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FT Island Lee HongKi has a new ‘goddess-like’ hairstyle

FT Island Lee HongKi’s new permed golden locks garners interests.

Lee HongKi posted up new photos of himself with his new hairstyle on his minihompy on 29th July. Lee HongKi has always been keeping straight golden hair, but with his new permed hairstyle, many fans and netizens have grown interested.

Netizens commented, “Like goddess hairstyle”, “Prettier than girls”, “Like a princess” , “Please maintain this hairstyle” etc.

S: IS Daily

33 Responses

  1. i always thought that all types of hairstyle fits hongki.. but this time, i honestly and seriously hate that type of hairstyle…it does not suits you… i want that ‘Jeremy’ hairstyle… that is even more cute… haha…

  2. i have the exact same blackberry cover!

  3. He looks a bit like Kangin.

  4. lol don’t worry girls, i’m sure he will have a new hair cut as soon as FT Island come back in Korea. They always had free hair styles (actually weird hair styles) when they were in Japan. It’s not only Hongki but it happens to the rest. But as soon as they come back to Korean then everything will be fine. Nice hair. Nice outfit. Just wait for them, hehe ❤

    • yes agreed! i remembered before they returned with their second album, they had this horrendous hairstyle where all members had long un-tame hairstyles. but they cut it all off as soon as they came back to korea. i hope they come back fast.

    • Really? 😀 I really hope what you said is true:D I want cute oppa back

  5. T.T
    that is a horrible haircut
    nooooooo please cut it short again
    I wonder when they’re coming back to Korea

  6. LOL
    is it only me who thinks this is cute

  7. ehh noo hongki. i dont like it. its enough with taemin looking like a girl, you cant do it also! you’re too cute.
    i want your You’re Beautiful hair XDD haha you’re still cute though (:

  8. oh, just remember! but this one isss muchhh muchh better than the hair from Brand-new days MV!:(

  9. oh, iphone!:) nice hair dude! real gay!:(

  10. WTF!! is this hairstyle !!! i hate it it’s ugly ..
    and he looks so GAY .. =__=

  11. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, XueLi, Ummy Muthmainnah, Charlotte Cauchemar, 송대빈 missvania and others. 송대빈 missvania said: RT @sookyeong: FT Island Lee HongKi has a new ‘goddess-like’ hairstyle http://twurl.nl/8kmipf […]

  12. 안돼!!! yea, maybe looks like a princess to some ppl. but he’s a prince! shld look like a princ T.T
    not ahjuma’s hair~~ *crying out loud*

  13. Woah~ I’m loving this haircut!

  14. he still a cutie pie but i want his short black hair like the one in After Love back..he looks his best with that hairstyle..

  15. He is much more beautiful with black or brown hair…But he can have pink hair ,his voice will still wonderful ~

  16. NOOOO… I want his black cute hair back:( I like him better when he just debut with FT… 😦 hongki……

  17. i miss the FT Island boys!! despite the hair, Hong Ki looks beautiful as usual.

  18. i thought it was BoA!!
    omggg Hongki what are you doing to your hair!?!?? weird. O_o”

  19. LEE HYORI ?

  20. i just wanna go in front of him and say ‘HONGKI! U ARE A GUY!’ and lol at the Lee Hyori mistake ^^

  21. I’m sorry but that is the ugliest hairstyle I ever seen o_O

  22. lol at the “Want a new hairstyle” google add O_o

  23. “Lee Hyori posted up new photos of himself”… heh? LOL

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