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Shin Bongsun, “Yoon Doojoon is the best looking amongst Beast,” revealing her ideal

Shin Bongsun chose Yoon Doojoon as her ideal amongst the BEAST members.

Shin Bongsun hosted a ‘Beast Ideal World Cup’ on the recording for MBC Every1’s ‘Idol Maid.’ On this day, for the final round, Shin Bongsun was stuck in between Lee Kikwang and Yoon Doojoon but chose Yoon Doojoon as BEAST’s best face.

Although Shin Bongsun was alone with Lee Kikwang, she showed her affections in still choosing Yoon Doojoon.

Also, the word is that BEAST’s magnae Son Dongwoon didn’t make it into the top three for good looks amongst BEAST although it was revealed that he was a part of Shin Bongsun’s line in the first episode of ‘Idol Maid.’

Meanwhile on this day of ‘Idol Maid,’ Shin Bongsun completed the missions of ‘washing blankets that haven’t been washed over a year’ and ‘making home-made food’ for BEAST as it will air on the 28th at 6PM.

9 Responses

  1. my fave beast members are ki gwang & dongwoon..i’m smitten by their boyish looks and their style….doojoon is not my most fave beast member.. but i gotta admit he has an alluring appeal that you can’t ignore especially when you see him face to face..

  2. i love gi kwang~~~ super cute in high kick through the roof

  3. I have to agree with her. He is really good looking. x.x

  4. same here! saw then in real person before, they look pretty gorgeous seriously, each of them have their own charms, but i think because doojoon have this leader-charisma xD!

  5. they’re all pretty ‘regular’ looking. honestly nothing special but if i had to pick, i would pick doojoon also.
    although he has a very common face and a big nose, idk i jst honestly dont find anyone in b2st good looking, just mediocre and thats only for doojoon.

  6. For me, Hyunseung has the best face among all the members.. I’ve seen them in pers0n and I cant take my eyes off on Hyunseung.. he looks like a doll.. And I died when he smiled lol.. Alth0ugh I Cant deny that Dooj0on leader is h0t and Dongw0on is the m0st charismatic member.. ang Yoseob is uber cute.. y0u just want to take him h0me lol.. i love Beast to death..^^

  7. i agree

  8. haha… bongsung unnie is just biased XD
    i love them all… but i need to admit that maknae is the most handsome of the six… poor maknae…
    Doojoon is just… OSM XD

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