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KBS Music Bank 30.07.2010 – SHINee wins #1 with ‘Lucifer’ + BoA’s preview of ‘Hurricane Venus’

Today on KBS Music Bank, group SHINee won their first #1 with their comeback title song ‘Lucifer’, just 1 week into their comeback! A preview for BoA’s comeback title song ‘Hurricane Venus’ was also revealed.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

Meanwhile, a preview to BoA’s comeback with ‘Hurricane Venus’ was also revealed

108 Responses

  1. Awww SHINee won! im so happy for them! good job! they deserve it. 😀 sarangheyo shinee!

  2. Miss A sucks 😀




  4. While everyone is in war (SHINee Vs. Miss A), I would like to say that I absolutely loved G.NA’s song. She is one of the rare singers who can sing very well live. I congratulate her! Her song and performance was great! And DJ Doc can rap VERY WELL. I really loved their performances!

    Go G.NA and DJ Doc! ❤

  5. Shinee – the best!!!!!!

    • what a nice joke. Shinee SUCKS!!

      • This is how fan wars start. Stop insulting. If you didnt like their song you are entitled to voice your opinion but no need to be harsh. Some people like them, some don’t. Deal with it.

  6. WTF! missA deserved to win :/
    Miss A, jjang !!!

  7. LMFAO, look at all you people here arguing. It’s pathetic xD It makes me wonder if idols ever sit back in their chairs, look at comments on articles and laugh at how IDIOTIC and CRAZY fans can get over such little comments made from one another. Teehee~!

  8. @Love3 too:
    you know, i really like miss A’s song Bad Girl Good Girl and it’s on top of my 25 most played songs in just 1 week.

    however after i read all your comments in this post, somehow i was disturbed. even had some thoughts on giving up rooting for this rookie group. are they THAT good that their fan can be sounded very cocky?

    shinee is a very strong performers — even without their fanbase. i personally think that they are one of those artists whose full-albums are worth buying for general public as well.

    • Yup they are THAT good compare to all the girl groups out there. Haven’t u heard their MR ver? Their vocals are hella strong unlike some groups couldn’t even finish the whole song and don’t bother to sing the chorus. But miss A did and they are awesome!! And nope I’m not being cocky here just telling u the truth 😀

      • oh please. they’re good but don’t act like they’re better than all girl groups. the last time i check, they sing almost the whole song but not all. they did lipsync at some part.

      • @Love3:
        well, watching their performance, i don’t need to check the MR to see their quality. oh and i understand you’re not being cocky, but you sounded like one — that;s why people are arguing with you. the “truth” you were saying there is subjective. i have my “truth” too about miss A after reading all your comments.

        at the end of it, i don’t care whatever you do, but just don’t bring down miss A name.

  9. Lmao at @ lovelovelove…Even WG hasn’t sold 100,000 for any of their albums. I’m not talking about digital sales, I said ALBUM SALES, and the last time I checked, ur A didn’t even surpass 15,000 in album sales lol. Check ur facts before sprouting off with ur nonsensical comments. Beat SNSD, u r smoking crack. Although, I’m not a huge fan of SNSD, they are the only female group since 2002 to sell over 100,000 for all their albums, therefore, I can’t say anything against SNSD. 2ne1 will sell more than ur A lol, not to mention Kara, 4minutes, T-ara, and others.
    If ur going to talk shizz, then at least back it up with some facts. Being on some digital charts on some K sites don’t really amount to anything tbh, so go do some research before claiming A will do this or that. They haven’t, have they? I didn’t think so….TALK TO THE HAND!!!!

    • because miss A is a rookie group and so nyeo shi dae didn’t sell >100k for their debut album. All the groups you mentioned are seniors in the K music industry lmao I said miss A WILL you dumbass not DID! and no album sale just tells you how strong the fanbase is. digital sale is what reflecting on the song if it’s widely accepted in the public or not. So what that being said + BGGG wins big in digital sale = miss A is the winner 🙂

      • U dumbass…SNSD did sell over 100,000 for the debut album…Look it up. Some people are so idiotic. U talk about digital sales…Look that up, SNSD will sell way more than most artists..PERIOD, including A.
        U r so blind by ur so called love for A that u don’t want to see the truth and the facts of things. Get over yourself….U knucklehead! Bring some facts into an argument if u have anything logical to say, if not….SHUSSSHHHH! Just TALK TO THE HAND!!!!!

      • Ok whatever but in the end miss A is and will be the winner and that’s matter 🙂 just wait and see your precious so nyeo shi who will flop in Japan.

    • SM fans are always more hardcore than JYPE fan though (and other ent company fans). For instant, Fin.KL were a little bit more popular than SES but SES always sold more albums. Shinee too sell more albums than Miss A but Miss A’s song is definitely the bigger trend. Just sayin…

      Digital charts are just as relevant or even more relevant than CD sites since 90% or Koreans use online sites and soo generating a lot of money for artist. I agree though SNSD are probably the only SM artist who rock both Digital and Offline charts.

  10. SHINee’s song suck but they do performer better than Miss A.

    • Lol I pardon you to take that back. Lucifer > BGGG? Are you ok? Lucifer is flopping on charts while BGGG’s still up there on Gaon Chart. Congratz to Shinee anyways though we all know who’s the real winner here.

      • How long have u been a “say a”…like 3 weeks lmao. put in some time before u even have the right to say who is better or not, even though it’s a personal preference.
        Win one award(will not include Mnet) and u talk like they are the best lol. Fyi, other rookies have won more awards then ur precious A.
        If they can sell 100,000 in album sales, then I will let u talk all u want, until then….TALK TO THE HAND!!!!!!!!

        Btw, DJ DOC is now topping most charts.

      • Don’t worry they will. Their debut song is already topping charts so no worries that their next song won’t be. They will be great like the WGs and beat SNSD once they’re gone to Japan. Yup that’s “my precious A” I’m talking about. Miss A ftw!!!!!!

    • @tsk. agree!
      shinee is just a joke compared to missA.
      I think MissA will be the best korean group out there.
      even better than the Wonder Girls.

      MissA # 1 <333333333333

    • *perform

      Huh? I never said Lucifer >BGGG, I said Shinee performs better than Miss A.

  11. I’m disappointed Miss A never won, but congratulations to Shinee, their song is very catchy (and a tad annoying lol but their lives are entertaining). I don’t expect Miss A to win any more awards but they have seriously done soo well with their song. It’s nice to see how many fans they have gained (from no fan chants at the beginning than lots of cheers in the later weeks). BGGG is such a nice, mature song. I can’t wait to hear more from the girls now.

  12. wow i am already to start no liking miss A and their fans. Their fans are so annoying. dissing everyone

    • def agreeed! seriously, you cant just say shinee doesnt deserve an award . every artists works very hard o win.

    • Can’t agree more! They are starting to get annoying…i like their song alot eventhough i am not like a major fan; however, their fans need to respect other artists too and be humble since they’re rookie

      • but miss A are humble, you know ;__;

      • @hottestime: they meant the fans aren’t humble not MissA themselves.

      • I know. But it’s sad, they’re getting hate because of their fans.

      • yea, same with any other fandom i guess. especially BJs too. now it seems SayAs are taking their place. too bad cuz MissA really is a great group. it’s too sad that they’re too freaking cocky that it freaking annoys the hell outta everyone else and that affects MissA, unfortunately in a bad way. well. if they keep it up, MissA and SayA will probably be the newest most hated fanclub and group in kpop just because of some of the whacky ones.

    • none of Kpop fans clubs are angels nowadays..

    • seriously. miss a is good in my book but their fans….

  13. no offense to MissA or their fans, but i’m not really liking their song. Like, don’t get me wrong, it’s not their voices or anything. Personally I think their voices are fantastic. It’s the actual song i don’t like. They carry it out well, but i’m not a fan of it. even if it were another girl group singing it, i wouldn’t like it. And the dance is great. Like, I can tell that they are good dancers. But it’s just the song… But, nonetheless, i wish them all the best in the future.

    On another note, I’m really loving G-NA’s song. I’m like obsessed over it. And SHINee’s song is great. Love the dance and the song. Wish MinHo was dancing as well..
    I also liked GilMe and KWill’s song. It was really good with the rapping and the vocals. I think GilMe and Outsider should collab once. That would be epic in my opinion. 🙂

  14. This is directed towards SOME Say A’s please stop ruining Miss A’s name. There’s a way a mature way to say something then there’s an immature way to say something. Miss A is a brand new group, please don’t make people hate them already because of SOME fans. (Again I emphasized SOME because I don’t want to generalize.)

    Hmm I wonder where Se7en and Taeyang are. They’re performing on all the music shows except Music Bank. It seems odd to me.

    Congrats SHINee! Everyone works hard so everyone should a have a chance to get an award. We all know awards are based on popularity these days anyways.

    • I think Taeyang is in Japan with BigBang for a concert.

      • They’re back already that’s why TAeyang perform at mnet yesterday along with se7en & top performance…. Yg is probably boycotting kbs since the win win incident

      • Nah, the win win incident was just a week ago. They skipping Music Bank even before that.

  15. i really dont understand why people hate other groups, i dont get it, it is so stupid and a waste of time u__u so immature.

    Well I congratulate the boys, yes is a fact that this is a popularity contest. its obvious but you have to admit that even if it is the boys can really sing all live and they can dance to, so they have the talent to win, yeah the song suck but they dont write the song.

    Miss A is the best new female group that comes recently, i really like them, their vocals are good and they can dance to (very talented girls!) and the song is incredible but is the same… like shinee, they dont write the song.

    So in my opinion every group has bad and good things, respect the others likes or dislikes. or else just dont comment, im just saying

    (Sorry my bad english)

  16. reading the comments i kept asking “what the heck is shawols?” but now i realize that they’re shinee’s fangroup right? well anyway shinee’s been doing well with their live performances, and they’ve been MIA for a long time so it’s good that they got to win so soon. Miss A already won a few, and they’ve managed to top charts for consecutive weeks, and for a rookie that’s pretty good; so congrats to Miss A and Shinee.

  17. shinee won??? :s Their new concept is ughhhh and their song is ok.
    Honestly missA deserve it more.


  18. I’m totally noticing lately that YG artists are boycotting KBS (especially after the CL’s incident on Win Win…no YG artist is seen on today’s show at alL!) and SM artists are boycotting Mnet…

    • sm and mnet has been going on for ages. i’m sure it won’t ever get solved.
      Meh mnets not that important xD crappy sound system.

    • I noticed that too. They’re most definitely boycotting KBS over the CL incident on Fail Fail. At the least Fail Fail producers should have the decency to sincerely apologize to CL and YG.

      • what incident? can some BJ’s help a sister out here?? explain?

      • @nainnoona: they’ve mistaken her picture with Gaeko. You can find out more at Allkpop. And that’s worth a sincere apologize. Geez, how can they be so careless. >'<

      • *apology.

    • I doubt that because during Taeyang’s comeback didn’t he skip Music Bank on the first week?
      Then in the 2nd week onwards he promoted their except for yesterday.

  19. Wow,congrats for the win.. The song is kinda weird,but I like it. I like their style,so creative and it’s remains me about installation arts..

  20. Hurricane Venus sounds very good ! 😀 love it
    and BoA ❤

  21. Hua…it’s gud that Shinee was able t0 win again this week.
    Either Shinee 0r MissA..,b0th have str0ng perf0rmance n deserve t0 win (DJ Doc als0 n0t bad)..but yeah..,it really r depend 0n the fans itself..k..Shinee..FIGHTING!!!! Let’s c if u cn still hold in ur p0siti0n next week =)

  22. Sure thay Lucifer will win because Shinee have strong fanbase not because of their music. The song isn’t widely loved in Korea so Shawols should just stop saying it is great so that it won. BGGG’s still topping the Gaon chart and we all know who’s the real winner here period.

    • lol butthurt.

    • I couldnt agree more. Miss A is the BEST !!!!

      shawols are pathetic LOL
      (los integrantes de shinee parecen maricas eww.)

      • “Miss A is the best” “Shawols are pathetic”
        WOW. Stop hating the fandom and the group.
        “los integrantes de SHINee parecen maricas”,
        Oh yeah smartass, just hide behind a different language to bash a group, there are fans that do understand spanish.

        PS, the SHINee members don’t look like fags.
        Try saying it in English next time. :p

      • wow, why say it in a different language? scared?
        say it in english so dat everyone can understand.

      • @pinkie
        wow~ you are the only one pathetic here, you are not even confident enough to write that in english
        you should know that you are not the only one here that speak spanish -.-

    • For real. SHINee just has a strong fanbase because they’ve been in the game longer than miss A, so obviously the Shawols will still buy the albums even if it sucked. miss A on the other hand are loved by the general public. Their album are not selling that well yet because they don’t have a strong fanbase yet. Just give them 1 year and they’ll beat SNSD’s MuBank record.

      • stop trolling.

      • Seriously.. who care about MuBank record.. since when winning in MuBank considered the greatest of all achievement?

      • …and what makes you think that SHINee isn’t loved by the general public too?

        & also, shouldn’t people be focusing on their vocals rather than what they’re wearing? It’s a ‘music’ show, not a fashion show.

      • …and what makes you think that SHINee isn’t loved by the general public too?

        & also, shouldn’t people be focusing on their vocals rather than what they’re wearing? It’s a ‘music’ show, not a fashion show.

  23. not a fan of “Lucifer” but I do like Shinee so congrats on the win, they are one of few really vocally talented idol groups so its good to see them win an award once in awhile considering how hard they work and how good their performances are.

    Hurricane venus sounds like it has the beat to have some awesome choreography, having been a fan of BoA since she debuted I look forward to her comback because she is one heck of a performer.

  24. congrats shinee I think next week it will be DJ Doc vs shinee

  25. MissAforever – obviously u’re miss A fan. why do u think Shinee don’t deserve to win? whats ur reasons? u tell shawols.

    • ignore her/him. missAforever is just butthurt, like most sayA’s that will come to comment on kbites later on.

      • Im sorry but how do you know missaforever is not just a missa anti who wants people to hate on them?

    • Like what I said in another comment, SHINee is just winning because of their strong fanbase — not exactly because of their song. miss A’s song has been topping charts. They’re still rookies, but they are almost gonna beat SNSD’s Oh! record. It’s barely the first week of Lucifer, but they’re already dropping in the charts.

      • actually i think dj doc might take miss a off the top of the charts. i mean its dj doc and their song is pretty catchy and fun (:
        but you never know, miss as going strong as a rookie

      • @missAforever:

        you know, i really like miss A’s song Bad Girl Good Girl and it’s on top of my 25 most played songs in just 1 week.

        however after i read all your comments in this post, somehow i was disturbed. even had some thoughts on giving up rooting for this rookie group. are they THAT good that their fan can be sounded that cocky?

        shinee is a very strong performers — even without their fanbase. i personally think that they are one of those artists whose full-albums are worth buying for general public as well.

  26. wtf? SHINee didn’t deserve that! miss A should have won.
    & wtf are they wearing?

    • they have a strong fanbase, of coz they’ll win. get with the program.
      its a music program but it’s really just a popularity contest. some fans wud buy a few copies of the album just to get their fav artist to win. u saying they dont deserve it wont change anything.

    • stop being so butthurt.
      if sayA’s want miss A to win then why dont u go buy their album? or its bcuz their album SUCKED so no one, even their fans dont want to buy it.

    • miss A is doing great as a rookie.
      u shud be proud.
      and who r u to say shinee didnt deserve it. and u r criticizing their outfits? they didnt deserve it coz of “wtf” they are wearing? hmmm…cudnt say anything about their vocals huh?

    • agree with missAforever

      Shinee just won in the Album sales category..

      Koreans love MissA more than shinee.
      MissA #1 <333333

      • seriously. if SHINee didn’t come out later, they would’ve lost to miss A too.

    • If you didn’t know, SHINee is a contemporary band, meaning they’re not afraid to wear different styles of clothing. They’re doing something that most artists and groups aren’t doing; they’re straying from the norm and getting more noticed by it.
      So don’t hate on SHINee for being different.
      Besides, Miss A is good, but not that great. What did you expect? For them to win 4 times? Please, they’re just a rookie group. Don’t expect too much from them.

      • I won’t hate on them for being different. Heck, I’m all for being different in this cloned-idol era. But can’t they look different yet good at the same time? maybe it will take me a while to get used to it, but Key’s hair… Fail… He can’t pull it off as well as G-Dragon… maybe it’s because it’s permed…

      • @E.L.F

        The last part of your comment greatly disturbs me. it’s as if you’re suggesting, despite having the greatest song in the world (hypothetical situation here), a rookie group should never win more than say a more established group. This is the kind of thinking which is ruining kpop, the fact that people believe that older singers somehow deserve awards just for the fact that they have been around longer. I’m not just referring to you, i’ve seen these kinda comments around alot. Just strange.

      • They new styles have been done by others before.. so you they are the only group who ‘straying from the norm.’

        And… just because a group is a rookie… that doesn’t mean, that group can’t win an award.. do you remember what happen last year? Who would have guess two rookie groups could top music charts.

      • @E.L.F. The last part of your comment was wow.
        But aside from that, why should anyone care if a group looked good or bad? Just because they’re wearing oddly questionable things, shouldn’t mean anything. Their talents are important, not what they wear or how they look.

        @missAForever just because you think Miss A should’ve won, doesn’t mean that everyone else thinks that way. I mean no disrespect but SHINee works their asses off just like every other group, they deserved the win.
        Also, you should be happy that your favorite group is performing right now, other groups like SNSD, Super Junior, 4Minute, Big Bang, etc could’ve easily taken Miss A down.

    • and YOU missAforever..

      if u want Miss A to win, you should try buying a lot of their album…

      To stay at the top of KPop nowadays.. a group or solo singer need a big/fanatic fanbase that would not mind to but thousands of album per person, so that they group/singer could win music charts..

      This is the most important requirement in KPop nowadays…

  27. SHINee Congratz!! XD
    SHAWOL will always be by your side. ^^

  28. Love my Dambi…great performance as usual!

    Also loved the DJ D.O.C. Together stage…so much fun and more of Dambi 🙂

    But don’t get married Dambi!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Dambi was soo cute with DJ DOC on stage.

      I’m still loving Queen, rock on Son DamBi~

  29. shinee is best! i like their song. i hate bad girl good girl!

  30. The Hurricane Venus sounds pretty dope.

    Congrats Shinee! 🙂 Anyhoo, does anyone know why YB and Se7en isn’t on MuBank tonight?

  31. am i first?!
    congrats SHINee for the win..although i think they won because of having such a strong fanbase…
    and yes..i’ll be watching the perfs now.. ^^

    • True

      Shinee- loved by fanbase(buy albums)

      Miss a -loved by general pulic(buy digital)

      • SHINee SUCKS, miss A song and performance is way better than them.

        shinee only won because of their album points, in the other categories missA Pwns shinee.

      • @minnieA: agree!
        MissA, all the way!!!
        they’re the Best Rookie group ever ^^

      • just wait and see your precious miss a will flop against 2NE1.

    • Yeah, but didn’t you two see the article on this site where people were shocked that SHINEE was singing almost-all parts of their song? Including the chorus and other adlibs that were included in the original song.

      Overall they do deserve this award, they worked really hard to keep up with choreography and not sound out of breath for all of their parts. And if something sounded weird, it is most likely the mic’s fault, not them. Regardless, I think you two especially, should go take a listen to their MR-Removed performance. It is refreshing to hear such great effort from an idol group, and if you’re not up for it, try dancing to their song while singing, or try running while singing their song. I DARE YOU. >:)

    • this is why I conclude myself that in the current kpop scene, good song or bad, as long as you have fans(:

    • Uh… almost everyone who wins these awards is because of their strong fanbase. Only rookie singers, and the occasional really popular/catchy songs is due to the sales. You’re naive if you hope fanbase has nothing to do with these awards.

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