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TaeYang, “I thought SeungRi came to show support for my performance but he actually had wanted to see the rookie girlgroups”

Big Bang TaeYang exposes the true self of member SeungRi.

TaeYang had said to SeungRi on SBS Strong Heart aired on 27th July, “I’m sorry”.

TaeYang said, “For the first broadcast performance for my solo album, SeungRi came to give support. I was thankful to see that he was very excited and happy that day. But I later realised that he was excited to see the rookie female singers. He even followed their choreography.”

He added, “When I asked him what was going on, he was showing off to me how he had gone around to give my signed CDs to the girlgroups. And I found out that in every CD he even wrote a letter.”

SeungRi then explained, “In the letters I wrote ‘Seonbaenim is really cool’. I really thought that they are great idols, and I thought that it should be in the TaeYang CD they received. Hoesntly I was thinking if there should be the telephone number too. I didn’t mean to get the phone numbers from the girlgroup but to give mine to them.”



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  1. […] the phone numbers from the girlgroup but to give mine to them.” Source: Newsen Translation by sookyeong@kbites Hahaha! Typical […]

  2. wrong translation maybe sookyeon ?
    actually seungri got cd from new girls group and he so proud of it. but later know that taeyang got it too. so funny

  3. ssooo seungri~he really did well in the talk show,love him~

  4. no matter what people say, i still ❤ this dork. haha.

  5. I don’t think Seungri is a player.
    If he’s a player, he would have hit on the girls.
    He just loves making friends. Partly his reason of getting jealous with Dae2 who befriended many celebs due to FO.

    He just loves attention. lol

  6. LMAO.. didn’t know that baby seungri is a player..

  7. rofl!!! my oh my..that’s VERY SEUNGRI!!
    he really made my day!
    Glad that he accompanied Taeyang to Strong heart!XD

  8. Big bang boys seem desperate for girls these days no? LOLLL

  9. ahh~ maknae!<3 how can i not love you? ekeke^^

  10. ROFL Oh Seungri. XD ❤

  11. That is soo typical of seungri that I love it!
    I can totally see him doing that
    no wonder he’s my Dave member lol
    he really should be on variety shows!!

  12. yeah that is soooo SEUNGRI lol

    his confidence just never disappeared.. and that playboy image from “Strong Baby” still appeared. lol

  13. comment taken down

    • oh gosh…his not a racist he said that out of ignorance and stupidity and most Koreans think the same why he does abt black ppl cos they believe everything thing they see on tv and movies. if Korea was a multicultural country or if he grew up in the states like teddy did, do u think he would of said what u said?hell no!

      he never lived outside of Korea so his knowledge on black ppl then was limited. u can’t blame the kid for thinking they way most ppl in Korea do.

    • When I was a child, back in the late 80’s, all American movies that were shown in my country portrayed the white people as rich and highly educated while African Americans were always the bad, poor guys. I myself grew up with those stereotypes you yourselves Americans exported to other places and it wasn’t until I went there for a holiday trip that I realized what an ignorant I had been during my entire childhood for believing such things.
      What I am trying to say is that yes, ignorance should not be an excuse, but it is hypocritical of anyone to judge someone else so easily when we ourselves also made mistakes and ignorant remarks at least once in our lives.
      Moral of the story? “Let’s educate ourselves for it is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.”

      • this! ur only ignorant if u don’t bother to educate urself….ignorance = lack of knowledge and education.

        if he was around black ppl on the regular i doubt that he wud had those types of thoughts.

        i’m not condoning what he said but i’m sure if teddy or sean heard him say that they wud of told him about himself and educated him.

        korea is a homogeneous country ,so u can’t really blame them for how they think when there isn’t anyone to teach any different. you can only see your wrong thinking when you take urself out of ur comfort zone/environment and see the truth for urself.

    • and you ppl are worst than being racist. what seungri said was ignorant. but the kid today is not racist. he’s worked with black people. im not excusing what he said. but you people who keep holding it over his head are something else. can you dedicate your time to maybe people who actually DO advocate racism and segregation??

  14. hey.. he is actually supporting taeyang…. thats funny though. LOL!

  15. hahahahah seungri xD

  16. seungri you r a player:P

    you made my day 🙂
    was the best story of the day

  17. Haha! it’s SO SeungRi! so full of security! girls just can’t help it but love him! now all he gotta do is to choose a girlfriend! good luck! and good luck to TaeYang!

  18. Lmao Seungri.
    I see he’s still fond of visiting other idols’ waiting rooms. xD
    This makes me miss BB so much. Them and Gummy are the only people I still stan in YG and both are hard to see on broadcasts these days. =(
    Comeback, where are you?

    • Iknow<3 Big Bang is the only thing making me still like YG<3
      Hopefully they come back soon ~ Let's just wait until August!

      • *waits along with you*
        I hope the comeback doesn’t get delayed again or I’ll go berserk. xD

      • Yes if they say, BB comeback is nx year I am going to pull my hair out lamo


    lol…hat’s SR ya!…he is a guy after all…a teenage one at that..lol

    but at least he keeps it real, u sooo no that the other BB members are as crazy abt girls as he is, they just hide it better! lol

  20. his a player he know how to talk to girls Taeyang should learn from him.

  21. my SeungRi…. T__T hum

  22. wow that guy will do anything just to get noticed huh.

  23. LOL…SeungRi is such a naughty boy! he just love girls…girls he do adore! lmao…

  24. comment taken down

  25. hahahahaha! classic Seungri! 🙂

  26. LOL!

  27. haha strong baby is such a player …..

  28. SeungRi is just a player..

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