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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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KARA reveals MV to Japanese version of ‘Mister’

The full MV to KARA’s Japanese version of ‘Mister’ has been revealed on 28th July.

The girls will be having their Japanese debut next month with this song.

Love it or not?


24 Responses

  1. dig both the korean and japanese ver of mister..the choreography rocked.my fave nicole dance the ‘butt’ dance very well..all of the members looked amazing in the mv..i think they will make it big in japan.. =)

  2. I loved the MV simple because of all the eye candy. All the girls looked soo pretty (Gyuri and Hara especially). I loved this song in Korean and i still adore it in Japanese. Hope they do well.

  3. …..are the lyrics this dumb in korean, too?


  4. What the hell are some ppl saying above? That ass shaking you’re complaining about is their dance step, and no it doesn’t even look close to being skanky so please. O_O

    I’m liking Mister all over again. I wish they did a Korean MV before! Anyway, good luck to KARA and other kpop groups advancing to Japan!

  5. Nice PV but nothing really special
    I love KARA and hope they can be a big hit in Japan
    Best luck to the girls !

  6. Do you guys think they might do better than snsd??? I mean i know snsd is a big thing in korea but i have a feeling they won’t be in japan.

    • humm… i’m not a big SNSD fan but i think they might have a bigger fan base then KARA does in japan. I’m not really sure but from watching videos that i saw from youtube it looks like SNSD is pretty big in japan too.

      (KARA > SNSD for me)

    • Perhaps you are the one and only think like that. Even in Korea, everyone knows that Kara is successful these days too, but they are not the same level with SNSD. I know Kara girls worked hard and I do hope they will be loved in Jap, but no way they can beat SNSD.

  7. I like the song but their mv is BLEH !
    honestly I’m disappointed.

  8. I never get tired of this song.

  9. Ahh, sadness. Wish they had Nicole more on the camera. :'[

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  11. Not. It looks like a really cheap MV.

    This song is really catchy, so I am sure it will be a hit in Japan!

  12. Nice. My fav song from Kara<333

  13. I really hope they do well. =)

  14. Of course they’d make a MV for this/ It’ll be the only way to get themselves popular in Japan.. through shaking their asses.

    • They did the same dance in korea so your point is?? Every girl group dance exposes their assets, so stop trolling

    • You win for rudest first comment.
      Jpop as well as Kpop can be a lot more explicit than this, so stop bashing Kara. You don’t have to like Kara, but you don’t have to insult them either.

      As an American woman living in Tokyo, I assure you that Kara is popular and they have fans of all ages and demographics. Japanese people consider them kawaii, as in they are perceived as being more cute than sexy.

      Awesome video, best of luck to Kara on their debut. Kara ganbatte ne!

    • they gotta shake their money-makers

    • “It’ll be the only way to get themselves popular in Japan.. through shaking their asses.” I couldnt agree more..

      kara girls are literally shaking their asses to the public faces.
      ughhh I dont like this.



    • @Teenie
      LOL!!!! xD
      you comment made my day … 🙂

    • wow…you gotta get laid…only cure to your angry ways…

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