSD down by saying Miss A and 2NE1 are better.

        Maybe it’s not a real Blackjack though. Don’t think all SONEs are like that, please…

        Peace, guys. β™₯

      • I’m not sure whether there are videos of them singing better, but those 2 videos aren’t exactly good. No, I don’t hate Yuri nor Sooyoung.

        Yuri isn’t a great singer, but she’s better than Sooyoung in terms of singing, most of the times in live performances Yuri can carry off her part but Sooyoung tend to sound… strange. I’ve seen another video where Sooyoung sang a non-SNSD song, and err it wasn’t good. Similarly for this, it didn’t seem powerful to me but more like she’s straining to hit her notes. With more training she can sing better, but for this video, no.

        Long comment, but just think that if you want to prove that they can sing either 1. put videos showcasing their real abilities, or 2. don’t put videos at all if it might backfire ^^;

      • What ?? Yuri’s vocals on this video are great ! Sorry but she’s way more talented than most idols… And she’s an excellent dancer too.

        About SY, it just proves that she CAN sing. She has potential.

      • lol vex, are you serious ? Yuri is not a powerhouse but is a good singer. Get some ears but not admitting this with the evidence is pathetic.

        It’s like saying CL can’t sing. She can sing but she’s not a powerhouse either.

      • not true. it was a sone who bashed 2ne1by saying that cant dance n sing.
        the only reason 2ne1 was brought up its bcuz someone said i would like to see a rookie “beat” snsd but that was already done by 2ne1.

      • yuri,dara , and sooyoung’s vocal aint that great either they are probably in the same level…. u can clearly see in the video that yuri was forcing her vioce to hit the high notes it just doesnt sound right at all….. and she is not way more talented than most idols she is just like any other idols …. she is capable in dancing and singing in a group but she definitly cant stand on her own as a real SINGER… but who knows yuri is getting there but she still needs some more pratice..

      • Yuri is a decent singer, but her vocals in this video are not that stable. I associate ‘great’ with Taeyeon, SeoHyun, Davichi girls etc so I can’t call her vocals ‘great’ yet.
        And I never mentioned anywhere in my comment that she’s not talented.

        Of course Sooyoung has the potential – as one of my friends (who comes from a family of singers and is a great singer herself) always told me, everyone in this world can sing if they had the proper training to reach their full potential.

      • Dara has no technique and no vibrato. She doesn’t have the same level as Yuri, sorry… At least you can see that Yuri had some training, and even though Dara had career back then, she sounds like a failed rookie.

      • I checked, and I do have intact ears πŸ˜€ Unfortunately I don’t feel pathetic, I just don’t call people’s singing ability ‘great’ unless they wow me, this is my comment and my personal opinion. lol resorting to personal attacks? I didn’t even bash Yuri.

      • Hum Yuri has some nice vocals, better than Dara for sure. I wouldn’t say Dara can’t sing, she just needs to practice dancing + singing at the same time (like Bom).

        And yes, her vocals don’t have the “wow” factor but she is a good singer. There are tons of videos on Youtube that prove that she doesn’t deserve the “mediocre singer” that people give her.

      • If only DBSK and BB are promoting in Korea then all this girl groups will bite the dust.

      • @Hum: I agree so much. i never quite understood the whole hype about 2ne1. they’re not that good… i mean truthfully minzy dancing has me cringing all the time. bom can’t sing, it just annoys me to hear her sing. kinda sounds… nasally. idk she should’ve debuted 6 years ago i liked her singing then. lol. to me 2ne1 is kinda overrated, and it doesn’t help that a lot of blackjacks are like “2ne1 beats ________” in every single article.

      • @poppypp: but that’s YOUR opinion isn’t it? just like all these other ppl arguing here who think their idols are better than _____ all the time. it’s the norm of fandom. deal.

        and they’re not that good?? FYI, a lot of ppl acknowledge minji’s dancing as one of the best in the idol industry (although her dance style is a bit mature for her age, hyuna too for that matter), just like how bommie’s voice is acknowledged as one of the best and strongest in the idol industry (although she falls flat and lacks stamina), and just like how a lot of ppl acknowledge CL’s potential in rapping in the idol industry (although she does sometimes yell more than she raps, but that’s her style so i’m fine with that) all of them are acknowledged for their talents but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their weak points. but at the end of it all, they are still talented and are really good and they back up the hype. just cuz you don’t think so, doesn’t make it so.

        i cringe when i see hyoyeon dancing too. she tends to be stiff and sloppy. (i prefer yuri) does that mean hyoyeon can’t dance? i think taeyeon is nasal sometimes too, does that mean she can’t sing? no because they all can. i don’t get Miss A’s hype either, does that mean they aren’t talented? does that mean they’re overrated?? no. because we can see that they do indeed, have their fare share of talents.

        it’s all abt preference anyways. there’s no point pissing ppl off by saying, “oh, i don’t get their hype i think they can’t do this that blablabla” it’s all just opinions at the end of the day. so we all just need to either deal with it, or learn to retaliate in a non-aggressive way that doesn’t piss ppl off so much.

      • @poppyp i was about to write a long essay to you but after reading naninoona’s she summerized the whole thing….. but i still want to say something to you “Bom cant sing” like exactly what is your point? just because you dont liek her voice so that means she cant sing?…. too me you just look like a retard trying to hate on 2NE1 from nonsense reasons…

    • Ok the 2 groups are talented but musicians??? OMG!!!!!
      LOL No idols deserve the title musician YET!

  41. Don’t get me wrong both are an ok song but Oh and BBGG competing for the song of the year.

    2009 > 2010

    20. The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave – Leessang
    19. Half – Hwayobi
    18. Women’s Generation – SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara
    17. Dropping Tears – K.Will
    16. T.T.L – T-ara & Supernova
    15. Tell me your wish – Girls’ Generation
    14. Saturday Night – Son Dambi
    13. Made an Accident – Davichi
    12. Wanna – KARA
    11. Abracadabra – Brown Eyed Girls
    10. Heartbreaker – G-Dragon
    09. Again & Again – 2PM
    08. Alone – Outsider
    07. 8282 – Davichi
    06. Fire – 2NE1
    05. Love Rain – Kim Tae Woo
    04. Sorry Sorry – Super Junior
    03. Lollipop – Big Bang & 2NE1
    02. I Don’t Care – 2NE1
    01. GEE – Girls’ Generation

    • We still have Boa. 2ne1 and BB. I hope they won’t disappoint.

    • yeah Oh and BBGG leading candidate for the song of the year so far but 2NE1 and Big Bang BOA has not release there songs yet it be interesting who will be number 1.

      wow 2009 is a big year for 2NE1 they got 3 songs in the list.

    • Arrrr this list is by who?

      • I dunno but the no 1 n 2 were clearly the most popular song in 2009. Followed by again&again and Sorry Sorry.
        Can I say this is according to the chart?? lol
        Not sure about the order other than the top 2.

      • Got this list from mnet + melon + dosirak + soribada

    • That list is not so true. Sell-wise, it’s true. But popularity-wise, Gee, Genie, Mister, Abracadabra, Saturday Night and Sorry Sorry were WAY bigger.

      No I don’t care nor Wanna.

      • You are not ture either. Heartbreaker is bigger than Mister, Abracadabra, Saturday Night and Sorry Sorry for popularity-wise.

      • I don’t care was very popular. way more popular than the songs you mentioned. After Gee it was the most popular song of the year. and if it’s selling more than the songs you mentioned, how is it not more popular?

        I don’t care put 2ne1 on the map, got them 5 wins on music bank and a triple crown on Inkigayo.

        stop hating.

      • No. The butt dance was everywhere. It was one of the most popular dance last year unlike Heartbreaker who was only popular for a few weeks. Get over it.

      • HB was popular for five wks(if i m not wrong), is considered a few wks? GD only appeared 10 times on music show. HB sold more than Mister and even SNSD..Damn you sould be the one who should get over. lamo

      • SNSD only released mini albums last year… you idiot.

      • Gee and i Dont care are popular because of the songs and lyrics itself
        while Abracadaba and Mister are popular because of the dance

    • i thnk the list is from Mnet Yearly List. then again its not cool to put all SM artistes on here this year as the companies have problems with each other.

  42. I think I’m the only one who doesn’t like their song.

    I have nothing against the group, but In my opinion ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ seems overrated.

    Though, it would be interesting for a rookie group to beat a group like SNSD.

    • 2NE1 already beat SNSD last year so is nothing new for a rookie to beat SNSD.

      • Really? 2NE1 beat SNSD?

      • they didn’t beat snsd but they did pretty well during that time.

      • if 2NE1 did not beat SNSD last year then what is this?

      • The beat Genie but not SNSD. They’ll beat SNSD when they’ll be more popular… which means never.

      • ^LOL. I would have agreed with you completely if you weren’t hating pathetically.

      • Haha i’m not the one who started the whole “they beat SNSD” though. πŸ™‚

      • YG fans came here to say that Miss A and 2NE1 were better than SNSD when this article wasn’t even about 2NE1… Do you need attention on your group so much ? =/

      • ^LOL. like that argument makes total sense. right.

      • ^ pls dun say YG fans. Only 2NE1 fans. I wanted to point out this also. Why they bring 2NE1 here when the article is talking about SNSD and miss A?
        2NE1 has long way to go to beat SNSD. geeze
        BJs are always pathetic attention seeker

      • Why bring 2NE1 then ? Just to say they are better than God when this article isn’t even about them… ?

        Please, there are Blackjacks forums to discuss 2NE1’s highness.

      • antis. these 3 groups do different genre of music to each other therefore its not good to compare them.

      • um, why are you people generalizing YG fans and blackjacks just because one or two people answered the statement “it would be interesting for a rookie group to beat a group like SNSD”.

        you have to be an idiot to think a couple people represents the hundreds of thousands of YG fans and blackjacks.

        and then saying “blackjacks are always attention seekers” because of one or two people just makes you look like an idiotic hater.

    • I think overrated word is becoming overrated that makes me questioning the real meaning. but I can say, people can easily get hype over new idol group nowadays compare to the days SNSD, WG, KARA debuted when that time people thought they won’t become big. They’re into boy groups more. but now you see, no matter how much the hype is, it doesn’t get me a bit – because there is nothing new.

      • WORD!!
        Things are so much easier now.
        I remember WonSoKa went through so much shit competing with boybands.
        Not to mention BEG’s struggle. Very few people acknowledge their older works before LOVE. Proving how little exposure given back in the day.
        If only CSJH debut last year or in 2008 when girl group was more received, they would have done better.

        I can’t deny that WONSOKA opened the way.
        2 of the 3 groups even beat boybands consecutively with WG taking over 2008 n SNSD taking over 2009. ^^

      • I really agree with u & Qrizta.. When WonSoKa debut they’re worked really hard to be popular when at that time Korea more prefer male singers than female singers.. Now a lot of rookie girl groups canο»Ώ be popular more easily compare in 2007..

      • *sigh* This exactly.

        Idols these days have it too easy. They get fan forums before debut, birthday projects, etc. All these crazy things before people even get to hear ONE song from them. WG went through a ton of crap, as did SNSD and KARA, and it took BEG like…4 years to finally become big?! Now you have these rookies who aren’t even half as talented getting recognition that they hardly even worked for before stepping onto a major stage. SMH.

  43. As a HUGE sone and a new Say A, i don’t mind at all. I mean it’d be cool to see if Miss A can actually beat SNSD.
    Although, i hope Oh! stays strong, bad girl good girl is a really good song too.
    Oh well, goodluck Miss A!

    SNSD hwaiting ❀

  44. Rookie of the year for year end show. But I don’t even like their song πŸ˜†
    They are no.1 for mokey3 weelky chart right? Even Shinee can’t beat them that is just wow πŸ˜€

    • SHINee have never been big sellers on music charts though…

      • I kinda sorry for SHINee even though I’m not their fan. They have the talents, and they have what it needs for entertainment business, like their sense of humor. but they seems lacking of something. Same thing as fx. SME has other groups which not as big as DBSK, SUJU, SNSD (I can say these 3 are the major incomer for SME).

  45. I thought people were talking about Gee the first time I read the article.

    They probably would beat that Oh! charting but it isn’t really something that what you would call spectacular.

    But, I really like Miss A too and congratulations for charting high for quite some time now! πŸ™‚

    • i think it’s spectacular…considering the level of competition and the fact that they are still rookies.

      • Not really.

        Competition-wise I think last year was a bit tougher — there are literally catchier and better songs coming out at the same time. That, plus the fact that SNSD was there after that massive Gee they had earlier in the year.

        While I do think Taeyang, Suju, Se7en, and Shinee could be considered as tough competition based on the records they previously made, their songs this year wasn’t as mainstream as Miss A’s songs, for some reason.

        I think for this year’s rookies Miss A is amazing, but I’ve seen better in the previous years.

      • 123grr, you read in my mind πŸ™‚ that’s exactly what I think !!

      • 123grr yep agree with you last year was tougher.

      • for some reason I kinda have a problem with SM Entertainment and what they doing with the music with Super Junior, Shinee and Boa.

        Even though I’m a SONE, I’m kinda dissapointed how SM favours SNSD more even though the girls bring in the money. The songs in Shinee and Super Junior latest album alredy told us how they are treated within the company.

      • @jane
        Shinee’s latest album is nice. The title track is not that cool but the whole album is GOOD!
        Sj’s album this year is disappointing indeed.
        SNSD’s album was not as good as Shinee’s.
        So I don’t understand what u meant with songs given = treatment within company.
        Even fx’s album is also nice.

  46. WAY TO GO, MISS A!!!!

  47. yay go missA^^

  48. i say yes they will break it Shinee song can’t even stay in the top 10 and no big group coming back yet.

  49. oooooh~ that would be super cool hahaha of course…………. the snsd fans would go hysterical xD

    • no we wouldn’t.

    • lol I doubt they would. Even though I wouldn’t call myself a fan, I respect SNSD. They have achieved a lot since their debut and they are the number one girl group in S.Korea atm and I don’t think anyone can dethrone them just yet and if someone does, then I hope it’s my fav girl group lol

      Anyway, Miss A have a bright future ahead of them this year if they keep the momentum up with another hit song. I don’t like BGGG purely because it’s not my type of music. The lyrics are awesome though and so are the performances. Glad to see that they’re getting recognised πŸ™‚

    • LOL as a sone , this soribada record is irrelevant for us.
      we care more about Daesangs at the end of the year.

    • please dont say that about snsd fans.
      I love WonSoka and I must say these last years is girls group time.

    • The humiliating hardcore ones who give us a bad name?

      Yeah, they would LOL

      I don’t get the hype with miss A’s song though =/

  50. nahhh it’s okay…
    just break the record…
    i don’t think snsd and snsd’s fan even bother with that anyway…
    they already achieved everything even with big one…
    and this kind record not really affect anything…

    i admit miss a is good but just good…not so great…

    • lol yeah i personnally don’t care

    • I don’t really get the hype but I guess that’s what they seem to appear. Their music is not my music. So I won’t bother much with it. Just to think they’re a rookie group and have a good start, I think they have bright future. SNSD sets the standard, so you can’t expect them hold the record forever. Whenever a record is set, it’s meant to be broken. It’s just the matter of who.

      @ celcom3g, I love your name btw πŸ™‚

    • LOL no offence but you guys sound like sore loser… πŸ™‚
      AND i don’t even like both group

      • you sound like a loser.. just this ‘record’ is not something IMPORTANT in their carreer.

    • totally agree with celcom3g
      SNSD & missA Fighting !!

    • i think it’s just the fact that a rookie who literally JUST came out is making achievements that far more experienced singers have made (snsd). it’s not about snsd’s record, but how far miss A is going

      • I think their alright. I don’t get the hype.

      • Their live performances are so polished. It’s crazy.
        And I loved their mini-album.

        But everyone has their own opinion, I guess. And some people just don’t want to like them. js.

      • ^
        They aren’t the only group with polished performances though. That’s why I don’t get the hype with them. Their mini was alright. I didn’t particularly like any of the songs

  51. I want to be a fan of Miss A but I just can’t get into their music -___- I keep listening to it but I guess their music is not my type. But I’m glad they are doing well πŸ˜€ Hopefully their next album will get to me :3

    • I just have to say… I don’t think solo singers (even from popular idol groups) can do well on charts. Well most of them…I think people prefer groups.

  52. Something I can say for sure: Miss A are better dancers. Taking into consideration they are newbies. I won’t bash SNSD, but if you were to talk about dancing power — Only Hyoyeon and Yuri in SNSD has that. The rest sorta lack power in dancing but all of Miss A has that. Not a fan of either group but just pointing out a fact. πŸ˜€

    • I agree and I’m a SNSD fan who loves Miss A. I actually think they are the female group with the best dancing skills. But dancing is not what sells music though…

      • Actually, 2NE1 is the best with Minzy. Miss A comes in second. Yes, dancing doesn’t necessarily “sells” (or better said, make you known) but I’d say it plays quite a huge factor aside from vocal power. Of course, you’d have to appeal to the audience with your personality too, which explains why idols are always on variety shows. It’s where many of the celebrities shine. Super Junior is one good example. πŸ™‚

      • No, miss A are the female group with the best dancing skills. 2NE1 only has Minzy. Bom and Dara are pretty weak.

        Overall, as a group, miss A is superior. Like faaaaar better.

      • What ? O_o Yes, Minzy (just like Gahee, Hyoyeon, Hyunah…) has excellent dancing skills but the group’s level overall is WEAK compared to Miss A whose members ALL have a great level in dance. I’m not hating but saying that 2NE1 can dance is a big no no. I like 2NE1 but not for their dancing.

      • Hum let’s check.
        Min = great dancer
        Suzy = great dancer
        Feifei = great dancer
        Jia = great dancer

        CL = great dancer
        Minzy = great dancer
        Bom = mediocre dancer
        Dara = mediocre dancer

      • Dancing isn’t 2ne1’s forte. They can dance fairly well as a group but it’s not really something they do (but given the chance they can) because they bank big with stage presence and ability to make the crowd become enthusiastic. That, plus the fact that they seem to be individualistic when it comes to performing.

        I think Miss A and SNSD have pretty much the same ability, dancing wise. SNSD does choreographed dances really well, and I have yet to see Miss A with solo dance breaks so it makes things harder to judge right now.

      • I don’t think SNSD are amazing dancers overall – they do have amazing dancers in the group, but some others members are weakers. This aside, their teamwork is AMAZING and that’s something that many groups are lacking.

      • Miss A is the best hands down.

      • Miss A wins hands down.

      • 2NE1 is only so-so in dancing. although watching their dance practice video, they are capable to do more than what they show on stage. miss A has a really great dancing skill.
        but when it come to vocal, 2ne1 is the best out there for me.

      • Hum let’s check.
        Min = great dancer
        Suzy = great dancer
        Feifei = great dancer
        Jia = great dancer

        CL = great dancer
        Minzy = great dancer
        Bom = mediocre dancer
        Dara = mediocre dancer

        CL = One of the Best Rapper in idol groups
        Minzy = One of the Best Dancer in idol groups
        Bom = One of the Best Voice in idol groups
        Dara = One of the Best Pretty Face in idol groups (lol)

      • ‘Dara = One of the Best Pretty Face in idol groups’
        ROFL Dara’s a talentless girl. she just has her m2day..

        btw, Min, Suzy, Feifei, Jia.. all the missA girls are prettier than dara.

      • lol to someone who said miss a is prettyeir than sandara

        fei is pretty but she got surgery on her nose and eyes
        atleast dara is natural.

        i do think min is attractive. pretty? no but shes oozes some sort of sexy appeal.

        suzy is just cute.
        and the pink hair girl is prettier without the pink hair

  53. Who knows. Maybe they will…

    • yeah..i hope so

    • Who knows, right???
      but honestly this record isn’t something really important.

      I can’t wait for see who is the ROOKIE OF THE YEAR.

      for me CNBlue is better than MissA.

      • sorry but MissA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CNBlue any day.
        MissA girls are really really talented unlike cnblue, who are overrated, esp. his leader.

      • @suzymin so true so true. lol

      • WTF!!!! Se7en and TaeYang songs are waaaaay better than missA cr@p aka β€˜Bad Girl Good Girl’

        Miss A and their song are OVERRATED.

        Se7en and TaeYang #1 !!!!!

        YG fam PWNS <333333

      • @susyMin
        CNBlue SUCKS !!! FT island is a better band.

        LOL YG fans are Pathetic.
        honestly TaeYang & Se7en’s songs are hella boring.

        MissA >>>>>>> Se7en + TaeYang+ SHINee and JaeBum.

      • BGGB is sooooo goood thats why they have been selling so much albums right >___>

        and im being sarcastic.

      • @susyMin
        CNBLUE >>>>>>>>> Miss A anyday!
        Yong Hwa is not overrated. He wrote and composed some songs on 4 mini albums & 1 Japanese single. He plays guitar and is a main vocalist. He’s a truly musician.

        All I see in Miss A is dancers. Sorry!

    • ROFL XD
      I love how miss A PWNS Se7en, Taeyang and even Jay.

      it shows how JYP(n family) is better than YG ❀

      • How can they “pwns” them when their albums sales are not even worth comparing to Se7en, YB n Jay?

      • At least YG don’t kick out members and telling that they have done stuff they havent done -.- And just because MIss A is doing good now do not mean that they are gonna do good all the time, let se how long Miss A stays in the music industry! (I’m not a hatar of miss A, I love the Bad Girl Good Girl) ^^

      • you should thank Taeyang and Jay first if taeyang werent in JAPAN that time he will snatch the Mnet Countdown award and if Jay’s company didnt excluded him from the music bank Miss A will probably get nothing by now…

      • awwww poor Taeyang ,Se7en, shinee and Jay.
        they are not as good as miss A.

        miss A #1 !!!

      • awww poor miss A. they have a shemale in the group (pink hair), a slut (Min – just go look at her myspace pictures) and just cuz got 2 pity awards their fans are all acting cocky as hell.

      • @jing: I couldnt agree more.

        It’s sad how Rookie missA beat Taeyang and se7en.
        honestly Se7en and Taeyang songs are mediocre.

        Miss A is like the best rookie group in kpop history or something huh

      • wow Taeyang, shinee n se7en lost to a rookie group.
        Now thatβ€²s embarrassing :/

        I’m glad they beat YG artists πŸ˜€
        MissA is the BEST !

      • how did miss A beat YB when they only won 2 awards and yb > 5 -_-
        who sold out of his deluxe album? still selling the normal edition of his album and doing good in itunes charts?
        hint: its not miss A.

      • I think MISS A’s fans are gunning for a bad reputation already.

      • what the hell are u guys talking about? comparing those 2 midgets(Taeyang/Jay) to MISS A and who the hell is Se7en? Miss A is way more talented than all of them combined!…. Jay=Overrated Taeyang=Boring and Se7en=UNKNOWN you can never compare the talented Miss A to those 3… sooner or later Miss A will snatch the title “Best Girl Group in Korea” Snsd and lots of other girl groups are going to japan and wondergirls are dissappering 2NE1 disbanded …….. and some of you cocky sones/ ignorant blackjacks need to shutup just because Miss A is doing better than your fav group you dont need to bash Miss A….

      • 2NE1 disbanded??? LOL
        all 2NE1 girls are talented… all of them can sing and dance. missA is just a joke.

        YG >>>>>>>>>>> JYP

      • YG fans are delusional ROFL.

        Miss A is #1.

      • @FIA: go back to school and learn the definition of midget.
        @ chinagirl: so are you.

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