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YeSung, “Even though it is possible that I come out solo from Super Junior…”

Super Junior and MBLAQ get down on 3 vs 3 on SBS ETV Shin JungHwa PD show.

MBLAQ members SeungHo, Lee Joon and Thunder did profile search and briefing of Super Junior members YeSung, ShinDong and KyuHyun in the corner ‘Who are you SHOW!’ on the show.

And YeSung had performed the song ‘It Has To Be You’, OST off drama ‘Cinderella’s Sister’ showing off his great vocals. Shin PD then said, “You sing well. Why are you in Super Junior? You will be successful if you leave Super Junior…”

YeSung said, “I have thought that that is possible but I like the Super Junior team better,” showing the great team spirit of Super Junior


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  1. **note**
    Gummybear is one commenter who knows almost nothing but act like he or she know everything . Seriously , L.O.L

    • She sure knows a lot coz she’s a huge SJ fan.

      U’re very childish for attacking a commenter personally.

  2. i hate to say this, but if he has no good look or hot body, he won’t survive.

    i love him, really love him, and i like him all the way in SuJu. Yesung’s a cute guy, but still, without suju he’s… notihing

    • if yesung go solo..he can succes as ballad singer or musical actor..so he don’t need ‘hot body’ or ‘good look’…

      for me..he’s really hot and has a charisma on the stage…if you listen his voice..you not really care about his look or body..because his voice really beutiful and amazing…

  3. awww Yesung :]

    No matter how much some members are out or separated, they’re still a Suju member to me<33333

  4. awwww..thats soo nice of him, to mention suju as the better one…i also find that soo true!!!! ^^ i dont want super junior without another member…its gonna be sad…even if dbsk did breakup, i still consider them as one…also even kibum isnt with suju atm…hes still part of suju and forever he will!!!! 13ELIEVE forever!!!
    i still wonder if yesung, could survive outside the solo industry!!! haha but i’ll always miss him, cause hes my fave!!!! i cant take that members are slowly leaving even if its just for a certain time….i really miss kibum!!! suju needs him back soo badly, and so do the ELF’s!!!! the only memories that i can take back, were the Exploring The Human Body!!! he played many parts in that show!!! ^^ for me. suju will forever be 13 or 15 including Zhou Mi, and Henry!!!! hehe gosh, im gonna be tearing up at school, since im commenting at school!!!!! )’: its very nice to know that yesung still respects his fellow suju members!!!!! kyakyakya!!!! SARANGHAEYO SUPER JUNIOR & ELF’S!!! <333333333

  5. We dunno what happened behind the scene.
    Kibum might not seem loyal but he has a different dream.
    i personally think he never has passion in performing n music. His passion was acting. He was prob added to SJ as eye candy n it’s true coz he was one of the most popular, considered as the most good looking along with Siwon, Donghae and Heechul.

    U can’t force someone to keep doing what he doesn’t enjoy right?
    Be thankful that he didn’t make the problem big. He kept it quiet. I honestly think he’s officially out of SJ but SM chose not to announce it.

    Well, about loyalty to friends, I’m not in the place to judge. There were times when I dislike him for ditching SJ but remembering how he stayed up all night to take care of heechul when he was treated in hospital after a car accident back in 2006, I can’t really say he isn’t loyal, right?
    He stayed up all night almost everyday until Heechul got better and Kibum continued the schedule despite his lack of sleep with eyes as swollen as panda. That’s said by the members not Kibum himself.

    I love what I see in SJ. Despite having their money split up 13 ways. They remain intact. They went so much shit… Not all members are close with each other, there r still some who are awkward with each other but the sense of belonging they possess is what kept them til now…^^

    • ^____^

      I really do think Kibum cares about the others, but he has his own road to take. So I don’t blame him or hold a grudge against him.

      Staying in Suju would’ve only tied him down. Which I believe is selfish of some fans to want him to be with Suju all the time. Cuz really, he didn’t really had a lot of lines in their songs anyways.

      He shouldn’t allow himself to be useless, so good for him to go on with acting.

  6. aw, I love how the members are so loyal. The only one who isn’t all that loyal is Kibum (still slightly love him though, he’s too cute to dislike). But I wish he would be more loyal

    • I don’t get why people say things like “loyal”.. I mean if your really break it down, they are nothing more then co-workers… So I can never understand why they are supposed to have some deep love for the other members. It’s not like they even chose to be together, SM just tossed them together. I mean they’ve been together for a long time, so there has got to be some bonding just from spending time together, but there has to be just as many people that dislike eachother in there too….

      • don’t be shock if they will break up too

        dbsk who is known to be real tight and all close got separated, then its no brainer suju could be too

        they are just coworkers who look out for their own interests.

      • i don’t get where you’re going with this? even if they were to be tossed together, they are the best of friends. these ppl live together, train together and have over the training years and throughout their career shared almost all of their time together. sharing things and creating moments. bonding moments are a given, but friendship was inevitable. they might have disliked each other in the beginning, but they learn to live with each other. i mean, you say it like it’s super impossible for them to be actual friends.

        friendship requires loyalty and these guys are each other’s bestest of friends. i mean, how could loyalty not be involved? i mean, i do understand how them being together is their work but their friendship kept them there throughout all these years.

        friends have fights but at the end of the day they’re all still friends. i mean, if they weren’t loyal to each other, none of them woulda showed up to kangin’s army enlistment. nor would heechul bawl like a baby and would not let go of kangin during their fanmeet. if that aint loyalty, i dunno what loyalty is to you.

      • @ hanchoding

        Well they’re not “suppose” to love each other, it came naturally. Nobody force them to like each other.

        “but there has to be just as many people that dislike eachother in there too” <—– Wrong, some of them are only not close with each other, but it doesn't mean they dislike each other.

        @ naninoona

        Well said

  7. Only Heechul, Siwon, and maybe Leeteuk could survive without SuJu. And Leeteuk only because boy is a major @ss-kisser.

    • You are the world’s top @ss-kisser, so he is 2nd to you πŸ™‚

      • Well, if you think dissing Leeteuk = being an @ss-kisser, then you don’t like him as much as you thought. Either that, or you have no clue what that term means. Get with the lingo, dearie.

      • Leeteuk sacrificed a lot to get Suju known. Going on variety shows and like Heechul said on Strong Heart bowing like a fool to every sunbaes to make Suju look good. If “ass-kissing” as you put it, will do it then he will.

        It takes a good person to make sacrifices like that.

    • i agree. Yesung is a good singer but him outside suju. He will not survive.

      • Yesung’s OST song for Cinderella Sister won cyworld song of the month for April, I believe. Plus, it ranks higher on k-chart that Suju’s Bonamana.

        If anything, he has a good shot in going solo.

  8. Passage says: Shin PD then said, β€œYou sing well. Why are you in Super Junior? You will be successful if you leave Super Junior…” — Translations always seems offensive. This is not the first post I’ve read that it’s like this. Either one appears like he/she is a braggart or it’d be some offensive statements.

    On a lighter note, I admire Yesung’s loyalty to the group. In fact, all of them are. We can’t blame Hangeng, if you have read what treatment was he under whilst under SM, you’d know he isn’t left with much of a choice. I wouldn’t jump into conclusion that SM is a racist thus treated him differently, well, you judge for yourself. For Kangin, he’d be out in 2 years from the military so that’s not officially “leaving”. Ok, the last one — Kibum. Maybe he is the only one I’d say don’t hold much of a loyalty to SuJu. Or he doesn’t really cherish the times he has had with his band mates. I mean we can all see, right fro back then when they debuted in 2005. All of the other 12 (including Hangeng and Kangin who’s now left and temporarily-left respectively) are very close to each other. Except this boy, Kibum. I believe I’ve seen more than enough SuJu videos to judge. When they are eating, he is sitting one corner and didn’t join in much with their craziness and laughter. Well, maybe it’s because he’s the only one who studied abroad and has achieved an independent and serious mindset. I don’t know. We don’t know. But maybe it’s because he doesn’t mingle with them as much as any of the other members do, that’s why now, leaving (or temporary leaving I’m not sure) to prioritize acting is nothing too difficult for him. I believe if it’s any of the other members, they’d think twice. Because over the years, I believe all of them have gained some strong attachment in between each and everyone. I love Kibum too. I remember there was one scene in Full House whereby SuJu went to the English Village and Kibum was the only one who managed to get through without answering any questions but a killer smile. I thought, “This boy’s cute!”. And, he was only 18 then, back in 2006. But subsequently, I just don’t find him united with the rest. In the start, I didn’t really fancy Eunhyuk, but after awhile, I see him actively participating in every SuJu shows. And his personality shines. He isn’t afraid of anything. So I guess Kibum was the one that appealed to me initially, but Eunhyuk captured my heart thereafter with his funky personality. And not forgetting his amazing dance moves.

    Gosh, I don’t know why am I typing a blog post out of such a short passage! Haha, I guess I’m like too free now. So I wanted to type about how much I love SuJu and how united they are. Only Kibum I’d point out, who’s less united if we were to compare among them 13.

    Hehe, alright that’s all. πŸ˜€

    • I lol’ed @ the length of your comment

    • what exactly happened to kibum? his solo activities already ended and he was just spotted watching concerts and movies alone..

      • This is such a huge mystery to me because he was one of my early favorites when I first heard and saw SuJu. Where is he?

      • I heard Kibum is already out of Suju but SM won’t confirm it or else the only13 fans will go batshit crazy (considering that they protested when Henry and Zhoumi joined Suju -M).

        Just a rumor.

        If anything I really miss Kibum and his killer smile. But if he wants to act, it’s not my place to stop him.

    • I agreed with you..firstly when i saw SuJu..Kibum killer smile is the one that captured my smile..but then in the end..i love Eunhyuk oppa more than Kibum oppa..Eunhyuk oppa really have a good & great personality..i still love Kibum oppa..but then if only he change his attitude..i bet the other boys are missing him..

  9. aw~ love him<3

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