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MBC Music Core 31.07.2010 – SNSD Tiffany & Yuri bid Music Core Goodbye!

Today on MBC Music Core duo MC SNSD Tiffany&Yuri ended their duty as MC and performed “Baby&Baby” (originally by 4men) as their MC Special performance at the end of the show and bid the show farewell.

In today’s show, YG’s very own SE7EN also performed his comeback stage and greet his fans on stage.

Go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

30 Responses

  1. Woa i now just noticed that shinee’s minho was sitting! lol wow he must have been thru some injury 😥

  2. I’m gonna miss MC YulTi, the best MC duo!
    They sang so well~

  3. the best perf tonight:taeyang,se7en and top~i love taeyang’s attitude for the song,awesome and he’s sound great~
    hotness overload,se7en and top,i cant say anything,flawless perfs.~SE7EN,TAEYANG & TOP ily<3333

  4. SE7EN MAN YOU’RE THE BEST! Hope for SNSD success in Japan.

  5. not a fan but I like the “Baby&Baby” perf. It was touching.
    the 2 mcs did a great job.

  6. A Mucore Staff’s account:-

    “I’ll assume that you’ve already watched the last broadcast of Music Core a few hours ago;;

    Last year, on a very cold day, I first became a staff during the Mucore Jeju Island special and met Tiffany and Yuri

    To be honest, since I’m a woman, I normally didn’t have a special “wow, they’re great” response towards Soshi.

    And a few months later, it has completely changed…

    Even once in the spring, SM Entertainment had the intent on having them (Tiffany and Yuri) quit but the Music Core PD dissuaded them.

    Even the staff refused to let you go and we would’ve been so disappointed in seeing you leave that we even joked and asked where are you going, just leaving us here? But you’ve stuck with us until now.

    Today, Tiffany and Yuri did a job well done, handwriting letters to all the staff members with each individual’s name, even the less important members who just started working recently.

    Although it wasn’t long, they wrote me this message: ______ unnie, when we first saw you at Jeju Island, you looked really scary but now we’ve gotten really close, right?.

    She must’ve been busy but Tiffany gave it (the letter) to me herself and left.

    Personally, I’m so incredibly touched by how she remembered when I began working…

    And today’s final appearance…

    It wasn’t planned for all of SNSD to appear today but the manager called in the morning to arrange this.

    He said that since it’s their (Tiffany and Yuri) last broadcast, they (SNSD) wants to be with them.

    SNSD, seeing you all together sure was pretty.

    After the broadcast, they all thanked the staff for taking care of Tiffany and Yuri before leaving.

    Although idol fans think they (idols) are pretty and charming, they probably wouldn’t know.

    What the idols are like, behind the scenes. They are kids that are more than just kind, they’re innocent. So please give them a lot of encouragement…

    All of Mucore’s staff is cheering on SNSD and their Japanese activities!”

    Source : Soompi
    Credits : RecentComments & TheSoneSource11@Youtube,silis7noy2

    • TT__TT omo after reading this, I’m really happy..
      this is one of the many account from backstage crew that have praised the girls being really humble and an absolute joy to work with. It makes me feel so proud of the girls.

      YulTi Fighting !!!!!
      SNSD jjang <3333

    • like Taeyeon said:
      “You two don’t be too sad. Encounters are followed by partings and partings by new encounters, isn’t it?”
      I really love how snsd supports their other member, they will always be together. Soshi Bond jjang~

      Tiffany & Yuri HwaiTaeng ^^

      직음은 소녀시대 ❤ 앞으 로도 소녀시대 ❤ 용 원 히 소녀시대

      • just telling you
        its 지금은 소녀시대 앞으로도 소녀시대 영원히 소녀시대
        i dont mean to be rude ><;; just trying to help (:

    • Music Core staff’s accounts

      “… many artists have debuted and did comebacks (on Music Core)
      And all the food the fans send..
      I think SNSD were the only ones who personally took each food and distributed them to the staff.
      Normally they just leave the ice box there and people are free to get it, that’s how it is but SNSD girls serve us keke
      Obviously the male staff will fall for SNSD… but female staff fall for them after getting to know them
      You know there was broadcast accident at the comeback stage early this year;;
      I was one of the staff watching from below stage who almost cried.

      You may not have noticed watching on TV but on that day for the cuesheet we used bold italic only for SNSD Oh..
      And with extra notes we staff had prepared specially for it.
      So we were sorry for what happened but the girls just went around jumping yelling We are daebak!
      I cannot forget Tiffany and the 8 girls.
      SNSD jjang keke”


      “… (SNSD girls have good image among industry insiders). It’s so good that the writers just continue to compliment Soshi being so great. And the PDs too; the girls always try harder than what’s been expected of them. The girls are second to none when it comes to work ethics”

      “So another era ends like this. Yuri and Tiffany you’ve done so well, go to Japan make daebak and come back… I was elsewhere I couldn’t say bye to YulTi TT TT”
      cr. silis7noy2@ snsd soompi thread.

      • This explained why SNSD is loved by many in Korea. Their work ethics + friendliness + their warming teamwork a.k.a friendship. Many fancc I read mentioned about this – a total contrast with what they usually get bashed for. That also explained why they get so many offers and keep recontract with others, because people love to work with them. The staffs they worked on always mentioned the girls kept bowing to them when they came to the set, from PD to scriptwriter, to boom and non-important staffs, sharing their foods to the staffs, cheering them when something goes wrong while recording.. When they parting with them, they left short handwritten yet warming message – like they really aware of this person. It’s not surprised if SNSD won hearts from all ages of group. They know how to appreciate others. Well done YulTi for all the time being the MCs.

        “All of Mucore’s staff is cheering on SNSD and their Japanese activities!”
        – SONEs all over the world cheer for SNSD too!!

      • this is so touching ot read T.T The girls are really wonderful people not just we can only see it through these accounts posted above but from many other accounts too. They are really amazing girls. I used to be a hater but after watching their shows, I found out that they are actually really nice and talented. Now I’m a certified Sone for > a year now 😀
        SNSD ftw!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Tiffany!! #BestMCsYulTi are always in our hearts!

  7. Haiz to be honest I don’t really like TY kissing and getting kisses randomly. I don’t mind it if the gal is his gf.

  8. I wonder if Taeyang ever talks to Yuri at msuic core

  9. who won?

    • There is no award on Music Core. Only on M!Countdown, Music Bank and Inkigayo. 🙂

  10. Ummm .. The only one that can sing a song from 4men is 4men.

    • who?

    • Yeah, 4men songs are hard to sing. Especially the original ones (as in generation 1). But so many of these k-pop fans here only know about idols, and not about other singers, so no point in comparing. They think that the good idol singers are like the best singers in K-pop when that kind of skill level is the norm among other non-idols.

  11. how good is Se7en he and T.O.P just awesome and Taeyang kissing girls now love it.

  12. YB and Se7en’s performances killed me. They were so good tonight!

  13. SHINee ❤

  14. Taeyang is a pimp =)

    • I know!! How did he go from Mr. Can’t Talk to a Girl to Mr. Talking to Girls All Night (according to GD) and going on dates and flirting up a storm both on and off stage. He’s so cute.

  15. I’m gonna miss YulTi T___T

    other than that, SHINee did awesome ❤

  16. Oh my god, Se7en’s comeback stage is so cool, it was pity that Music Back yesterday he didn’t take a part o_O

  17. Best performance of the night were

    Se7en, Taeyang and Shinee (despite being sooo tired).

    Se7en was boss during his comeback stage.

    Taeyang had me spazzing like crazy, I can barely believe that he’s the shy one in BB when it comes to girl – he was bumping and grinding and touching and kissing. Wow

    SHINee – the boys are amazing as always but you could tell they were tired but it’s understandable. Love their performance. And Minho was boss in his chair again.

  18. omg i have to say that YG has the best stage decorations XD Se7en’s stage is sooo EPIC! Lol. Btw, is that the Tae Yang that is scared of girls? Lol, yur pimpin’ TY!!!!!

  19. Best stages of the night were definitely Taeyang and Se7en. And that’s not even my biasness talking!

    Se7en definitely proves why he’s a veteran of the business and his performances were rocking!

    Taeyang…you naughty boy. Feeling up on the dancers AND kissing Ji Hye? I am so jealous right now.

    OAN….Shinee did perform well too….but they looked WAYYYY too tired.

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