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f(x) Krystal, “As a female singer, I was hurt”

f(x) member Krystal reveals the pains of a female singer.

Krystal will be appearing on SBS variety show ‘Delicious Invitation’ aired on 30th July. During the filming, Krystal revealed, “I’ve been hurt as a female singer.”

She explained, “Because I’m in a girlgroup, it’s tough because I’m being compared from my vocal capabilities to my body. Apart from that, this is felt by members from all the girlgroups.”

Singer Gummy who was present commented, “It is lonely to be a female singer,” and her reason for saying so is, “Because I sing sad songs, life felt sad, and it seems like it is hard to love comfortably.”

Park MiKyung who was next to Gummy said, “When I first met Gummy she was such a bright child, but I don’t know when she had become sad.”

Meanwhile, 2PM JunSu added, “As a male idol, I smell,” referring to their transformation as ‘beast dols’, ” youngest member ChanSung sleeps on the floor and TaecYeon sleeps with his makeup on. I really thought the members are becoming beasts.”

14 Responses

  1. lol junsu! you’re not a female singer! haha^^ funny tho. he smells, chansung sleeps on the floor and taec crashes with his makeup still on his face. that’s a healthy young man for you. ekeke^^

    anyway, it’s sad how these girls will be judged based on their looks rather than their actual skills. it’s frustrating really. i mean, gummy had such a spark when she debuted. now she got so serious and heavy. but her latest album was refreshing! very uplifting and earthy. she should definitely make another comeback soon! YG please a comeback for gummy next year, k? hehe^^

  2. i just lol at the last 2pm comment.

  3. i know wtf 2PM stories didnt match with sentiments of this article oh yeah they sleep on the floor their beasts

  4. Can’t say I have any sympathy for that f(x) girl… I have yet to see any real talent from her, in her profession. I just know she does well in Dream Team.

    • looking at the general judgment for the girl groups/female singers, you can understand how much they’re hurt compared to boy group/male singer. There is always double standard for girl & boy celebrities – mainly because fandom is dominated by females. Whatever reason is, the girl groups always get bashed worse than boy group. it’s not really about talent, look etc.. it is the biass in someone’s POV.

      I just hope for them to be strong. that’s the path they chose, and it won’t last forever. 10 yrs ++ people start to ‘ignore’ them and the immature kids around will grow up and learn the real world.. Nothing last forever.. so singers, fighting!!

  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai. mai said: K Bites: f(x) Krystal, “As a female singer, I was hurt” http://bit.ly/dqNlR3 […]

  6. Gummy don’t be sad Guurl u have mad talent !!
    Love Gummy ❤

  7. she can’t really sing so she’s bound to face criticisms. so who cares?

  8. first it was serious, then it went to junsu’s comment. lol wtf.

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