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BoA reveals photo of her comeback stage practice, “cute”

Ahead of her comeback, BoA reveals photos taken during her practice session for her comeback stage, heightening fans’ anticipation.

BoA reveals on her Twitter on 30th July, “I’m working hard on the first broadcast^^ But me and Rino unnie wore the same clothes” and posted up 4 photos. In the photo, BoA was seen together with her dance-choreographer Rino practising.

Netizens commented, “BoA unnie is pretty and cute”, “Please comeback quickly. I’m waiting so much my neck will break”, “Rino ssi is also participating. I’m looking forward to this. Hwaiting for practice”, etc.

Meanwhile, BoA will have her comeback stage on 6th August on KBS Music Bank.

S: EDaily


20 Responses

  1. aww so rino didn’t do the choreo for boa?
    booo i wanted her to do something with boa

    but this just says that their good friends! thats even bettr
    i hope rino can influence boa cause boa can learn quickly

  2. ^ @vault
    Hyuna pretty much can’t dance I agree. But that is because she is, very unfortunately, born in Korea. With those amazing dancers you’ve mentioned, she stand nowhere. And LOL at the “all she does is shake and club dance”. LMAO I pretty much agree, though I kinda’ pity her from all the judgement she receive from netizens because she takes her “stage” as “club stage”.

    • agree. not great compared to other gal dancers coz she just shake her booties!!

    • i also agree with @vault

    • agree with @vault . club-dancer shown on stage . typical dance any club-girl can do . i wonder why she’s labeled a good dancer by some tho . anyone who thinks she can dance , enlighten me a bit ? i believe many others think the same as me …

      • I agree too, weirdly. Easy dance! Haha. Go club and learn, I’m learning it’s hella easy ^^

  3. RINO! She’s awesome. Awesome enough to be chosen to be a part of Pussycat Dolls. πŸ˜€ Props up for these two extremely and amazingly wonderful female dancers. πŸ™‚

  4. its a dream come true!!!!! i’ve been wanting rino to work with BoA given the chance and now she’s her choreographer! SWEET! I’m excited already for her comeback! WHOOT

    • Rino isn’t choreographing for BoA. Rino tweeted “BoA’s Big Comeback!!! Give Love!!! She’s dope!! (This is not the song I choreo just to let you know :))

  5. is tt a bra beneath BoA’s loose shirt?

    • yea, jus tlike rino.
      its a common style
      cl does it if u watch 2ne1tv.the most recent controversy was hyuna

      • of course. its different for hyuna. cos she cant dance. the others like BoA and Rino etc can dance. so i guess ppl just have to shut their gaps when someone is good at something. not hating hyuna here, i dont hate any of them in fact. but i dont think hyuna is a great dancer. cos if you were to see clearly, all she does is club-dancing. never once has she dance something for you to “WOW!” at, like what female dancers do. example of them will be BoA and Rino (above), Son Dambi, Stephanie (CSJH), Minzy (2NE1), Hyoyeon (SNSD) and last but not least, Kahi (After School). i would say this hyuna girl only knows how to shake and club-dance, but thats purely my opinion of course. if you think otherwise, ahem, well — that’s just your opinion but i can only say you have not seen better dancers. or maybe you are a fan of club-dance i dont know. but imma gonna tell you now — all girls who parties/clubs frequently can do those. some who even shake their booties more confidently than hyuna, if you zoom in on girls on stage when you club the next time πŸ™‚ yeah you can sound your opinion too. cheers!

      • i never said anyting about dancing/ lol

        i just said the style of the shirt was a controversy for hyuna.

    • I think it’s just a sport bra / dancing bra. No biggie.

    • Would you rather nothing?

  6. oh oh oh oooo

    She’s been staying in Seoul for more than a month now.
    She was there attending Seohyun’s surprise bday party at SM’s office. Tiffany said that they were practicing choreo with Rino so they just dragged Rino to join.

    Then she’s still there with Boa? lol SM sure loves RINO!
    No complain coz I love her.
    Boa+Rino= EPIC CHOREO!!

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