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SNSD to release Jap debut single on 8th Sep, members to drop variety shows commitment

So Nyeo Shi Dae will be releasing their debut Japanese single coming 8th September.

The girls will be releasing their debut Japanese single ‘Genie’ on 8th September under Nayutawave Records of Univeral Music label. For this single, there will be Japanese and Korean version of the song ‘Genie’ and together with the CD will be a MV DVD, photobook and 9 trading cards.

Ahead of their debut, the girls will also be releasing a DVD ‘New Beginning of Girls’ Generation’ on 11th August with the MVs of all their hit songs. And coming 25th August, the girls will be holding their first large scale showcase for 10K fans.

Meanwhile, there has been great interests about the girls’ activities on variety shows.

TaeYeon has left the MC role on KBS 2TV WinWin while Tiffany and Yuri will be ending their MC-ing on MBC Music Core on 31st July.

SM Entertainment revealed, “We have many overseas activities planned for the girls the later part of the year. To concentrate on their overseas activities, the girls will be letting go of their other activities slowly.”

Fans have been curious if SeoHyun will continue on MBC We Got Married. SM revealed, “SeoHyun will continue We Got Married for the time being.”

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38 Responses

  1. It’s funny how antis say they’re gonna fail. Just because you want them to doesn’t mean they’re gonna. I mean this is the group who didn’t even promote in Japan yet their second album ended up on the oricon charts. Not only that but they have major Japanese celebrities supporting them. I already know this is going to be epic.

  2. Don’t use “Jap”, use “Japanese”. A lot of Japanese Americans consider “Jap” to be derogatory.

  3. i wish them the very best!:)

  4. Ahead of their debut, the girls will also be releasing a DVD ‘New Beginning of Girls’ Generation’ on 11th August with the MVs of all their hit songs. And coming 25th August, the girls will be holding their first large scale showcase for 10K fans.

  5. Hope they will do well in Japan. these girls also work hard. though not a very much fan of them, I wish them all the best too. Just smile ahead of them. But I’m kinda worried. Anyways, proper marketing will make it through.

    Hope fanwars stops. OMO, Because of this, I feel awkward opening/commenting on other idol’s page that bash other talents. Just pay respect please.

    btw, how’s their japanese?

  6. They will fail. Japan doesn’t like rubbish.

    • LOLOLOL. You just wasted your time clicking on the article and writing a hate comment.
      Stop disrespecting SNSD.

  7. gosh do they have to inform us every week about every insignificant information about this overexposed group?! let me guess, next week they’re gonna pay for an article that states that they have finished recording and once again prepping for their japanese comeback

    • You know, if you don’t like reading an article about a certain group, then you don’t have to waste your time reading it as well as wasting your time to comment.
      Is simply ignoring a group so hard? Seriously, you could be doing something productive for yourself.

  8. I like this blog, it is very informative….

  9. I’m quite dissapointed they debut with Genie. I wanted a brand new song…and even Oh! or Gee would have been a better song for Japan. I will miss them when they will leave for Japan and I hope they won’t stay there too long and comeback the sooner possible !

    • I honestly think Genie is a pretty good song to debut with. That song is the closest thing snsd have to comply with fan service theme that seems to be favored in Japan when it comes to girl group songs, without completely giving in with that trend because genie is pretty done nicely if we put it amongst other singles from jpop mega female groups available there.

    • I think it’s logical for them to choose a Korean song and translate it to Japanese. Big Bang’s and KARA’s Japanese debut singles were translations of the original Korean songs (Heaven & Mister respectively) and I love the Japanese version just as much as the Korean version, so I think Genie will sound as good or even better.
      I do look forward to them releasing a Japanese original though and wish them luck in Japan.

  10. q q i miss snsd

  11. Lets see if they can be as successful ask TVXQ/DBSK or even big bang.

    • It’s unavoidable that their fan club is going to decrease as time pass by. Who knows, some of those fan might even turn to Miss A or 2NE1 and increase their fanbase.

    • They aren’t going to be successful unless they flaunt their clothes like AKB48. But yeah, so far powerful vocals from TVXQ and hip hop from big bang is so far successful. If they were a hip hop group like 2NE1, maybe they would have a better chance of succeeding.

      • Funny how u already judge their success when they haven’t even started. lol They haven’t even touched the market at all. No showcase, no japanese song, no promotion AT ALL.

        R u by any chance a fortune teller?

    • Oh no… can ya’ll stop bringing other groups in every japanese related articles? Those groups u mentioned aren’t even the pioneer of successful kpop artist in japanese industry.

      The next day I open this article, a fanwar might break.

  12. SM!!! U better keep ur promise of balanced promotion.
    I had enough with WG being allocated away from korea. RAWR!

    I hope SM won’t change their plans on maintaining the girls’ appearance in motherland. Although it’s just random guest appearances in variety shows. I’ll be satisfied. Or maybe they should propose a show that will follow SNSD with their debut in japan like GGTS. XD

    All de best to them!

  13. Im gonna miss my baby girls on variety shows man yyyyyy

  14. For the time being?! I don’t want seohyun to leave WGM ever :[ YongSeo is absolutely cute together!

    I look forward to their Japan Showcase and Debut~!
    Fighting!! and I hope for the best for So Nyuh Shi Dae~

  15. cool 8th September is my birthday keke

    ¡¡¡ Ganbatte kudasai, Shoujo Jidai !!!

  16. oh.. I want the photobook and the mv DVD.
    snsd hwaiting <33333!!!

  17. Can anyone clarify! “Genie” is a new song and not a remake/Japanese version of “Tell Me Your Wish” right? I wish the girls luck <33333333

    • not a new song but a Japanese version of Tell Me Your Wish. But don’t worry, I think the girls will pull off the Japanese ver like they did with the Korean one ^^ SNSD hwaitaeng!!!

  18. 직음은 소녀시대~
    앞으 로도 소녀시대~
    용 원 히 소녀시대

    少女時代 がんばって!~~ ♥

  19. I’m a Sone myself but don’t you think the girls better stay focused on the Japanese market rather than going back and forth between Korean and Japan? Better winning one than losing 2 isn’t it? But I don’t care whether the girls will make it into the Japanese market or not Sones will be here for them forever 🙂 SNSD ftw!!!!!!!!!

    • aawww but i’ll miss them in korea…
      but i guess they should focus if they really wanna make it.

      • I’ll miss them too T__T anyways, have u heard the RUMOR saying TaeNy will be singing “Hitomiwo Tojite” by Hirai Ken in their upcoming Japan showcase yet? omg TaeNy’s voices will perfectly fit in this song fosho <33333333333!!

      • omona TaeNy ost would be awesome.
        btw, I heard these rumors

        ‘ SNSD 1st Asia Tour Concert ‘Into the New World’ Live Album will be released on 9/9

        1st Asia Tour Concert ‘Into the New World’ DVD will be released late this year

        SNSD will song OST of Japanese Drama ‘Golden Pig’ in this fourth quarter. And OST will be released in October.

        Goobne Chicken re-contracted with SM. So, SNSD will continue as model of Goobne until April 2011.’

        @Yurui912 on twitter

  20. Good luck Shoujo Jidai !!!

  21. omo cant wait for their japanese promotions.

  22. Good luck SNSD!

  23. i hope they don’t stay out korea like Wondergirls and lose there number 1 status just copy what Big Bang doing in Japan.

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