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Park Jiyoung joins SuperStarK as a judge

Producer Park Jiyoung has been given a spot as a judge on Mnet ‘SuperStarK’. Park Jinyoung plans to be joining Lee Seungchul, Yoon Jongshin, and Um Junghwa as the main judge on ‘SuperStarK’.

Kim Yongbum CP stated, “Park Jinyoung had been already well known for his skills and planning with the successful debut of Miss A after Wonder Girls and 2PM. Especially when many stars are unclear about their debut into the music industry in America, he took up the producing of Wonder Girls and had made in the top 100 billboard chart in 4 months. This will be the first time ‘SuperStarK’ will be holding global auditions in LA, so Park Jinyoung participating as a judge from this show will play a big role.”

In addition, Kim CP added, “Park Jinyoung had discovered singer Sunye, Jokwon, Taecyeon, and more through audition programs and helped them successfully debut. We think he has the qualities of discovering people with star quality. With him joining our team, we expect that ‘SuperStarK2’ will get an extra push.”

Meanwhile, ‘SuperStarK2’ broadcasts every Friday at 11PM.

S: Newsen

27 Responses

  1. regardless of whether i’m a fan of this man or not, i think he definitely has an eye for talent. tho i believe he usually looks for those with dancing talents first because most of his groups were built around those who have a stronger dancing talent as opposed to vocals. but still when he does look for the vocally strong talents, he nails it on the head. 2AM is fantastic. G.O.D too.

    he is a great addition to the show, no doubt.

  2. This is a great idea! The guy has an eye for the x-factor and talent 🙂

  3. So , who is the one who will get broken heart by this man this time ?

    i was love this man to death & now i can’t even look at him & the same time i con’t hate him either

    damn , that is so BAD 😦

  4. i think they should have mentioned all members of 2am and
    because they were all discovered through a show ( or audition )
    i remember that yeeun said that she auditioned about 4 times until JYP accepted her 🙂
    yeeun´s voice is amazing
    its sad that she does not get so much spotlight as other members in korea 😦

    JYP will do a good job
    the list of artist who successfully debuted under JYPE is long
    GOD, RAIN, WG, 2am, 2pm , MISS A
    and Jay ( his career also started under JYP )

    • are you kidding me ???

      WHAT YOU SAY ???

      ****and Jay ( his career also started under JYP )***

      you mean they are killed this boy & i have no idea how he can stand up after what happen & from where he have the power

      BUT , THANKS GOD , he do it & come back stronger more than ever

      because what happen for this guy is so ugly , no is more than ugly T_T“

      Yes , his career also started under JYP

      But they removed all this fame from him in a bad way
      no actually in UGLY WAY

      ( WTF the personal dirty life ) is mean ???????

      • Blah blah blah

      • It does not matter if you do not like my words 😆
        This does not mean it is not true

      • O M G!!!! GET THE FUCK OVER THAT ALREADY!! iam soooo sick and tired of reading the same shit abt jay! let it go! dude is back in the game and has his fame bk and in due time making money like he did b4 without splitting it 6 ways!

        When is this shit gonna die! are ppl gonna be saying this shit every time there’s a JYP or Jay article? like seriously!! lame!

        Jay is over that shit. when will u get over it?


        you know why ??
        because there some ppl know it about JYP & Jay from all this shit

        this story look like the Asian version of the story ( Brangelina & what happen with Jennifer )

        Do you know what is the common point between the two stories???

        The world never will forget the story of Brangelina just like Asia will not forget the about Jay’s issue , even after many many years ppl remember is that story

      • kekeke
        you really go so far 😆 but I understand your point

        BUT srsly this ( Brangelina ) until the next generation will speak about it , because they are give the all world a heart-attack 😆

      • Exactly as heart attack that hit a lot of people when they heard about Jay and JYP

      • yeah and now both parties have officially moved!!!

        and lol at ur comparison i hardly doubt ppl will still care abt this story in 3 or 4 years time. a celeb stealing another celebs husband is hardly the same as someone getting kicked a boyband.

        and FYI the Brangelina story is equally as annoying.

      • but you’re totally rambling off the point here. THE MAIN POINT right now is that JYP indeed discovered Jay and Jay did start his career and got his name known while he was still under JYP. and considering how big a talent Jay is, i think it’s a compliment to JYP, regardless of whatever shit hit the fan, because JYP spotted Jay as a talent and honed his skills in one way or the other.

        the fact that the whole “issue” happened has nothing to do with this article and you’re bringing it up for no viable reason. which is why @maligurl and i AND most other ppl who have moved on from the issue find it freaking supremely extremely annoying. MOVE THE HECK ON.

        yes, stories like these never die down or at least takes a long time to die down as long as the pain is still there…. but at least with other issues, it’s brought up at times when it was actually relevant. this is just completely off topic.

  5. THIS! to both comments!

  6. “Park Jinyoung had discovered singer Sunye, Jokwon, Taecyeon, and more through audition programs and helped them successfully debut. We think he has the qualities of discovering people with star quality”…..

    Why exactly is TY name in that list? lol i’m sorry but lets be honest TY has no talent just the looks and height.

    • lol….i think the guy wanted to name a member from each group….he shud of said Junsu instead his got a great voice!

      • junsu wasn’t discovered through a tv show….

      • im pretty sure junho was discovered through the same tv show that taecyeon was discovered on…
        i guess junhos more talented than ty so here ya go LOL

    • bc hes popular and gets hits for the article.

      it caught your eye didnt it and thus proves the motive

  7. that’s a genius idea since he created some of Korea’s most loved artist and groups!

  8. i think everyone will agree that he is perfect candidate for a judge. has an eye for talent/ star quality.

  9. I think JYP has a good eye for talent or rather the “x” factor. I can’t wait to see this now. I have great respect for the guy.

  10. looks like we got ourselves a korean simon cowell

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