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BoA reveals MV teaser to ‘Hurricane Venus’

The MV teaser to BoA’s upcoming 6th album title song ‘Hurricane Venus’ has been revealed during the timeslot for MBC Music Core today on 31th July.

The full song will be revealed on 2nd August. Love the MV teaser or not?

22 Responses

  1. weird how she pronounced “venus” Lol.

  2. I LOVE BOA!!! from the make-up to the song and the choreography.. that’s why some people get disappointed because they expect too much from the artist.. let’s just be glad that BoA is coming back after 5yrs!! her presence alone makes me really happy and for sure she’s gonna do a really good job!! and the only thing that reminds me of lady gaga in this teaser is the camera going circles like in bad romance.. besides, BoA is hundred times prettier than lady gaga!!! no offense but I really liked lady gaga during her poker face time.. but now, with all the alejandro thing, I just don’t like her anymore.. ok, enough with gaga, BOA FIGHTING!! hahahaha!!! XDDD

  3. i’m not feeling this teaser (song & vid).
    i’ve just felt so disappointed in all the big comebacks thus far.
    though satisfying enough, i guess i had more epic expectations of taeyang’s comeback.
    and se7en just disappointed so bad. :\
    i still have some hope for boa though. there might be something else on her album i’ll like. and of course looking forward to the comeback stage.

  4. What chu talkin ’bout!? I LOVE this! So far the song sounds cool and my eyes love eating up all that prettiness! lol love the art direction.
    btw how come people say lady gaga and never mention bjork?

  5. not likin it but lets see.

  6. I don’t like boa’s new direction and style at all. I think that’s one of the reasons she didn’t do well in the US because the production direction is just not right. I miss her old stuff (not to say her old style would work in the US because it probably wouldn’t). I have not so great feeling about her new album’s success unless there’s some other styled songs on it

  7. I don’t see the lady gaga resemblance at all.

  8. love it

  9. It reminds me of Girls on Top.

  10. the outfit does not suit boa, she looks too small and not sexy

  11. I love the new concept/look, but the chorus/title I heard so far is kind of FOB-by.

  12. looks interesting. hope it’s not all style no substance.

  13. I’m liking this one more than Game.

  14. this is not gaga-ish D:
    is more like Girls On Top but more stylish

  15. look like lady gaga bad romance MV.

    • Exactly. Bad romance is what I think of when I first saw this MV.
      Sorry no offend to anyone. I have a feeling that this song will not be so successful as it hypes. I sense a repeat of Hyori’s CCBB situation. I wish her luck<3

      • Bad Romance because of the red things ?

        i’m a fan of Boa AND Lady Gaga…
        but the comparision with Gaga is seriously getting annoying.

      • Haha, your right Babya, I didn’t even think of Lady Gaga when I saw this. Just because Lady Gaga comes out with the weird and strange doesn’t mean every artist in Korea is copying her.

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