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4Minute, KARA, Big Bang and So Nyeo Shi Dae – August is the month of Japanese activities for Korean idols

Korean idols will heat up the Japanese music scene.

This August, several Korean idol teams will be releasing their albums in Japan and start their Japanese activities.

First we have 4Minute, they will be releasing their new single ‘IMMM’ on 28th July. The girls have headed over to Japan on 27th July. Already earlier in May, the girls released their debut Japanese single ‘Muzik’ and the single went up to the TOP 20 chart on Oricon.

Next will be KARA having their official Japanese debut on 11th August. The MV to their Japanese debut song ‘Mister’ was released on 28th July, and they have flown to Japan on the same day to Japan to prepare for their activities for the song. Currently the song is already moving up fast on Oricon charts.

Male idol group Big Bang will be releasing a new single ‘Beautiful Hangover’ on 25th August. After Dong Bang Shin Ki, Big Bang is said to be the next Korean newcomer singers to look out for debuting in Japan. They did an open concert on 26th July with the attendance of 8000 fans.

Also, there is So Nyeo Shi Dae who will be debuting in Japan with a showcase to be held in late August. And following the showcase, they will be releasing a debut single in September. There has been great interests on the group’s debut in Japan.

This August, we will be seeing more Korean singers in the Japanese music scene. And there are many speculations as to who will do better in the market. An entertainment management company representative said, “Regarding who will do better, it is not important. It is important for the Korean idols to throw away the competitiveness. Because currently in the Japanese music market, it is not about just liking one team but liking Kpop as a whole. It is not about just liking So Nyeo Shi Dae or just KARA, but rather ‘liking So Nyeo SHi Dae, KARA and 4Minute.'”

“It is not about who will do better, but it is about whether the Korean idols as a whole will be able to capture the Japanese music market.”


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  1. What’s with all these fanwars?
    Just be supportive with your favorite artist(s)/idol(s.. I’m pretty sure that is what they need, not their fans starting argument with another fan.

    I’m super excited for each group and wish them success 😀

  2. Only CD’s I noticed are the ones on the lower right side (next to ‘Canon’)… aren’t those 2NE1 mini-albums???

  3. since DBSK is gone !!!
    Big bang is #1 in japan..

    AKB48 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2NE1 + WG + kara+snsd+4min
    Jpop Rocks !!!

  4. SM is so ignorant those SNSD will be nothing only merely Morning Musume wannabes with less talent. 10,000 fan meeting HA as if anyone would go what are they gonna do pay for people to go? Or sell the tickets so Korean fans can fly to Japan to go? SNSD will be a FLOP

    • Well that was the same mindset people had when DBSK debuted in Japan. They did go through hardship, but it pays. People said SME is ignorant – debuting large group, entering Japan market bla bla.. but did SME fail? No they didn’t.

      If you looked back at SNSD’s past, it’s the same comment. SNSD is a FLOP because they weren’t as popular as WG that time, and the antis always bring them down. Even signing petition for them to disband. Now, where is SNSD? They’re everywhere.They’re loved in Korea. No one ever imagined SNSD will be the top girl group.

      Do you know SNSD already sold 10000++ korean album in Japan and entering Oricon chart (which is considered impossible for non-japanese album) without a single promotion? That’s why SNSD is anticipated in Japan. In fact their japanese fans majority are from females. It’s too early to judge them, aren’t we? yet we can’t expect them to succeed in short time.

  5. for me, i don’t think someone made it in japan until they get to do the opening song or ending song for an anime. the otaku fanbase in japan is huge.

    until bb or another korean artist is able to do that, i think that k-pop still has a long way to go.

  6. I should think 2NE1 will be going to Japan later this year or next year…

  7. AKB48 release there PV how can any korean girl group compete with this.

    • omg. I don’t think they can. For those who don’t like the completely slutty look, Japan have other girl groups who are less slutty.

    • There is no way anyone can compete with that as long as that is what the Jap people want in general for their girl groups. I just hope the Korean girl groups don’t fall prey and have to degrade themselves by resorting what the other J-pop girls do.

      Personally, I don’t think SNSD, Kara, 4minutes are going to Japan to sell 500,000+ amount of sales. I think they will be happy just to sell 100,000+ since Kara and 4minute hasn’t done it yet in Korea. SNSD is probably shooting for 200,000 since they sell close to that in Korea. I think all of them are just going over to Japan to get the feel of what is possible and to spread the word about their individual groups respectively.

      LMAO at all the trolls trying to start fan wars. It never fails.

      • no way SNSD, Kara, 4minutes can sell 100k they can only do 10,000 or 15,000 max only girl group in japan can sell 500,000 right now is AKB48 even there not there yet but there new song and PV i think they break 500,000 for the first time.

      • ^ wow..really? For this song. Japan sure got different taste. do you know any good song from them? 500 000+ is really alot.

      • @jie… I doubt SNSD will only sell 10000 -15000 with promotion. Their Oh album was sold 10000 already in japan without promotion at all n it’s korean album.

    • May be korean girls cannot compare slutty looks, but I srsly don’t like the song. I prefer kpop

  8. Everyone needs to STFU.Stop being annoying little bitches and start being realistic.

    In Japan no Korean artist is popular right now.Sorry VIP’s,I love the boys too but I have to be honest.DBSK doesn’t count either because they broke up.What’s popular right now is Arashi,Namie Amuro,and AKB48.

    It’s also really annoying how you’re all putting down the J-Pop scene as being untalented.They have many talented actors,dancers,composers,and singers.

    • i agree that Japan has many talented artists cos i myself listen to a lot of Japanese music especially J-rock. i don’t listen to artists from Johnny’s Ent though but i do adore the boys of Arashi and Kame as actors. i prefer listening to Kobukuro, Shibata Jun, Mika Nakashima, Chage and Aska and the likes of them. i believe that some of these people putting down the artists from Japan do not even listen to them.

      but i beg to differ on your view on Big Bang and DBSK. Big Bang is popular in Japan to a certain extent which is evident from the awards they received and the response to their concerts and live performances. as for DBSK, i believe they were and still is popular in Japan, though maybe not as big as Arashi or Exile. to say otherwise about these two groups is an understatement.

  9. Wow..i cant wait for that..i hope these group will get invited to join any of the variety show like Arashi shukudai, Cartoon KAT-TUN, Heyx3, Utaban..LOL

  10. If 2NE1 debutted in Japan, they’ll probably be more succesive than snsd. After all they are tge female big bang right?

    • you just added fuel to the fire.the sone’s are going to attack you 😦 Good luck sweetie~

    • Hmm no.

    • oh my goodness…is today a day for trolls or what…

    • Blackjack always take anything for granted… They don’t know hardships because everything is so easy for them… They are so spoiled.

      • HUh? i wonder what hardships do fans of other groups go through that BJs don’t? cannot afford to buy albuyms of their fav? couldn’t get their hands on their concert tix? having no opportunity to meet them? enlighten me please cos your statement doesn’t make sense.

      • ” They don’t know hardships because everything is so easy for them… They are so spoiled.” …… wow so is it our fault that 2NE1 was so popular after they debute? so is it our fault that 2NE1 didnt go through harships like your other fav groups ? what a jealous bitch just because 2NE1 didnt go through hardships like your fav group it means that we blackjacks are spoiled?..

      • yes it’s your fault because now you’re cocky and you show off too much.

    • Trolls will be trolls. 😦

      OT but I hate it when people describe their artists as the “female version”,”the next”, or “the new” anything.

      Don’t you want your artist’s to be unique and not a copy of something else that already exists?

      • well, what people call those artists are just mere expressions used by these people, not the artists themselves, for whatever reason. it’s just lame to judge the artists based on what those people label them. instead, you should judge them on what they bring to the table. that’s where you’ll see whether they are unique and not just like any other artists.

    • @Hmm: they may be called the female Big Bang by the media and all, but they are great artists in their own right. i believe if they are to debut in Japan or any other countries for that matter, they will succeed just because they are 2NE1 and not for any other reasons.

      a true fan of 2NE1 wouldn’t have never said that 2NE1 would succeed because of them being regarded or called the female Big Bang (cos we believe in our girls’ talent). i can sense that you deliberately made that comment to invite bashings against fans of 2NE1. you are without a doubt a troll.

      • typo … would’ve never said …

      • @Honestly, 2NE1 grabs people attention with their charisma and stage presence much better than the other 9 girls. And with similarities to bigbang, they’re more likely to get accepted by the japanese people. Im just speaking the truth so dont hate

    • If miss A debuts in Japan, they will pwn everybody! They already beat SUJU & Taeyang! AHAHAHAHAHA!! 2ne1 & SNSD got nothing on miss A. They don’t have half the talent miss A does. Both groups are plastic & ugly

      • maybe you should re-read what you’ve written cos you sound stupidly desperate for attention. poor Miss A for having someone like you carrying their group name as username.

      • Popularity in Korea as of now, SNSD >>>>2NE1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Miss A

      • Do you guys know, you should be thankful that the companies didn’t screw up your favourite groups? What if DBSK Jaejoong is in SuJu, and Shindong is in DBSK. What if SNSD Yoona is in 2NE1 instead of your fave Minzy? What if WG SooHee is in Miss A instead on Min? What if 2PM Taecyoon is in Big Bang instead of GD?

        So now you gonna say they’re fated to be together? Now you believe in fate huh? So can you just believe that whatever happened is a fate? Stop going around bashing others. Well, if you’re still going to keep it, go ahead. You’re just fated to be ill-mannered I guess. and remember what goes around comes around.

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  11. Fans war here
    and there the idols are all friends. They debut in japan in the same time it means they’ll do it together 4minute,kara and snsd are friends and i’m sure they’ll support each other. So why you guys waste your time to argue for nothing here. Just wish the best of luck, i think it’s more precious.

  12. “It is not about who will do better, but it is about whether the Korean idols as a whole will be able to capture the Japanese music market.”

    obviously most of you NEVER got to the end of the article. as usual with stupid trolls who can’t comprehend too much big words like these. it’s why trolls are idiots really. they never seem to be able to finish what they’re reading. read one sentence and already they’re itching to troll.

    i thought this article would bring fandoms together because it’s such a nice article. such a sweet comment by the representative, but ignorant idiots will be ignorant idiots i can do nothing abt it.

    • Thanx god. I was reading through and looking for this sentences:
      “It is not about who will do better, but it is about whether the Korean idols as a whole will be able to capture the Japanese music market.”

      See, Korean proud! Bet your fave artist is not as selfish as you are.

  13. I don’t know how people on the internet who never been to Japan can say things like “BB is SO popular in Japan right now”
    Look, I live in here in Tokyo. Big Bang is like…just another Korean imported artist in Japan. That’s the general attitude you would hear on the street about them too. “Oh another korean group *roll eyes*”

    Most of you guys are talking like they are #1 in Japan or something. They’re not.
    I can tell you what’s hot in Japan and it’s not Big Bang sorry.

    I’m not an antifan or anything. I’m just saying (as a person who live in Tokyo) that Big Bang has a loooonnngg way to go. They’re not “famous” in Japan yet.

    • but even if they aren’t as phenomenally famous as the local artists or even DBSK at their prime, at least they are garnering intense interests from them in general. they’ve gotten awards, they’re featured on TV shows, collaborated with two of their largely well-known artists, and a lot of top celebrities acknowledge them and enjoy their music enough to actually GO to their concert. i think that deserves a right to be called “SO popular” no? maybe not by your standards, but to their fans, it’s an achievement, however small you think they are. we’re only being hopeful and ambitious. nothing wrong with that^^

      so even tho they’re not HUGE and dominating the japanese music scene or anything, they can still be considered “SO popular” because they still manage to attract enough attention from their big names to prove it. we don’t have to live in japan. some of us, including me, follow the japanese music scene pretty closely and we know enough to say thet they’re pretty big considering they’re foreigners. otherwise they wouldn’t have sold out concerts in japan, right?

    • really???
      do you read the newspapers or the mags there? as a person who live far away from japan why there i saw so many news *GOOD news* about them on the newspaper and mags, isn’t that as a prove of their popularity???

    • well maybe to you they are not popular but to us VIPS they are … Bigbang achevied so much stuff in Japan in 1 year and we VIPs are very proud of them already.. Bigbang only debuted in Japan for 1 year ofcourse they have a long way to go but as of rightnow counting all the awards,show,concert,and etc i myself consider that as popular i dont care what other people think it is my opinion anyways ……

    • I personally look at BB in terms of how well they’re doing after just a year out. I’m a big fan but I don’t think they’re HUGE in Japan but I think they’ve been successful considering they’ve only been out a year. People keep saying ‘oh, BB is not big in Japan like DBSK is/was’ but I don’t understand how people would expect them to be. DBSK came out in Japan like 4 years ago, BB came out last year. I think they’ve been pretty successful.

    • okay , so they’re not #1 in japan . we’re not saying they are -__- we’re just saying that as korean artists they’re doing tremendously well in japan after debuting for what ? a year ago? i think that for koreans , big bang’s success in japan really influenced many artists like the girl groups that are getting ready to debut … i dont know what famous means to you , but to me , you’re famous when you have 8000 fans in attendance & making headlines and appearing in magazines … they might not be #1 in japan , but its only their first year after all and they’ve accomplished SO MUCH . so yeah , i guesss i would say that they’re famous , but who said they were #1 in japan ? maybe you’re misinterpreting some of the VIPs . we’re all just super excited that they’re doing great in japan for a korean group … are they #1 there ? no , but give them some more time & i’m sure that YOU will be able to admit that they’re “famous” . they’re getting there , idk if they’ll be #1 in japan , but i do know that they’ll be quite successful . but i’m already happy with all they’ve accomplished in japan :’) its funny that you say they have a looooooong way to go . they’ve already been so well received & even got awards for their first year in japan , so i have no idea what you’re talking about …. are you sure you’re living in japan ? LOL , are maybe you’re just a hater . whatever , i know the truth . and the truth is big bangs doing quite well in japan , otherwise they wouldnt have the 8000 fans in attendance, which also happens to be the most in history, at the Mezamashi Live event …..

  14. Okey, so I’m not from japan and I don’t know what japanes people like or how the music industry is working there, but please stop compare SNSD to BB and stop compare DBSK to BB okey? And all the people that are writing that SNSD (and 4minute & KARA) will succed in Japan and they will love them blablabla, do you all live in japan? No I don’t think so, so how can you write about stuff you don’t know? To be honest I belive that 4minut will the the girl group that will succed the most, I really hope that KARA and SNSD will succed to, but I can’t really tell because I DON’T LIVE IN JAPAN OKEY! And all the people that are fighting please stop you probably don’t live in japans so you don’t know anyting!

  15. You people starting all the fanwars. Jesus Christ, the Japanese music industry is big enough for EVERYONE of them to do well, and harsh enough for EVERYONE of them to fail.

    IF SNSD becomes successful, it doesn’t mean Kara or 4min won’t, and vice versa. So what the hell are you all doing arguing about who’s going to beat who? If your idol does well, then great, if they don’t then there’s always another chance.

    I can’t for the life of me understand why so many of you try to belittle other idols just to make your own idols look good.

    Anyway, good luck to all of them, and I hope that the idols you dislike becomes the biggest 🙂

  16. ‘Because currently in the Japanese music market, it is not about just liking one team but liking Kpop as a whole. It is not about just liking So Nyeo Shi Dae or just KARA, but rather ‘liking So Nyeo SHi Dae, KARA and 4Minute.’”
    “It is not about who will do better, but it is about whether the Korean idols as a whole will be able to capture the Japanese music market.’

    that’s very well said. this is why i love sookyeong!

  17. Hope they’ll all have a success while being in japan… but i hope they’ll return to korea too X.x

  18. lol these articles always cause fan war

  19. Oh my gosh, can you guys seriously just stop comparing all of the groups?
    WTF is SNSD vs TVXQ and Big Bang, SNSD vs AKB48, TVXQ vs Big Bang.
    Seriously, just enjoy the fucking music and stop being butthurt.
    SNSD didn’t even debut in Japan yet, and already stuff like this happens. Geez. You guys don’t deserve to call yourselves Sones, Cassies, VIPs, etc.

    PS. How exactly is SNSD slutty? Is wearing short shorts considered slutty? Half the freakin’ world wears short shorts. Is wearing short t-shirts that don’t cover your belly button slutty as well?
    Just so you know, a lot of girl groups wear those clothes and don’t get bashed but when SNSD does it, all of a sudden it’s a controversy. -______-
    Get over yourselves and simply ignore a group if you dislike them.

  20. SNSD sells sex just like most girl group out there. They wear hot pants and tight little tops, even during winter in Korea. They show off their bodies, but act innocent. I don’t have a problem with female artists being sexy, I have a problem with fans blindly denying that SNSD uses sex to sell records and garner fans (male or female).

    • lol don’t copy and paste such stuffs from STAND and post it on here girl 🙂 there’s also talents and personalities that draw fans into them. I really hate the double standard girls when they go drooling over their oppas’ chocolate-abs and bitch on girl groups when they show some skin tsk tsk and this is coming from a fangirl =)

    • If SNSD sex sells just by showing their legs, then I wonder what KARA’s butt dance, Hyunah’s sexy dances or even CSJH’s provocative choreographies sell…

    • @LOL don’t make me laugh! Did you see KARA and 4Minute wearing tight shorts to the point where their butt cheeks are showing like SNSD?LOL SNSD is PORN!

    • sex sells duh and for male too. What the fuck did Taeyang did lifting his shirt all the time – chocolate abs for girls to drool over? WTH did GD do at his concert – demonstrate sex on stage. WTF did Yunho DBSK did with pole dance? WTF did idol boy groups go HALF-NAKED with their shirt away? Those are sex materials. so stop blaming on the girls only when the boys are equally the same. Are you blind? Seriously tired of this sex comments that only bashing on women, while guys are not better.


  22. teletubbies will rock all your sucky groups!

  23. looks like k bites is being invaded by ignorant sones already…

    • As always when snsd is mentionned.

    • lol I think they’re newbie fans to Kpop and please anyone can pretend to be someone else to bash on other groups since this is anonymous and there’s no way that we can know that person is a real fan or not 😀 and yes I see you in almost SNSD articles and bitch on them so yeah there’s no surprise that you’re now bashing them…again lmao

    • @wtv wtf are u talking about ? i dont go to every snsd article and bitch on them…. cant help that 12345 is a popular name to use…… and plzz i was just saying that k bites is being invaded by ignorant sones i didnt bash on SNSD at all… learn how to read properly b4 acting liek you noe everything.,.. and guess what your one of those ignorant sones that replys to every comment thats bashing your dear SNSD….

      • *yawns* yup I guess that 12345 is such a popular name to use that the person has the same style of writing/bashing 🙂 and nope I didn’t reply to every comment that bashing on my dear SNSD 🙂

    • there are many ignorant people like you too.

      • you mad ?

        did you really saw all the stupid fanwar ?

        oh no sorry… you’re part of it.

    • @12345 well u noe they could be trolls that want to make SNSD look bad …..but in this article it is not exactly the sones that is being ignorant it is mostly the haters/trolls that kept saying bad stuff about SNSD…… honestly as a sones myself most sones are very nice and well mannered i mean they dont say nonsense stuff … but ofcourse there are some other hardcore ones…..

      • most sones are very nice and well mannered- LOL. Remember DC’08 just before the black ocean happened.

      • @Anonymous: lol just eat whatever Stand’s feeding you 🙂

    • KBITES changed a lot

  24. tohoshinki is on a different level from all these korean groups mentioned. tohoshinki is already known as a JAPANESE group. they’ve made their mark. while bigbang and these girl groups are still KOREAN groups, they are foreign artists. so there’s no use in comparing thsk to korean groups now.

  25. Well I agree, even though can’t deny that their looks are a great weapon too. They are way more talented than many Japanese girl groups. So they have the looks and the talent, but I don’t know to what extend talent interests the Japanese audience…

    SNSD never showed as much skin as AKB48 shows, and SNSD never did that kind of stuff. SM will never let them wear bikinis even in Japan. I think girls in Japan love them because they aren’t too extreme like AKB48. I mean, they are very young, they have that so innocent concept while they do stuff like this this 4.bp.blogspot.com/_5rppSVxP3gQ/TEZ-zyy1SXI/AAAAAAAACwk/_ie9qSf8B20/s320/75200_20mai00253398_122_141lo.jpg and pose like this picroda.jphip.com/akb48/jphip25838.jpg …

    • Dude you joking? SNSD shows more skin during live performances than AKB84 will ever do. AKB84 barely shows skin on live. I haven’t even seen their thighs.

      • And in MV they are barely naked. We’ve never seen so much skin on SNSD. Thank you for trying to comment when you obviously don’t want to admit the truth.

    • Are you kidding? SNSD is already being “conservative” in Korea. Imagine what they will do in Japan. HA!

    • Hypocrisy at its best! I can’t believe how some SNSD fans can bash and call Japanese idols slut when SNSD is known for having ahjussi fans and criticized a lot for having short skirts..

  26. well to me i think SNSD will succed in Japan because i dont htink any other korean gril groups are their competition yet…. and Soshi dont sell their body to attract their fans unlike those slutty group AK42893 whatever, they use their talents and skills… and i think SNSD’s popularity in Japan can almost beat Bigbang cuz i dont think Bigbang is that popular in Japan while Soshi is welcomed by some many Japanese actor,singer,and comedian already….. Aynways Soshi Hwating!

    • gosh do you even read BB article before? Never mind. Glad to hear that SNSD is welcomed by many celebrities. See if they can grap some awards like BB did last year.

    • “Soshi dont sell their body to attract their fans ” LOL I almost thought u weren’t joking.
      BB not popular? I guess u didn’t saw the list of celebrities who went to their Japanese concerts.

    • Such ignorant and bias comment. I seriously hate people like you.

      Big Bang has been enormously popular among Japanese celebrities and back in February, during their Electric Love tour, more than 30 of the biggest names in the industry attended their concerts. The list included Nakashima Mika, Koda Kumi, Matsuura Aya, Exile’s Akira and Maki-dai, Speed’s Eriko Imai, Perfume’s Ayaka Nishiwaki, Broadcaster Shiho Watanabe, Morning Musume’s Tanaka Reina, AKB48′s Umeda Ayaka and Sato Yukari, Ittara, Erena Mizusawa, Chinatsu Wakatsuki, Asami, Maeda Atsuko, Kasai Tomomi, Takahashi Minami and many more.

      Read more: Big Bang Haven: [News] Wakatsuki Chinatsu: “They「BigBang」are my reason for living” http://bigbanghaven.blogspot.com/2010/07/news-wakatsuki-chinatsu-theybigbangare.html#ixzz0uzhSxrFY

      And during the Asia-Pacific Global Tolerance with Music 2010 festival, 15,000 (limit) Japanese VIPs were there to watch them.

    • and speaking of your so called slutty group “AKB48” they can eat your sushi in to pieces in terms album sales,popularites,and fanbase…. “and Soshi dont sell their body to attract their fans unlike those slutty group AK42893 whatever, they use their talents and skills” your your kidding right? Soshi dont sell their body? can you tell me what world do u live in? and spaeking of talents and skills SNSD have none just saying…

    • obviously you know zlich about Big Bang and what they’ve achieved in Japan so far and yet you talk like you know it all. bleh …

    • wow , reading all of this is way too funny . i really hate it when people dont get their facts straight before they start saying stuff … and to say that big bang is not that popular in japan . reallly ? an article came out the other day , saying that there were 8000 fans who showed up for their Odaiba Mezamashi Live event & its the biggest crowd in HISTORY . i really dont think that snsd will be more popular than big bang since big bang has been doing really well over there , but i guess i can’t say anything yet . in fact , i doubt any of the girl groups will be able to become more famous than big bang in japan …. welll , best of luck to all the girl groups .. but even after they all debut , idt anyone’ll be able to tell the VIPs that any one of the girl groups are more popular than big bang . BIG BANG FIGHTING ! honestly , i’m not a fan of snsd so lets see what they’ll be able to accomplish in japan .

    • Just because allkpop or others sites only post SNSD news don’t mean that the other groups aren’t as successful as SNSD in Japan.
      I’m not fan of Big Bang but seeing their list of awards last year and especially the “best newcomer award” already proves they are quite successful.
      And KARA first showcase welcomes about 7000 persons and ticket sold out in only 10minutes and they launched their fanclub with 8000 japaneses fans. And like SNSD, some japanese celebrities are also waiting for their debut (not only Gekidan).
      I just want to say that SNSD may be anticipating in Japan but it was the same with Big Bang or KARA.

  27. big ban has already taken over the japanese music field. They went over there got activities for a long time now it’s without a doubt big bang will do the best afterall they have already a whole album and songs in Japanese plus they can speak Japanese

    • ‘plus they can speak Japanese’


      Taeyang can speak Japanese.

      • lool I agree.

        So “plus SNSD can speak Japanes” since Sooyoung can speak Japanese. 🙂

      • umm taeyang,Seungri,and daesung call alll speak japanese if u dont noe abotu them then STFU….

      • Yes, Tae Yang, Seungri, and Daesung can all speak Japanese very well.

      • SeunRi can speak Japanese very well? mmkay..

      • You don’t even know how to spell his name. Clearly, you also wouldn’t know how good his japanese is.

      • Typo, darling. I know Big Bang very well. They’re one of my favorite male groups actually.

        But I’m not gonna sit here and say they can speak Japanese when only one member is fluent and two of them can’t speak the language at all.

      • what the **** are u talking you said u noe them very well ?… do u even watch/read their japanese interviews? if u do i dare you to say that seungri and daesung cant speak the language at all… even top and g dragon understand a little bit of japnese…

      • ^ Are you still following BB? SR can speak jap very well now…may be even better than Taeyang. Dae also can speak.

      • Well then, I guess you need to learn more.

        The three vocalists “can” speak japanese. Daesung and Seungri may not be able to speak japanese fluently but they still “can”.

      • @hottesttime: well, whatever. the fact that they are not so fluent in Japanese does not seem to hinder their growing popularity in Japan at all. their talent and charisma are good enough to gain them fans there.

      • @Anna lol no. Sr’s japanese is not better than ty’s.

      • I wasn’t talking about SeungRi and Daesung ffs. I was talking about GD and TOP.

      • haha you make me laugh if you know big bang very well you will know how seung ri spell and you will now that seung ri , taeyang and daesung speak very well japanese

      • that was a typo, I know how to spell his name, tyvm.

      • @hottestime: you idiot. you’re no VIP. seungri CAN speak japanese and IS now better than taeyang. you COMPLETELY underestimate his ability to learn things very fast. this boy is a quick learner. YG choreographers say he’s the fastest to pick up choreography and their language tutors say he’s the one who knows more japanese words than taeyang.

        their ELT concert proved just how FLUENT he is speaking japanese and recent mezamashiTV features show him speaking japanese so fluently that he’s able to tell jokes and the camera crew and show host actually jokes with him.

        lol. so stop making a fool of yourself. if BB is one of your favorite groups then we’re embarassed to be associated with someone as ignorant as you.

        p/s: TOP and GD can speak japanese. but at a very beginner’s level and they need help understanding what they’re saying. they’re getting there. mind you, TOP and GD are the two most busy members in BB so they don’t have as much time to practice but they try whenever they can. geez. =__=”

        taeyang got to be as fluent as he is now because he’s been taking japanese lessons ever since he signed with YG unlike others who only picked up the language for their japanese debut.

      • @naninoona

        I don’t think Seungri is actually more fluent than Taeyang but is just more comfortable speaking. I’ve watched BB in japan and Taeyang is still the one everyone goes to when they have difficulties explaining thing but Seungri is a LOT more comfortable mcing than Taeyang. Taeyang always looked like he spoke only because he had to.

  28. Hopefully SNSD or Kara or 4Minute won’t have to resort to the type of fan service that current Japanese famale idols do, just to become popular or maintain that popularity.

    A few might not know, but Japan’s female idol-dom is filled with photobooks with bikini and lingerie shots all-over and such. It’s almost like a rite of passage over there. These keep the wotas happy and very willing to open their wallets.

    Although, as a guy, I wouldn’t complain one bit and would love it if they released such photobooks, I do hope it’s not something they HAVE to do, just to gain or maintain popularity.

    And lastly, any of these girl groups’ success will be like a double edged sword to us kpop fans. The more successful they are in Japan, the less you will see them in Korea. I don’t know about you, but 1 album every 2 years seems like an eternity of waiting.

    • As long as their Japanese songs are great, I don’t mind. But it rarely is.

    • Truthfully, I can’t imagine these korean girl groups resorting to bikini and lingerie photoshoots to become popular. If they do that, I think they’ll lose whatever respect they’ve earned in Korea, and I think that’s a risk that they are not willing to take. Unless they plan on staying in Japan for the rest of their lives and being active there…

    • @jlongs: i wish they won’t have to resort to that too. i know it’s alot riding on their backs, but if they succeed even without those type of fanservice, it’ll pave way to a more reasonable method to success. i’ve seen those photobooks. some look cheap and some are tasteful and artsy. either way, i hope they all do great. the hallyu wave isn’t as prominent in japan as it is in other asian countries, but all this is looking up. we’ll see what happens.

      and abt the 1 album every 2 yrs thing?? lol. you’ll survive. VIPs have done it. we are STILL waiting for a korean comeback and it’s 4months shy of hitting the 3 year mark. imagine what torture it is for us. but you’ll be fine. the others are abt to get a taste of how we VIPs feel. add to that the fact that BIGBANG doesn’t go on shows as much like others do in the first place so it’s even worse for us.

      i can only wish them all the luck.

  29. SNSD, KARA and 4minute pick the wrong time to debut AKB48 is releasing there new song at the same time check out there MV teaser girls wearing only lingerie having a pillow fight and kissing its other i think they will sold a 1 million album this time or close to a million.

    • LOL Serious?? I didn’t know about how vulgar girl idols in Japan are…
      But SNSD will release their single in Sept not august.

      • vulgar compared to korea but you just don’t know how wide these groups’ ranges are. they dominate in every imaginable field in the entertainment industry there. so no it’s not all abt posing in bikinis and shit even tho they do that for d most part.

      • Nobody wants SNSD to equall AKB48, for god’s sake. They can be successful without surpassing them.

    • Snsd will make it, just like they did it in Korea; sucking lollipop, pillow fights, short shorts/ skirts…

    • To be exact…only KARA will have to face AKB48 because they are the only who will release their single and promote in august. 4minute is promoting in july while SNSD will only debut in september.
      KARA JJang ! I know they won’t be able to beat AKB48 but I just hope they would do well and it will already a good achievement.

  30. […] 4Minute, KARA, Big Bang and So Nyeo Shi Dae – August is the month of Japanese activities for Korean idols (via K Bites) 07/28/2010 dyehlah Leave a comment Go to comments Korean idols will heat up the Japanese music scene. This August, several Korean idol teams will be releasing their albums in Japan and start their Japanese activities. First we have 4Minute, they will be releasing their new single 'IMMM' on 28th July. The girls have headed over to Japan on 27th July. Already earlier in May, the girls released their debut Japanese single 'Muzik' and the single went up to the TOP 20 chart on Oricon. Next will be KA … Read More […]

  31. it is stupid how people compare snsd with dbsk or bigbang…
    we already know that boys group will always have more fans than girls group…plus both dbsk and bb are like huge in both korean and japan compare to other korean boys group…

    but it would be amazing if snsd can surpass both the sunbae..
    wait for that to happen….

  32. I always tought that korean girl group will be treated hard than boy group in japan. Like what happen to CSJH and even 4minute start good but they still not in top 10 oricon chart.
    But music in japan is more variated, they’re not just involved in idol like korean did.
    They variate from folk, electro and viskei. And all above is well appreciated.
    The korean grup must work hard to achieve some name in japan

  33. To the above posters, there’s no use comparing BB and the girl groups. They’re targeted at different audiences and they have achieved a lot already that I’m sure they’re happy with. They’ve managed to balance their solo careers in Korea with their group career in Japan and that’s a big thing since no other group has had to do that. Plus their music is so not mainstream j-pop and im glad for that lol

    Anyway, I wish all the girl groups luck coz they’ll need it. I’m personally waiting to see what SNSD has to bring to the table. I’ve always wanted to see how Japan would respond to them for some reason. I hope they give AKB48 a run for their money someday ahahaha doubt it though xD Too many die-hard Wota’s to go against.

    • But what I’m liking right now is how most SNSD fans or those who are interested in SNSD are females, in Japan. In fact a Japanese sone said that the majority of sones there are females.
      Let’s see who wins fangirls or wotas… LMAO
      Even SCANDAL’s leader Haruna Ono likes SNSD.
      Saki Fukuda n many other…
      The biggest irony is 3 AVEX female artists like SNSD.

      N es, it’s pointless to compare BB n girl groups. i honestly like the way BB promoted there. This is why I’m happy to hear SNSD joining Universal coz that company is brave enough to pay big bucks for rookies unlike AVEX who will force the rookie to stay there long ass years with small budget even with no success like the poor CSJH.

      • Universal is filthy rich that’s why they can easily take risks unlike AVEX. I say its partially CSJH’s fault for choosing AVEX.

      • Avex > UMJ.

      • Hum I actually think it’s riskier to choose Nayutawave Records. If you check their artist list, you’ll see that there are only one or two popular artists.

        There are a lot more signed under Avex.

      • A lot more signed in Avex n it’s bigger company than UMJ but it’s sucks in promoting girl group. See how fail CSJH was??
        N I doubt SM would want AVEX to stab their back again by taking away its artist. Yeah, I’m talking about JYJ. Their business partnership is over.

        Signing with UMJ is better. SNSD can still maintain their activities in korea. AVEX always demanded allocation for the singers. They’ll have to stay long ass years in Japan with no guarantee of success, at the same time they’ll be gone with the wind in korea. That was what happened exactly to the poor but talented CSJH.

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  34. Agree with what the representative said. But somehow I feel that BB will never achieve the success that DBSK has. Don’t get me wrong. I like BB more than DBSK. May be even SNSD will pawn BB in japan.

    • It’s not important though… DBSK’s success is incredible, Big Bang is already very successful the way it is… I’m proud of these two.

      I hope SNSD will be as successful as these two seniors but they will have to work hard.

    • SNSD got no chance in Japan if they don’t do fanservice like what other Japanese girl group do like Bikini shoots kiss is other where mini skirt if they do that wotas will follow them music alone is not enough to be popular in Japan.

      • nahh soshi don’t need to do all that in order to be popular or attract more fans…
        even now without any promotion yet in japan they already have many followers especially from the female fans…
        there are a lot of male/female celebrities and singers in japan that post on their blogs about snsd…
        isn’t it excited.???

      • SNSD doesn’t need that. In fact J-sones are mostly female. LMAO
        In japan, SNSD are different with the female idols there. Female idols there who attract most male fans are teens and they’re more cute than beautiful or mature.

        SNSD is far more mature n they’re all adults. I honestly don’t really get some Japanese males n their obsessions towards teens.

      • ^isn’t it almost the same for some ajhussi fans?

        it’s kind of irritating how some kpop fans could get dismissive/a bit judgmental with pop culture there in japan.

      • yup..female’s japan group do bikini scene..go watch akb48..

    • @wow HELL NO WAY SNSD WILL PAWN BB. BB have already achieve some success in Japan. There’s no way, snsd pawns BB. Afterall, SNSD have to compete with KARA & 4minute so there’s no way SNSD will pawn BB.

    • Snsd are trash in Japan! They are trying to bring their cheap whore-like moves to Japan as well? So Sorry but they will FAIL! I think Kara has more chance. And i don’t even like them that much>:)) BB is much better! They will pawn the plastic generation!ROFL

      • SNSD are NOTHING, they have no change up against Morning Musume and AKB48.

      • so true,
        actually all of these girl groups will be trashed by AKB48 and Morning Masume, they are nothing compared to the japanese girl groups

      • Morning Musume used to be successful but not anymore…

      • ^yeah and these girl groups should be thankful about it because there’s lesser competition. lol. AKB48 is still there, plus a gamut of their sub groups.

        but i have a feeling that snsd will suprise ppl in a good way so.

      • SNSD will win…fighting !!! Antis go to the Hell !!!

      • @Sone keep dreaming!!! They will never be successful in Japan. Sure they have female fans and not so many male fans because Japanese men don’t like the plastic generation! They like 4minute and Kara more!! Even 2NE1 who hasn’t joined the competition yet is much more famous than them in Japan.ROFL So you can suck it. Go to hell loser!

      • Well you’ll see. When SNSD will be successful, you’ll come cry, like antis always do since SNSD’s debut and road to fame.

      • Please please don’t bring 2NE1 here. If the group name is in, it will be like wild fire, not in a healthy way. SNSD vs other girl groups or jap girl group is still ok. And don’t come and bark me also.

      • @LOL me cry? Maybe you’ll cry because you will realise that once they debut in Japan, their career is over. Many japanese will throw eggs and urine at them while singing on stage. So wrong loser! You will cry! Not me.ROFL

      • Haha I don’t think I’ll cry. SNSD is not my whole life like you…

      • @LOL you’re such a hypocrite. You obviously answering each and every comment from antis is enough proof that you live for your precious 9 plastics!!LOL

      • Your own comment applies to yourself rofl.

    • Huh? Say what? LOL.

    • Big Bang is already very successful in Japan. Big Bang has no intention of taking over what DBSK left. I mean let’s face it, DBSK is gone. There’s only JYJ and there’s no way they’ll be able to maintain their place with just the three of them. The new topper among the korean groups will be Big Bang. Although they still do not have the same success as DBSK did, they continue to garner attention from the Japanese community as well as the Japanese music industry.

      As for the girl groups, I have nothing to say but good luck because there are many other girl groups in Japan. Don’t think for a second they’ll leave the people they understand for a couple of foreigners. You know it took soo loooong for DBSK to be that successful in Japan. Don’t get me wrong I also said this when Big Bang was about to debut into the Japanese music industry.

      “It is not about who will do better, but it is about whether the Korean idols as a whole will be able to capture the Japanese music market.” This quote very well sums up what they all have to do to receive the attention they all deserve. There is no such thing as idols in Japan. All singers in Japan are “artists”. This means each and every single member from those 3 groups will have to leave all that “being an idol” stuff behind in Korea and act professionally in Japan. They will have to forget competition and become professionals to attract people. If anything, they should all work together instead of competing with each other.

      • FYI.. there are idols in Japan.. but not as many as Korean Idols.

        AKB48 is an idol group.. the same with Morning Musume and Arashi…

    • Honestly I feel that tohoshinki and big bang will never achieve the success that Arashi and the others Johnny’s Boys have.

      • well, if you’re talking about success in Japan, maybe you’re quite right there. but frankly speaking, i’d rather listen to the music of Big Bang and DBSK (though not a big fan) and watch them perform than those Johnny boys in that video (though i love MatsuJun, Nino and Kame). i’m also glad that they are also different than those boys in the way they promote their music and themselves.

  35. I have faith the Korean wave will invide Japan ! I hope they will all be successful to prove haters that these groups can be successful as well.

  36. i whoeheartedly agree with what the representative said!
    well put!

  37. they all sign to the same Japanese company right?

    • I think they are under Universal or something like that..

      I heard BigBang is really huge in japan.. and since TOHOSHINKI broke up.. Big Bang is #1 !!!!!

      • Totally agree with you…
        nowadays BIGBANG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> tohoshinki

        G-Dragon-T.O.P-SOL-D-Lite-V.I jjang<33333

      • ROFL hahaha sorry but bigbang is nothing in japan.
        DBSK PWNS everyone there 😀


      • ARASHI >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>< thsk + big bang

      • VIPS are really funny XP
        BB will never be as successful as DBSK in Japan.

        Big Bang SUCKS!

      • keep dreaming cassies. DBSK is gone !!!!!

      • Lol always keep the faith. They are not getting back together EVER. Dbsk/thsk is finished. they are already separed, it’s now jyj vs homin. Just accept the fact that they are OVER FOREVER!

      • Tohoshinki guys are only pretty faces. Big bang boys are more talented and people love them anywhere they go.

        BiG BaNg, all the way !!
        Goodbye dbsk !!

      • Just because they’re ugly it makes them more talented ? Tohoshinki’s got the looks and the talent. Big Bang “only” has the talent.

      • VIPz keep dreaming!!! ROFL
        tohoshiki oppas are the best in Jpop. even arashi is trash compared to them.

        big bang should stay in korea. they are not as talented as thsk and bb songs are boring.

      • agree with 121.. ARASHI = Japan
        YJY never will be like Arashi and about big bang, they are crap.

    • I think is Universal Music.
      well Big Bang has gotten so popular in Japan. I hope they and their fans never lose the fact that TVXQ paved their way in the JPop industry.

      • Agree. I guess Japanese are now more open to foreign celebrities, big bang sure have it lucky, to think DBSK worked hard for a few years to enjoy their successes in japan…

      • yeah, Big bang did do something truly grand in japan. ruined their music with autotuned crud like gara gara go and ora yeah.
        and btw DBSK was the one who started off from underground. they were literally unknown when they started and had to actually work their way up.

      • well too bad DBSK is breaking up guess that only leaves big bang LOL

      • Awww look at all these cassies coming out telling evryone how other kpop groups owes evrything to dbsk.

      • it’s hilarious how you people keep on harping that over and over again for so many times. well, i guess that’s because you have nothing else now to harp on about your fav. a pity.

        by the way, Big Bang has gotten popular because they are talented and charismatic, not because of some related boy group. they owe nothing to anyone except themselves, YG and the family and their fans.

      • … some UNRELATED boy group …

      • HELL NO WAY Big bang WILL PAWN DBSK.

        AKTF, DBSK jjang!

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        Tell me what you want
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        I want to make you say it baby now

        Tell me what you want
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      • when I read the eng trans.. it’s like i read some.. porn.
        WTF junsu??? sex sells -___________-

      • “I keep looking for the secret syrup.” and “I’m about to come because of your wavering voice”
        what a sexual song.

      • omfg junsu the lyrics he wrote are totally sexual..
        I know sex sells but ughhhh.

      • Holy moly Junsu song is PORN! :O

    • damn I get so embarrass when fans act like this…both wannabe VIPz and Cassies…damn man why can’t some people just get along and stop bringing down the names of BIGBANG and DBSK, VIPz and CASSIES.

      just think these immature people who claims themselves to be VIPz and Cassies as trolls or something cuz whenever I see comments like “BB>>>DBSK” or “DBSK>>>BB” it’s really embarrassing!!!

      thick headed fans…note I don’t mean all VIPz and Cassies, I only mean the immature ones who think their all that and feel so insecure about their group that they have to bring other’s down…this goes for every fandom out there

      • Seriously. If you’re ever going to try to appreciate kpop, you do it with an open mind/heart. Otherwise it just causes unwanted confusion in potential fans, people who don’t know any better. They hear all this bullshit about so and so and assume that they shouldn’t like them for this or that reason, but thats totally unfair to prevent providing someone the opportunity to truly indulge and enjoy kpop….

        And dammit, it isn’t even all kpop. It should be Korean music… but I guess it still is a lot of Pop music…… ㅠㅠ

        Regardless, both DBSK and Big Bang are great.
        You’d be beyond retarded to not realize that.
        But DBSK & BOA! paved the way for Koreans to enter the Japanese Pop music Industry. Why Pop music? Because, there are many Korean trot singers who already have successful fanbases in Japan, before SM Entertainment was around……….

        But seriously, bashing a fandom is like bashing someone’s religion or parents. Really, don’t do it.
        That just underscores how stupid you are.

      • honestly BB>>>>>>>>>>>>>DBSK
        everybody knows that. Japan loves BB.

      • AKB48n PWNS thsk + bb + Kara + snsd + 4minute
        This is Jpop!

    • Cassies are LOSERS hahaha
      DBSK Sucks !!!!

      BB is VIP. BB Daebak !!!!

      • sorry but Tohoshinki is on a different level.
        big bang is just a joke (esp Gdragon)

      • lol. this imposter again. you do know you’re not fooling anyone right? piss off idiot.

    • Kawaii !!! honto kawaii..
      ❤ AKB48 Gambatte ❤

  38. sookyeon씨 please chk your seung ri with sign cd of new girl group news.
    It’s wrong translation. Please chk another news media or watching 강심장.

    • “Big Bang will be releasing a new single ‘Beautiful Hangover’ on 25th August. After Dong Bang Shin Ki, Big Bang is said to be the next Korean newcomer singers to look out for debuting in Japan.”
      omo cant wait to see them in ANAN MAGAZINE like Johnny’s Boys.

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