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Fans of Rain are angry, “His actual height is really 185cm”

Fans of singer Rain are angry.

Recently there has been debates over Rain’s actual height (profile states 185cm) with a photo released which shows him seemingly shorter than actor Lee JungJin (profile states 183cm).

With that, fans have come out to clarify, “The photo looks strange. Rain is very tall in real life,” and photos of Rain on various broadcast appearance and photos taken together with colleagues were posted up by fans to show that he is indeed 185cm.

Fans explained, “In 2002, Rain appeared on a TV program together with Lee JungJin (seen in blue top and white shorts). Lee JungJin had sports shoes on. And it seems that the sports shoes have quite a heel.”

Photos posted up compares Rain with other celebrities likes:

  • Lee CheonHee (profile states 186cm in height)
  • Park JiSung (profile states 175cm in height)
  • MBLAQ Lee Joon (profile states 175cm in height)
  • MBLAQ Mir (profile states 178cm in height)
  • MBLAQ G.O (profile states 177cm in height)
  • Park KyungLim (profile states 160cm in height)
  • Haha (profile states 172cm in height)

Some of netizens’ comments after seeing the photos include, “It’s verified that Rain is taller than 180cm”, “Rain’s actual height shows on broadcast show”, “There are still some doubts” etc.


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  1. […] Fans of Rain are angry, “His actual height is really 185cm” « K Bites […]

  2. […] Fans of Rain are angry, “His actual height is really 185cm” « K Bites […]

  3. […] Fans of Rain are angry, “His actual height is really 185cm” « K Bites […]

  4. seriously, i don’t see why people are all worked up over issues with, of all things, his height. a few centimeters doesn’t make a difference, just let this ridiculous fiasco go.

  5. […] Fans of Rain are angry, “His actual height is really 185cm” « K Bites […]

  6. […] Fans of Rain are angry, “His actual height is really 185cm” « K Bites […]

  7. Clouds angry coz netizens accusing Rain as a liar, not about his height. the truth is Rain really tall

  8. Please male artis is lying about ther high all the time -.-

  9. really?? hahaha this was news over there?? mwahahaha i actually find it funny how netizens make such a big fuss over things like these.. i mean.. all kpop idols or not lie about their freakin height.. everyone does -cough i do cough-

    and even if he isnt 185 dude is tall and hot..

  10. Height-OBSESSED netizens–GET A LIFE!!!!!
    You’d be surprised what LIFTS in shoes can do for one’s height, just ask the LATE John Wayne who added FOUR inches to his short stature with lifts in his shoes!!!!!
    Wayne also has 46 lbs. of impacted shit in his body when they did the autopsy after he died of cancer. But it’s not only stars like Wayne who are literally “full of shit!”
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  11. there’s hilarious commentary on these issue on dramabeans, kpop fans are really amazing fodder for jokes 🙂

  12. is this issue really matter??

    I don’t think Rain ever lied about his height.

  13. i still dont know why netizens made such a big deal out of his “shorter than lee jungjin when hes supposed to be taller” appearance -0-;;
    he’s still tall….

  14. ohmygosh! rain’s height really now..that’s an actually issue for them in kpop land?!?

    they need to get over this height obsession..most kpop dudes wear those heel thingy anyways so u can only guess their height wen they ain’t wearing any shoes.

    but Rain is a tall dude…u be stupid to think otherwise.

  15. Obviously, Rain is around 180-185 cm tall.
    Since he is shorter than LeeChunhee who is 186 cm tall.

  16. Doesn’t really make a difference to me. I can understand fans trying to set the record straight and say he isn’t lying, but I am a fan and I wouldn’t care if he was shorter. He has a the “it” factor that makes you love him. He’s hard working , talented, successful and is humble in the end.

  17. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and Inten Yasmina (권해원), mai. mai said: K Bites: Fans of Rain are angry, “His actual height is really 185cm” http://bit.ly/cMuc6h […]

  18. yea, when he came to malaysia, we can see that he was srsly tall. he really seems to be 185.

  19. First?!

    Yea Bi’s pretty tall. He’s about Kim tae woo’s height and Kim tae woo’s TALL! Almost 190cm… I think

    • not even.

      taewoo’s a giant. rain’s still shorter than him by quite a bit.

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