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Kpop stars promote upcoming ‘2010 20’s Choice’ with ‘0826’ tattoo

During the live broadcast of Mnet M!Countdown on 29th July, stars like Narsha, miss A Fei, MBLAQ Lee Joon, DJ DOC Jung JaeYoung were seen with a similar ‘0826’ tattoo printed on various parts of their body during their stages.

It is known that they are promoting for the upcoming Mnet ‘2010 20’s Choice’ and ‘0826’ is the date of the event.

Stay tuned for more upcoming information on the event.


23 Responses

  1. LAME
    mnet award shows will never be the same without SM Artists!

    • what a cocky Sm fan… it is not like Mnet care anyways.. with or without Sm artist the show must go on when can you cocky Sm fans get over it already it was like that last year ….

      • it was one person, let it go.

        im sure you have no problem if a YG elitist started to rep yg left and right.

        and cocky isnt the word. its more like immature but w.e

      • trust me it is not just one person … last year there were tons of Sm fans (more like ELF and Sones) complaining about how if that SM artist were there they will take almost all the awards or something Mnet sucks, MAMA was the worst awards ceremonies , and blah blah when SM was the one that boycotted Mnet they blamed Mnet for the whole thing……. and why should i care about YG’s problem? their fans rarlely act like SM fans the only thing i hate about YG fan is some of the ignorant blackjacks…….. and yes immature is better word ….

    • Honestly, the whole SM and Mnet ordeal is stupid. The two should sort out their problems and be on good terms again.
      Hopefully they do.. someday

  2. fei has a body to die for o.O

  3. that is a really hot picture on the upper right corner

  4. Ohhhh. Cool!

  5. with no SM artist i bet miss A and 2AM will win most of the awards which ok by me i love miss A and 2AM.

  6. narsha….marry me.
    ;’ ) ❤

  7. aww i remember last years was amazing with 2pm and 2ne1!!! They not only had awesome performances but swept many awards…..oh those were the days.

    Oh and 2008 mnet was fun too with Soshi, Wonder Girls, Shinee and Big Bang….also i remember in 2007 the stage was in front of a pool haha that was cool!

  8. what mnet did was really smart anyway Mnet events and awards are always the best

  9. Ahhhhh so that’s what’s up! Cool. I def noticed those tattoos and they had me curious bout it. n__n

  10. Joon had two..
    his neck and near the collar bone.

    great job Mnet!

    i can’t wait for this! im so excited to vote too 😀

  11. Using idols as billboards. GENIUS!

  12. August 26th eh?! looking forward to it~ ^^

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