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Jo Kwon-Min, “They have similar smiles~ They look like close siblings”

2AM Jo Kwon and miss A Min’s selca photo taken together revealed.

Jo Kwon posted the photo on his Twitter on 30th July and in the photo he was seen posing with Min, both smiling.

Many netizens have also pointed out that their smile look alike. Jo Kwon and Min go way back as they had trained as trainees under JYP Entertainment before their singer debut for about years. And because they have spent some tough times together, they are even closer to each other.

Netizens commented on the photo, “They look like a family”, “Their smiles are so cute”, “Their smiles have lit up their surroundings” etc.


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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and KPOP UPdates, mai. mai said: K Bites: Jo Kwon-Min, “They have similar smiles~ They look like close siblings” http://bit.ly/caABOd […]

  2. But of course.

    hehe Jokwon, Sunye & Min have been in JYPE since 2001.
    JYP Family JJANG!!

  3. i dont know what it is about this girl that i dont like. i just dont like her for some strange reason. this is probably called ‘hating’ but i really dont meant to. she’s just one of those person you just dont like for some odd reason you know?
    maybe im going crazy but something really bothers me about her.

    anyways i dont see the similarity but yeah..

    • well, she does have history. pre-debut pics of her popped up. she was posing with just lingerie on, her on a skimpy red dress, making seductive faces/expressions & etc.. she’s most definitely not one of those innocent idols.

      • really? i havent seen those but yeah maybe its the fact that she has more “attitude” than other idols that makes me not like her. i mean sandara did the same t hing but i like her cause she is or at least acts innocent.
        im not saying all idols need to act innocent, i love idols that have more personality and dont just follow the rest but this girl comes off a bit conceited.

  4. Min looks so darn pretty

  5. they’re soo cute ❤

  6. Jo Kwon and Gain look more cute together 😀

  7. Min is so pretty and kwon is so cute!

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