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Mnet M!Countdown 29.07.2010 – Se7en wins #1 with ‘Better Together’!

Today on Mnet M!Countdown, singer Se7en wins #1 on the show with ‘Better Together’ on his comeback stage.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

39 Responses

  1. se7en looked small compare to Top. like Top is the bro

  2. omg~ I GOT TO SAY, seven’s voice is absolutely flawwwwlesssss, even my hottie taeyang cant sound like that on stage, maybe out of breath. i guess thats why big bang n all YG artist respect seven so much. haha

    oh yeahhh, TOP n SEVEN was EPIC!!

    I mean, not trying to say that any other artist was not good but YG artist is the best on stage, i mean, no one can compete with their stage presence. oh yeah, and shinee got the vocals!

  3. TOP’s rapping improved. its idk, his rapping in digital bounce seems to be of a different style.

    idk what to say about db. the song seems very generic to me, sry. maybe its the lyrics? digital x…

    aside from the song, the choreo is nice and se7en doesnt seem to be fazed at all from his long comeback. may it be because hes a veteran, but he handles his nerves very well

  4. That’s why I love Digital Bounce. I have expected an awesome performance. And those two have successfully deliver. Nice job, SE7EN and TOP!

  5. @ ekdpria
    umm apparently SM artists don’t do M! Countdown. Some king of falling out with MNet i think… Well i hop se7en keeps winning!! 3 years and he’s still got it!

  6. ❀ se7en!!!

    ? where is shinee? did they not get into the m countdown?

  7. I LOVE GO’S HAIRCUT!!!!!!! Makes him look more sexy~~~!!!! ^^

  8. miss A’s BGGG still stopping chart wth? Mnet is so rigged :/

  9. oh lawd. what is se7en wearing in that better together perf. makes my eyes sad 😦
    but they were def so hot in the digital bounce performance.
    damn top, why you so sexy. my eyes have missed you and my heart can’t take it.

  10. SE7EN is hot. Love Better Together.

  11. OMG!!! Seven’s comeback stage was totally AWESOME!!! he’s reallly One of the best in kpop music. WELCOME BACK and Congrats!!!
    seeing him on music shows makes me smile JUST Uber Handsome Guy!
    hope u win on music bank tommorrow. Fighting!!!

    TOP’s rap was omg! YG Fams are there support 2 each other! shout out to Taeyang!!!
    I like Gna’s performance too.

    haters to the left please!

  12. Se7en killed it. TOP killed it. Wonderful.

  13. ANYWAY.. WHAT UP WITH the Number 0826 on everyone arm, neck, hands, chest..? Joon, Mir , Gna, Teen Top.. any meaning????????????

  14. congrats Se7en. The “apple girl” has a name -.- It’s Kim Yeo hee.

    YG FAM FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!<3

  16. YG music are absolutely the best in kpop! no doubt!
    congrats to Se7en..his songs make me want to party all night long!

  17. I like the stage props and performance better than the song digital bounce top’s rap is fast and smooth though

  18. Congrats to SE7EN!! Omfg he and TOP was so hot in Digital Bounce!! He was awesome in Better Together.
    Their perfs were jjang!!

    I also loveeeeeee Gilme’s comeback song λ―Έμ•ˆν•΄ μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄μ„œ.. (Feat. K.Will).

    Talented peeps all around, highly recommended! ^^

    • I completely agree. I am surprised there aren’t more people commenting on the gilme performance which I absolutely loved, Gilme’s flawless rapping with K.Will’s flawless vocals is just music to my ears.

      I loved Digital bounce (TOP and Se7en on one stage, how hot is that). I also loved Better together, I was surprised he could hit the notes he did considering the choreography. I am glad that se7en is back but I do miss his old music that had less autotune because his voice is as awesome to hear as his face is beautiful to see.

      And I ADORED the Changmin and leehyun duet performance, those men have some of the best voices in kpop at the moment imho so to hear them sing together is amazing.

      I am glad to see more actual singers performing again.

  19. se7en is my favorite male solo singer now! great job!

  20. There’s a reason why YG artists are so insane. Look at their stages and performances! Apparenty it took 15 hours to set up Se7en’s stage and now I know why. Trust YGE to never do anything half-assed!

    Congrats on the win Se7en! I predict they’ll be many mote wins for the Prince of kpop!!!!

  21. Se7en looked really pretty, i love the pink ruffle thing on his top. I think i’m starting to like the song better together.

    Taeyang, your song is great, just wished you sang more (especially the chorus *sigh*). INAG is still my no.1 summer tune.

    Miss A: I’m still addicted to BGGG, i love how they had more fan chants. I think they’re starting to get tired though because their voice’s wasn’t as flawless, but still pretty good.

  22. one of the most awesome performances for a comeback stage ive seen, and ive seen plenty throughout the years. very explosive! he’s the prince of kpop alright!

  23. Oh my goodness that was just one big hot comeback! I melted. XD Se7en and TOP together on one stage is just pure epicness!!! And then there’s Taeyang too OMG. So much hotness from Ygfam guys!!!

    Congrats on winning Se7en! πŸ™‚

  24. three words for 7 “YOU ARE AWESOME.”

  25. #1 on the same day with comeback stage!!!
    How awesome, Mr.7 ^^

    Can our BB & 2NE1 do the same thing when they comeback???
    Hope so!!!
    YGFamily Hwaiting

  26. i love Better Together performance!!! to be honest i’m not even a fan of Se7en…but he’s capturing my heart with his mini album! woot!

  27. Se7en was really good!!
    And TOP makes my heart melt β™₯

  28. i love the digital bounce performance! i’ve been re-watching the practice video, but the actual perf with TOP was fantastic! i can’t wait for the other music shows since the audio here wasn’t that good. if i was actually there, i would probably have my hands up and bouncing around to the music! hahaha…

    se7en, TOP, YG Fam jjang!

  29. TOP~!!!! holy crap his part was long! where the hell does he keep all that breath? and he’s taller than se7en? ahaha^^

    ladies and gentlemen, we have just seen a glimpse of the awesomeness that would be TOP’s solo album. woohoo!

    congrats se7en! came back better than ever! YG Family sarang!!<3<3<3<3

  30. i love digital bounce perf the best,look at top’s eyes*faint*~
    great perf taeyang<3333
    ~congrats se7en~

  31. DIGITAL BOUNCE performance is EPIC! 2 hot guy at the same time wahhh and I LOVE the dance move

  32. finally he is back ^_^ congrats se7en I hope he will also going to win in other shows

  33. Congrats SE7EN! He was perfect, flawless, amazing ..<3

    YB's vocals are getting better ^_^ <33

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