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WonderGirls HyeLim shows support for BoA’s comeback, “I really look forward to it”

WonderGirls HyeLim shows her support and respect to BoA ahead of her singer comeback.

HyeLim wrote to BoA through Twitter on 29th July, “BoA unnie, hi. I really like unnie’s new song ‘Game’. I really really look forward to unnie’s upcoming broadcast (performances). ☆ I will always support you.

It is a feat for a singer to be reigned as a top star not only in Korea and in Japan, and is able to garner anticipation from other stars for her comeback. We can see just how BoA lives up to the title of ‘the celebrity amongst the celebrities’. Especially since HyeLim and BoA come from different agencies and HyeLim’s support for BoA had garnered much interests. It is known that HyeLim has been a BoA fan since she was young.

Meanwhile, BoA released 2 songs off her comeback album ‘Game’ and ‘Stand By’ recently on 28th July.



18 Responses

  1. … That’s a horrible picture of HyeLim.
    Next time use a better one

  2. Awww..Lim sounds like a fan girl. Soo cute.

  3. Lim has always been a fan of BoA. She was the person who made lim pursued her dream as a singer ^^

  4. BoA replied to her with quite a sweet message.

  5. Now people who said Boa’s comeback isn’t anticipated n she’s long gone in kpop scene may suck this news up.
    5 years gone means nothing to the achievements this woman made. Her name will forever be engraved in kpop history as the legendary female soloist.

    SS501 Hyungjoon must be happy. lol He’s a true fanboy!
    Not sure if GD still likes BOA. He was a huge fanboy as well.

  6. That photo is really unflattering. Really glad to see stars supporting each other. It’s been a while since BoA’s been back. BoA and Wondergirls hwaiting!

  7. I’m sorry to say this, but her face/look is really weird. She doesn’t even look korean. I actually find CL of 2NE1 prettier than her.

  8. Sweet lim…… Boa is also Sunmi’s role model…

  9. kbites…please choose a better pic of lim next time : (
    i love limm ❤

    • that’s how she looks most of the time, I don’t see why kbites need to choose a “better angle” of lim? If you think she’s ugly then gtfo.

      • yall are both idiots. kbites doesn’t choose the photo. it’s the photo that comes from the korean news website.

  10. hyelim looks weird on that photo :S

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  13. How sweet! 🙂

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