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4Minute HyunA is excited to discover G.NA’s album selling in Japanese music store

4Minute HyunA reveals cute encouragement video to G.NA from Japan.

The video shows 4Minute in the midst of their promotions for their 2nd single ‘I My Me Mine’ in Japan and the 4Minute members were at a record store when HyunA coincidentally found G.NA’s debut album and had looked very excited.

Seeing that G.NA’s records are selling in Japan, HyunA was seen with a cute and excited expression and she shouted “Cube daebak” while JiYoon who was beside her shouted “G.NA jjang!”

4Minute is known to be close to G.NA as they are from the same agency. Previously photos of HyunA and G.NA taken together before debut have also garnered great interests amongst fans and netizens. They have also showed support by appearing in G.NA’s live stages.

Maenwhile, G.NA is currently promoting her debut song ‘I’ll Back Off So That You Can Live Well’.



15 Responses

  1. Awwh, cube family love. :D<3

  2. hyuna is so sweet!<3<3

  3. who gives a rat’s ass about that. Miss A is there ❀

  4. aawwww hyuna is very sweet πŸ™‚

    cube by far is my favorite ent company
    seems like they treat their artists right

  5. JYP family (JYP ent. Cube ent A ent.) love each other..

    4minute,g.na,beast,Wonder Girls,2pm,2am,Miss A…

    • damn when can people ever learn that Cube is no longer part of JYP anymore/!!!…. they are two seperate companies now..

      • yea… not when JYP is a majority owner, it’s a sister company, they’re seperate but they have interests in working together

      • JYPE nor JYP has any ownership of CUBE, the only relation they have is throught founder of CUBE, the reason why you see JYPE trainees in CUBE, is because they chose on their own to move to CUBE, since they know the president.

      • @yargh!.. JYPE trainees move to CUBE not b’cos they choose on their own but b’cos they were transferred by JYPE and also b’cos CUBE & JYPE share a trainees when CUBE just started .. For Gina,, maybe she choose to move because the president but the others i don’t think so..

      • Ye even JYP is not the owner of Cube but their love is forever
        They spent many hard time together and i love JYP/Cube family

  6. well since it’s the Kpop zone in that store I see
    davichi, gna,, secret, AS, sistar, suju…

  7. Cube daebak !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i see Miss A’s cd as well :)!!!

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