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Chakra Bona participates in Superstar K2 and surprises judges

Chakra member Bona appears on Superstar K2 as participant and talks about the sad and unfair happenings which took place during her blank period.

On Mnet Superstar K2 aired on 30th July, singer Bona was one of the participants taking part in the auditions. She said, “I was active as part of Chakra till 2005. After our disband, the company did not release any album for me. I need to be released from my contract with them in order to move to other agencies, but they didn’t allow me too,” explaining her 5 years of blank period.

She added, “I’ve thrown away my pride. I practised like crazy wanting to get up again. I think of this as the last turning point in my life.”

With the appearance of Bona at the auditions, the judging panel Lee SeungChul, Baek JiYoung and Lee HaNeul etc were shocked. Baek JiYoung commented, “I think I remember. I’ve seen her at my company and she was a sad kid.”

And when it comes to assessing, Lee SeungChul said, “You did not look at singing and dancing separately, I see synergy in combination of 2,” give Bona a pass and the first step to realising her dream.

S: SeoulNTN

For those who are not familiar with Chakra, this was the band which HwangBo and Jung RyeoWon were in before.

15 Responses

  1. hope she gest a second chance…..what a brave girl

  2. her agency is cruel. poor her

  3. but after those 5 years…she couldn’t change the agency?

  4. I remember Chakra, but I was not a huge fan of theirs, just a ‘normal’ one. Anywho, this is quite embarassing to be a former ‘star’ and then be a ‘regular’ person on an audition show (to ME it is….).

  5. Hope she gets a second chance..

    does anyone know how the company kept her for 5 years I thought the group broke up due to financial difficulties and the ceo ran off with all their money leaving them in debt I know hwangbo only fully got out of debt recently

    So did hwangbo and ryewon leave the company by paying the fee for breaking the contract

  6. that’s really sad they didn’t let her release any album when they were gone 😦
    i hope she’ll be popular again now thanks to the show, sad that she has to do all this again.

  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Yancey @YanceyG, mai. mai said: K Bites: Chakra Bona participates in Superstar K2 and surprises judges http://bit.ly/bIfFyz […]

  8. she deserves a chance.
    woa, they didn’t allow her to change agencies in those 5 years?
    quite cruel.

  9. Ah ! I know Chakra thanks to HwangBo but Jung Ryeo Won ?? I thought she debuted as an actress! My kpop craze has started in 2005, so just when they disbanded! I would like to hear her sing something fresh, she may have good vocals, right ?!

  10. omo I miss Chakra TT_____TT

  11. poor her

    she is starting all over again

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