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4Minute JiHyun reveals 4 recent selca photos

A set of selca photos posted up by 4Minute Nam JiHyun garners interests amongst netizens.

The photos were posted up and circulated via various portal community sites recently. In the photos, Nam JiHyun was spotted with smokey makeup and making cute expressions.

Netizens’ comments are, “really cute”, “I hope she can reveal selca photos more often”, “also reveal photos taken with the other members” etc.


45 Responses

  1. Stop bashing others.childish

  2. people who try to justify why Jihyun is “talented” always say the same thing: she majors in dance blah blah blah


    heck she didn’t even need major in it to kick ass

    so much for majoring in dance huh?

  3. Wow! She’s so cute…. 🙂

  4. @nou Agree with you.
    JiHyun unnie Fighting !!!
    btw, dara is not talented but some people like her..

  5. JiHyun may not be noticeable during perfs or something but at least she’s pretty. Dara has no talent to speak of whatsoever. Plus, she’s old, aging and kinda fug. So we could all stop comparing JiHyun to her now.

  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai. mai said: K Bites: 4Minute JiHyun reveals 4 recent selca photos http://bit.ly/dbe7GS […]

  7. WTF with the negativity up there. From what I know she’s known for her dancing skills so it’s not like she’s talentless. Hopefully cube would showcase that and her singing in the future.

  8. she’s really pretty..
    i like her dance more than hyuna dance
    because she dance with the softness and classic but hyuna more sexy and wild.
    her body is sexy..=)
    watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pon9B69qePY&playnext=1&videos=GExXB-7CYHg and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihnRxm0Scf0&playnext=1&videos=kTGsxQ7MKM4

    • You’re right her dance is sexy cute.. . and i like her body.. not skinny like other idol…

      I always think that hyuna’s dance is too sexy for her age or maybe it’s because her sexy cloth …..

  9. I think jihyun is pretty than hyunA…
    But,Its just me..

  10. Jihyun dear, selcas would work if you were actually pretty but unfortunately for you you dont have the looks or the talent. thank god there’s make up huh?

    • oh dear, are you jealous that she’s prettier than you and you’re no better yourself? boohoo for you

    • Coming from someone who thinks SR is hot, ur opinion about jihyun doesn’t mean much.

      • lol who says i think SR is hot?
        and @Adora i love how all losers always turn things around to oneself and say “can you do it?” “are you as pretty?” thats not the fucking point. i dont care if she’s better looking than me nor am i jealous cause it aint like i live with her or see her to be jealous but she isn’t pretty and that’s the truth. if it hurts you well suck it up honey but thats what make up is for, even i use it but since im not a star it doesnt make much of a difference does it?

      • @Alee

        I find your mentality of “truth” to be quite laughable. Thanks. 🙂

  11. for ur info she can dance she use to do ballet and 4minute members even said she is the most flexible among their group she just don’t have the chance to show it

  12. She has smiling eyes 🙂

  13. like every sentence starts with “… garners interests amongst netizens.”
    netizens are quite easily interested lol.

    anyway, to me Jihyun is such a beautiful and cute girl. : )
    too bad she doesn’t appear much on shows.

  14. She still add something in the group ! It just they don’t give enough camera and lyrics line to her.

  15. of all the 4minute members, she’s the least talented… OH WAIT… there is something she is good at… selcas and winking…

    • i bet you never see her dance and she can sing

      • Yeah, if I can embed the “Milkshake” clip from YouTube, I will. Such display of great talent, that girl.

    • @whatever
      u r such a loser LOL

      4minute Fighting !!!

    • I agree becuase i was shocked when i know she is the leader

    • THIS!! She’s like Dara, Yoona, Nichkhun, kHJ, hara, sohee…. Pretty face with nothing else.

    • wow, stop bashing! She’s talented. That’s why she’s an idol -.-.

    • lol xD
      she CAN dance :))
      she’s in the university of ballet in Seoul :)) and she maybe not a great singer but she’s just like Sooyoung of SNSD or Dara of 2NE1

    • She got into JYP because of her dancing skills, she majors in dancing ballet do you think JYPE would let in someone who cant none of it? honey, this is not DSP or SM. they dont go for looks here!

    • You’re good at something too, criticizing people when you’re probably no better yourself.

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