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BoA reveals album poster to upcoming 6th album ‘Hurricane Venus’

Singer BoA reveals the album poster to her comeback 6th album.

BoA released the poster photo through her Twitter account on 29th July and wrote, “6th album Hurricane Venus!! Coming soon!!!!!!! I worked hard to make this!! Listen through the CD for good sound quality!!^^”

With that, many netizens commented, “This is the CD we have been waiting so long for, of course we will listen through CD”, “I have to buy this. 6th album daebak” etc. There were also international fans who commented, “I hope that they will allow shipping of the CD overseas” etc.

Meanwhile, BoA revealed 2 songs off the album ‘Game’ and ‘Stand By’ previously on 28th July. The album will be released officially on 5th August. The title song ‘Hurricane Venus’ will be released through various music sites online on 2nd August.



34 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai. mai said: K Bites: BoA reveals album poster to upcoming 6th album ‘Hurricane Venus’ http://bit.ly/bzIrJi […]

  2. wow someone just likes to leave replies.

    boa always seems to rile up kpop fans right?

    the first photooo is beautiful
    the second isn’t beautiful because its like shes transforming into something i can’t figure out but its scarily

  3. I really love BoA but that second picture gives me the creeps. The shadow looks quite tame though…

    Can’t wait for Hurricane Venus!!

  4. so cool…………………….. i can’t wait hurricane venus on august 2nd, i wanna have this album NOW

  5. Why??!!! Boa, Why???!!!
    my little sister was scared when we saw these pics TT__TT
    I don’t know what to think about this concept.

  6. too lady gaga wannabe

    • no.

      it is not. just because its unique, it doesnt mean its lady gaga.

      so young, so naive

    • lady gaga? not really.

      i dunno, that particular picture posted up there eerily reminded me of gaiman’s my harlequin valentine. which is kinda cool actually, i just think it made BoA look wtf up there. it isn’t doing her any good justice whatsover. the roses thing she wore on the first photos really was undoubtedly better.

  7. It’s crazy but creative
    and i like it ^^

  8. honestly I don’t like that pic.. BoA looks not beautiful.

    • the purpose isn’t to be beautiful
      it seems more like model fashion.

      • look, if a person don’t like the picture, then it’s his/her choice. get over it.

      • i never said they had to like it.
        jus sayin dat it’s more like model fashion so ob course not everyone will think its pretty or beautiful.

        don’t get so upset… yourself.

    • isnt model suppose to look beautiful?..O.O

  9. OMFG what the fck is this????
    I really like boa but this is too much 😦

  10. idk what this concept is, but it’s not a good look. hopefully her title track is good because that’s what matters most.

  11. The second picture is just a big NO. The first few releases of her wearing this concept are better. This one’s trying too hard to be eccentric and whimsical, must be the pose.

    • really? is she trying too hard?

      or is the public not ready for this?

      do we want her to do the same safe makeup and hair?

      i think she will shake up fashion world almost like gd did.

      • I agree with you, I like these more odd looks. ^_^

      • …..you call that thing fashion? ….

      • You got it all wrong. I said this pose, combined with the make-up and clothes seemed like it’s trying to look eccentric, when the first batch of photos looked better and didn’t have to seem that problem. Did you even read my post at all?

      • and FYI, I did not say it was BoA who was trying hard.

      • so you just want her to be beautiful and have some boring concept.

        this is called high fashion.

        models hunch over because that is a signature model move. not to be whimsical. lots of magazine photoshoots have poses like that.

      • this is called high fashion? LMAO but the 2nd pic was totally WRONG just WRONG the angel was bad and the lighnting was bad i mean you can harldy see these kind of pics on fashion magazines …. as much as i love Boa i would love her to do something new but not these kind of stuff it just doesnt fit her at all…

      • ^^LOL. You’re not getting.

        I wasn’t having any problems with her concept at all because the first batch of photos looked fine, even ethereal if I may say so myself. The SECOND one is downright ugly and unflattering.

        Will and some ppl please stop that “so you want her to be boring?” argument? Because frankly that’s not my point.

      • joining in this comment.

        yes you do see things like this in “high fashion magazines”

        please look through I-D, bazaar, dazed and confused, interview, V and numero magazine. if you think this is ugly and not flattering you wont believe what you sometimes see in magazines like those.

        its not bad lighting. they were playing with the shadows and you see that the placed some sort of shelf thing to cast a shadow behind her.

        quite frankly you don’t have to understand fashion because its art.

        you can find it downright ugly and unflattering but that can be considered artistic. Like that person (who likes this photo) says the hunching over is what models does in so many fashion shoots. go watch tyra on top model she says it hahahha.

      • and it’s very surprsing that kpop star boa would do this.
        like the majority people will find this scary , unflattering and wtf is with her? but this is surprisingly good to me.

        it’s not like she copied someone else is style.
        if you say lady gaga please no. lady gaga did not invent this style. lady gaga did not invent high fashion. thats a huge diss to fashion industry.

      • ^Believe me I watch ANTM all the freakin time and read fashion magazines so I am familiar with awkward poses that are patently gauche and such.

        I didn’t find it flattering to her. It may work to some models but I don’t see it working for BoA. I would go as far as saying it’s artistic yes, but to that picture I just find that it didn’t meet it.

        Fashion is extreme and is purely subjective. You find it cool and attractive, then okay. It’s just that on my case, I don’t. And I’m not yakking about her overall fashion concept for this comeback, it’s only that second photo that bothered me.

  12. aigoo

    i think i like it.
    its so different than what idols do
    she looks like magazine model!

  13. i hope she don’t wear that on her comeback stage.

  14. omg in the second photo she looks like a monster (faun?)

  15. seriously i really want to fcking kill the stylist that did Boa and SHINee’s outfit/hair….. that headpiece looks painful to wear….

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