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BoA reveals new ballad song ‘Stand By (옆사람)’

The ballad song ‘Stand By (옆사람)’  off BoA’s upcoming 6th comeback album ‘Hurricane Venus’.

Ahead of this, she also revealed the song ‘Game‘. She will be revealing the title song ‘Hurricane Venus’ next.

Love it or not?


32 Responses

  1. […] BoA revealed 2 songs off the album ‘Game’ and ‘Stand By’ previously on 28th July. The album will be released officially on 5th August. The title song […]

  2. It’s always lack of emotion in BoA’s voice. This song is not exceptional.That’s the main reason I rarely feel her songs.

  3. I kinda liked it, but so far I think I’ll still prefer her Japanese work. Maybe her title song would bring it and solidify her comeback.

    • agree with you~~is the same for her past songs too, her japanese songs always sound better to me! But then, i’m a boa fan, so fully supporting her~~

  4. the song is pure beauty, there is no doubting this. but boa lacked emotion while singing it, thus it came off more as trying too hard and forced as opposed to soothing and touching. her voice is fine her technique is great. the skill is there, all she’s lacking now is the emotion to portray it. i think if she focused more on the lyrics and really connected with the song, she might have made it more enjoyable, but this just feels empty and brought down the true beauty of the song which is why some might feel it was boring.

    i think rather than focusing too much on being technical with her vocals, she should have just let her feelings come through. that way, even if her vocals were slightly off, the song would still be amazing cuz the emotion is there.

    either way i find the song still enjoyable regardless, so it’s all good.

    • what? You said in your previous comment that the song was hella boring. Now 🙄
      ok you got your own fan as well? 😆

      • that wasn’t me. lol. i hate this. you will know the irritating feeling once someone steals your nickname and try to make you look bad. aishh! TT^TT

  5. Im glad im not the only one who find this song boring. I though more people would have fan girled over this. I wonder if sms is worried the 2 songs she realease are blehhh so their are 10 more pressure for her to have a good comeback song. Anywayy Boa hasn’t had a really good album for sometime now her last great album was outgrow after that the quality of her songs went downhill. Plus it seem in that song she tried too much to show that she could sing witch made it seem like she had no emotion. Personnally i think she should have taken a 1 year break she has been doing the same thing for years now and she doesn’t do anything else. She needs to regain her passion for music and find inspiration in doing other things than music.

    • I think a lot of international fans are getting disappointed cause they want her to be the same gril form 5 years ago.
      they keep complaing that she changed and they want the sweet innocent boa back
      how was my name and girls on top sweet and innocent?
      have they not notice her change?
      it doesn’t matter because in Korea shes doing better than what people expected.

      • i feel that she needs a break or something because she seems tired/exhausted. it’s been years since she promoted in Korea but the recent music activities she had these past three-two years (american debut, japanese albums) must have took its toll on her. i mean i felt this album (so far) was just done just for the sake of having a korean album and nothing else.

        reminds me of what happened to taengoo’s voice really — still great but you’d notice that there’s a decrease in quality /emotion because of exhaustion.

  6. nice song but yes, its boring :/

  7. I feel like crying even though it’s in Korean 😦 BEAUTIFUL!

  8. good voice control. song is ok. her voice though, not my cup of tea. like screechy. maybe this is b/c i’ve been listening to charice girl’s album all day. voices are very different.

    • you shouldn’t compare her to someone like charice.

      they have different completely different voice. she has big range. Boa doesn’t. she improve but not natural celine dion voice like charice.

      i don’t think her vioce is screechy in a song for once. which make me surprise.

      my english is bad. sorry -_-

  9. the song sounds fine
    it is totally Kim dong ryul’s style

    you may find it boring but you just don’t appreciate the lyrics and that kim dong ryul writes ballads like this.

    you guys are too used to hook songs. catchy catchy easy songs

    • I’m a ballad freak but this song is simply boring, she lacks emotion in her voice.

      Please don’t generalize “you guys” into one category. There are other people with different taste too.

      • im a ballad freak and this song isn’t boring to me.
        and i feel some emotions in her song. do you expect her voice to shake and cry or something

        loike the other person said you don’t know the style of of this ballad written by Kim.

        and i wonder if you listened to it more than once before judging the whole song.

        i don’t hear her voice being screechy at all? it sounds more soothing than her other one

        i think her voice sounds better than her other songs lately.

  10. Boring but nice vocals. Much better than the previous track that was released.

  11. i dont neo if it is just me but somehow i find BOA’s voice kinda like unpleasant like i dont noe how to describe it but it’s liek i cant stand listening to her voice in ballads..i noe she is a good singer but theres just something abotu her voice that i dont like whenever she sings ballad……

    • i get what you are saying. screechy, but good voice control

      • How is her voice is screechy in this?

        you say good voice control but screechy?

        this song has her voice not screechy at all.

      • well to me i just dislike Boa’s voice so much when i hear her ballad songs cuz her voice can almost break my ears just saying …….

    • i totally get what you’re saying.

      i think it’s cuz she sings through her nose, which makes it sound somewhat nasally and ultimately, her voice tone comes off as not too pretty. but hey, this is what makes her voice unique. you know it’s boa singing right when you hear a song of hers.

  12. its boring. Boa is not good in ballad

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  14. BoA’s got a nice voice, but this song is boring.
    She’s sung better ballads imo.

    • Agree. I can’t wait for her title track.

    • Totally agree with you.
      this song is hella boring.

      • i did not write this. poser stop using my name, coward. i haven’t even heard the song.

    • I agree as well. It sounds a lot like a leftover Japanese song that they just translated and threw into here. But I still have high expectations.

      • This isn’t a leftover Japanese song
        this is by Kim Dong Ryul who you obviously do not know or appreciate.

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