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So Nyeo Shi Dae forgives malicious netizens for harmful composite photos

So Nyeo Shi Dae members forgive the malicious netizens.

It has been known that 92 netizens caught in a case of uploaded nude composite photos of So Nyeo Shi Dae members have escaped from a jail sentence thanks to a petition carried out.

Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office has ruled that the 92 netizens caught posting up photos of So Nyeo Shi Dae members’s faces superimposed into photos of naked women have “no right for appeal”, because the So Nyeo Shi Dae members have submitted a petition asking for mercy on them.

And since 75 out of the 92 netizens are underaged and for the rest of them it is their first time committing the crime, they have been exempted from being prosecuted for what they have done.

Previously in May, SM Entertainment had sent out a warning stating that ‘we have seen the composite photos of the girls which will harm them’, lodging a police complaint.

S: sportsworld

50 Responses

  1. […] SM Entertainment for posting up photos of Girls’ Generation (소녀시대) members’ faces superimposed onto photos of naked women will not be prosecuted, primarily because of a petition by the members […]

  2. Just really wondering: is it a thing in Korea that when they do the “wave” pose they have to spread all five fingers like they’re in the $5-dollar Subway footlong commercial?

    I only posted in this post because of the photo that accompanies it… but I’ve seen it in a lot of Kpop photos (particularly the girl at the right end).

  3. how sad that even if idols do something nice, there will always be people that finds something to make them horrible people.

    i think it was nice of them to forgive those people. i’m sure by now, SNSD’s used to anti-fans. so something as putting their faces on naked people can be forgiven easily. in comparison to what some anti-fans have done to other artists, for example, that girl that poisoned U-Know. she’s lucky U-Know forgave her..

  4. Anybody who makes unfounded accusations and spews hatred on any entertainment forum against people they’ve never met need to take a step back, no matter what group they support.

    Hatred is sickening, period. Knock it off and grow up people.

  5. SNSD are so kind, so why AFS can do that to them.
    Now their parents know how good they are then.
    It would be funny if someone’s dad is SONE and the child is AFS.

  6. do you mean prosecuted instead of executed, rofl

  7. Just because they’re underage doesn’t mean they are kids. ><

    btw, ju has a point there.

    …"they have been exempted from being executed for what they have done."
    Executed? Would it be possible in Korea to get executed for something like this?
    How did they catch the culprits anyway?

    I bet it would've affected SNSD's image if they DIDN't forgive them. :/
    Annnnyway~ this is good. ❤ I'm just a casual listener but this makes me like them more. Yay~

  8. Well, this type of thing is one of the consequences of the way SM Entertainment promotes SNSD and the type of fans they gain through those type of promotions and their lolita concepts.

  9. OMG poor girls!!! that is humiliating and embarassing!! god bless their kind hearts. honestly if it were me i would’ve sued them and personally send very pissed off letters to each and EVERY one of them antis’ parents and speak my mind. like “woman, you dunno how to teach yo child some human respect??”

    honestly, 75 out of the 92 netizens are underaged??? like what do these kids even… what the…?? how can they be sooooo evil?!?!?! EVIL!!!?? like they wake up and go, “OMFG i hate them soshi ladies so imma go look up porn pics and put their faces on it instead.” how can a young one even have that kind of thought in their heads?? and they say children are so innocent. pffft…. children these days don’t mess around, man.

    scaaarryyyy…. it’s just taken into a whole new level.

  10. lol this is like yunho poisoning case

    he did not want to press charge against the girl cause “she is same age as my sister”

    SM only did that to avoid controversy and to gain fans and publicity

    Same like SNSD case

    if they were regular people they probably put charge on those netizens

    • yeah i was thinking snsd might not even have a say in it. it’s probably SM behind all these to back their own reputation. although i must say these girls are like under 18 though, immatured brats who’re obviously not thinking straight. kinda deserve a second chance i guess /:

    • For Yunho’s poisoning case, I think they should’ve pressed charges. I mean, with composite photos, there is no physical harm. But who knows what would’ve happened to Yunho? What if he was seriously affected for life or even killed? By not pressing charges, SM is just opening doors for more Antis who will not be moved by SM’s “big heart”.

  11. Sookyeon, can you delete “……”‘s posts ? Seriously… It’s a troll bashing SNSD in every article. >_<

  12. -comment taken down-

    • Wow, u talk mighty big behind a computer screen, but then i guess u r just a sad, pathetic, and mindless being who has nothing better to do since u r the type that has no life at all. Just by ur senseless replies, it speaks volume about who and what kind of a person u really are…so sad and pathetic….

      Before u reply back…JUST SPEAK TO THE HAND!!!!

      Btw, go outside once in awhile….it might do u some good. Just trying to help out.

      • wow look at whose talking!!!! no doubt you’ve also put some bad words on other groups!
        you’re all the same pathetic people.

  13. -comment taken down-

    • Trolls really have no sympathy. Ckckck…
      See how u’ll feel seeing ur head on a nude pic.
      A humiliation that is not even the result of ur own conduct.

    • @………..
      be careful with KARMA ROFL ;D

  14. What about fans who made a poll for a celebrity to commit suicide? Would police do something? This is more dangerous than posting a fake photo.

    • The one who got petitioned should report to the police. They, police, don’t have so much time to browse every single defamation made to the celebs.
      The companies are responsible in monitoring news n pics distribution of their artists.

  15. lol shut up tis. Sone have never harmed anyone, that’s just made up rumors by international antis.

    • um…like no. Its not even a rumour. It was in a korean site. Its a FACT that Sone did harm ELF and some other fanclubs. People who in Kpop for like a few years should know this.

      • lol I doubt it. and being on a Korean site doesn’t make it any more reliable. Let me guess, they harmed them at a Dream Concert? Broke bones and raped them? PUH-LEASE! Don’t you think that kind of thing would end up on REAL korean news sites? don’t believe everything you read dearie.

      • LOL It should be in all over newspaper n legit news site if that kind of conducts happened. Kpop site is not as reliable as news site. When it’s a harmful conduct, it can be considered as an assault. I heard no police involved there. LOL
        Don’t feed ur self with made up stories. Try looking for valid proofs.

      • -comment taken down-

      • You know how much bullshit can be posted even on Korean sites ? If you’re not Korean and can’t understand the situation well, just don’t judge.

        You’re really one hell of a liar.

      • you know it’s okay to dislike a group just because you dislike them. You don’t have to believe in ridiculous rumors to justify your hate.

        I am both a Sone AND an ELF and there are stupid rumors on both side, but there was never any REAL news reports on any Sones commiting violence. all that info came from SNSD antis.

  16. Instead of doing this, they should have ask their fans not to harm other fanclub instead. That’s why the netizens hate them. Not only should SNSD apologize the netizens mistake, they should apologize for their fan’s mistake for harming other fans.

    Really pathetic on how they apologize netizen for this but never apologize for their fans rudeness and violents.

    • LOL do you even know what “forgive” means?
      Where in the article did it say anything about snsd apologizing?
      There will always be fan wars and there are other fanclubs that harm sones too not just sones harming others in your opinion.

      SNSD are FORGIVING fans who harm THEM.

      you should definitely read the article again.

    • LOL do you even know what “forgive” means?
      Where in the article did it say anything about snsd apologizing?
      There will always be fan wars and there are other fanclubs that harm sones too not just sones harming others in your opinion.

      SNSD are FORGIVING fans who harm THEM.

      you should definitely read the article again.

    • lol you know that K-SONEs are probably seen as the most respectful fanclub in Korea, right ?

      Just because there are a few idiots among I-SONEs doesn’t mean every SONEs constantly “harm other fanclubs”.

      • lol you know that K-SONEs are probably seen as the most respectful fanclub in Korea, right ?

        LMAO! No.

      • most respectful? there’s not what i heard that year when snsd was facing the black sea during some concert…..
        it’s good that they forgive and forget though. some people have so much time on their hands though…

      • umm maybe not the most respecful but they are not that bad either…

  17. is this basically the same article as this: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201007291612081002&search=title&searchstring=소녀시대 someone else translated that one but it seems completely different from what you wrote (I’m guessing yours is more accurate lol).

  18. haha.. glad to hear that..
    so we all know, SNSD member is good person.

  19. So nice of SNSD. Well, i just hope those who got the mercy wouldn’t take it for granted. They should reflect n never repeat the same act again.
    I mean what kind of underage kids doing such thing??
    I didn’t even know about Rated R stuffs when I was 14 n it was 6 years ago. Yet these kids…The next generations are not getting better, they r far worse.
    They put composite pics for now but if they don’t change, they can be porn stars or rapists in the future.

    Btw, this reminds me of Yunho’s incident when he forgave the girl who poisoned him. God bless these generous hearts. ^^

  20. TIFFAANY!! ~ <333333

    That is all 🙂

  21. SNSD chose to forgive these people..
    aww so nice lol we are proud!

    And sones are apparently blind ok. -_-

  22. Lol just wait and see how bitches will jump in and say “angels my ass they are plastic they are fake” tsk tsk not good at all.
    Anyways, I’m really proud of the girls for forgiving those people 🙂 Great job girls 🙂

  23. ’75 out of the 92 netizens were underaged’. some people just have no life. seriously. what kind of 14 year old goes around doing that, risking going to jail? they really need to re evaluate their life.
    cellmate: “hey, what are you in for”?
    “… putting SNSD’s faces on naked bodies.
    good on soshi for having mercy on these people. next time though …

    • It shows how lightly young teens and netizens treat the internet. Since there are so many people online, it is hard to go after each and every one of netizens who do awful things. So they take advantage of that and feel free to do things that they would not normally do in real life.. Hiding behind a username and hurting people.

  24. all i want to know where can i see those photos anybody got a link?

  25. perverted.. sick people

    SNSD are such angels for forgiving these people.
    thanks for the translation~!

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