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Gong Yoo and f(x) Sulli are models for LG smartphone series ‘Optimus Z’

‘Hot guy’ Gong Yoo and f(x) Sulli transform as city guy and girl, showing off their own charms.

The 2 are known to have worked together recently as the models for LG electronics smart phone series ‘Optimus Z’.

The story of the CF is such that it pictures Gong Yoo walking down the street and when he saw charming Sulli, he took out his Optimus Z phone and shook it a little. At that moment, Sulli’s phone contact had transferred into his phone from her phone.

This introduces the smart feature of the photo which allows of easier file sharing. The CF will start appearing on TV and broadcast from 1st August.

S: Asiae

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  1. Ooohh! Gong Yoo! =)

  2. GONG YOO BAAAAABY!!!!! <33333

  3. its crazy to think that Gong Yoo is almost twice Sulli’s age but you can’t tell in the CF since Gong Yoo looks young and Sulli looks mature (at least in this CF she does) for their respective ages.

  4. gong yoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

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