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‘Giant baby’ f(x) Sulli has to wear just flats?

Another piece of evidence that f(x) Sulli is a ‘giant baby’ with recent photos and photoshoot revealed.

In some recent endorsement and even photos, Sulli was seen as the only member wearing flats while the other f(x) members were seen in high heels.

Netizens commented, “Sulli who has to always wear flats because she is too tall”, “The other members have to wear kill heel to reach around her height”, “Sulli is really a giant baby” etc.

This is not the first time Sulli’s height has been in the spotlight. Recently, her height was also being compared to other male idols like Jung YongHwa, Jo Kwon and TaeYang.


24 Responses

  1. I honestly think that with dresses some flats do not really go with them, even though I am all for flats! I just think some outfits require heels.

  2. lol im pretty sure she’s grown a few more cm than 169 during this time

  3. luna has some really nice calves

  4. Wow…she is tall..so now she will join Uee, Nana being among the tall idol..=) ah and also sooyoung, yuri, seohyun, & yoona LOL

  5. sulli is just a giant adorable ball of cuteness. haha^^

  6. Good for sulli not to wear a high heels..
    Its good for fashion but not healthy..

  7. And it seems she’s still growing! I wonder how tall she’ll become?!

  8. That red dress Sulli wears in that pic is gross
    The girl is so pretty. Please don’t wear grandma print again Sulli 😦

  9. Good thing she has that and her good looks going for her.

  10. omgosh sulli’s stunning. i can only imagine seeing her walking outside in the streets with that face and that height.

  11. So when a guy’s short, people have to be sensitive but when a girl’s tall, it’s not un-PC to call her a “giant.” oic

    • so true. But since tall guys are generally considered less attractive while tall leggy woman are considered attractive I feel it’s justified.

  12. How tall is she again? XD

    Those white shoes were fug. they could’ve given her cuter flats.

  13. omo I want to be as tall as sulli.. she is so beautiful.
    F(x) fighting !!!

  14. Flats or not that girl is beautiful !

    Who do you think Sings Chocolate love better? SNSD or f(x) ?


  15. is amber getting axed? why isn’t she in the photoshoot? posing for pictures is not really strenuous especially with that very femme theme.

  16. aaww .. totally understand her 🙂

  17. even in flats and Luna in heels, Sulli is still taller. I think her height is cute.

  18. i think she’s 170 cm or above now..

  19. Sulli is sooo cute. I like tall girls 😀

  20. She has to (forced)? But who cares if she’s tall, She’s ADORABLE!

  21. Luna looked so out of place in the group picture. lol

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