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SBS Inkigayo 01.08.2010 – miss A wins 1st Mutizen with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’

Today on SBS Inki Gayo, super rookie miss A wins their 1st Mutizen with the song “Bad Girl Good Girl”.

Also go under the cut for the performance videos!





42 Responses

  1. why is sulli wearing a witch’s hat??

  2. Misss A!!! Whoo!!

  3. proud of miss A 🙂

    Shinee fans are so annoying and ugly. STFU and get a life. Ugh, disrespectful fan like Shineeworld disgust me.

    • Stop generalizing SHINee fans. I’m a SHInee fan but I’m not surprised that they didn’t win. Lucifer isn’t even that great a song, in my opinion. Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS MISS A :D!!

    • You shouldn’t be bashing another fandom when the Say A fandom is already a huge mess. Some of you Say A’s are annoying just like some SONES, no wait, you guys are WORST and even more DISRESPECTFUL. STFU.

  4. aww! these girls mentioned sunmi, didn’t they?

  5. won*

  6. I like shinee but I don’t get why there is so much hate towards Miss A. To be honest both songs are decent/good (although I am still not completely sold on Lucifer) and both groups have been giving really good/solid lives. They are equally talented groups so I am happy that either one of them one. There are a lot of talented people promoting this time around so I am just happy to see that talented people are winning.

    honestly my favorite performances are Homme and Gilme ft. K.Will because they are music to my ears and also Se7en because well he is Se7en and I have had a soft spot for him since his debut what can I say, he is an awesome performer even if I am not that into the electro stuff he is doing this time around.

    I cant wait till next week when Se7en and BoA will be promoting at the same time because they both cab put on one heck of a live . Having both of them performing to show the younger ones how to do a live will be an awesome sight to see.

  7. damn some Miss A’s fans(more like Trolls) are hella annoying…. yes Miss A won congratz but cant u guys behave a little more mature most of your Say A’s comments are asking shawols to start a fanwars STOP IT!….. dont tell me you guys r stupid enough to not noe that Inki is always behind in album sales… so apparently they didnt beat SHINee or Se7en…. stop prasing them like theres no tomorrow cant u guys just congratz Miss A without saying unnesseray stuff?…

  8. Shinee should have won… Miss A is just ok.

  9. awwww poor shinee LOL .Miss A Rocks -<333333!!


    • Oh please !! don’t start it now..
      they’ll gonna win next week so don’t worry ..

      • with both BoA and Se7en promoting I am not to sure if Shinee will be winning much this time around even though I do find them extremely talented.

  11. Lol u see? I told u that miss A is the real winner and Shinee fans started to bash on me. Congratulations girls!!! You deserve it!! miss A will be the best gg in Korea in no time! miss A ftw!!!

    • No all of their fans are like that , dont generalize please ^^
      i am a fan of shinee but i am happy for miss a girls ❤ ^^
      That kind of fans make people hate the group that they "love" u___u

    • Why are shinee fans getting all butthurt, that they didn’t win?
      Miss A, all the way !!

  12. G.NAs voices is so good!!! ♥

  13. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and andy octovia, mai. mai said: K Bites: SBS Inkigayo 01.08.2010 – miss A wins 1st Mutizen with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ http://bit.ly/bGAsds […]

  14. Miss A winning is a travesty lol

  15. HA! I knew it! Where are the Shawols now? :p

    • everyone knows inki is always one week bhind in its results for determining a winner. this happened to many big artists making their comeback before. artists will win on every other program but inki, becase its always behind one week compared tot he other music shows.

    • Shinee totally should have won! but Inkigayos stupid rules doesn’t let them until two weeks of promotions. UGH it totally frustrates me that some rookie girl can beat the more expirienced way better idols. im not hating on miss A, but seriously…….

      • oh pls there is no such rules that they can’t win after one week of comeback
        SNSD did it before
        i think Shinee would have won if their points for digital sales are higher because Inkigayo favours digital sales more than album sales

        but i guess next week Shinee will wins for sure

    • some shawols here are REALLY pathetic.
      Miss A is Daebak!!!

      Congrats missA !!!!!!!!!!

  16. Congrats Miss A! 🙂 I was rooting for them.

  17. congrats miss A for winning inkigayo, and cyworld’s song and rookie of the month too 😀

  18. I congratulate the girls!!
    I really love shinee but Im soo happy that miss A win!
    omo! that is impressive girls!!
    well they have the talent alright
    love miss A ^^

    • I’m not sure but I think most of the artists in the back didn’t look overly excited about miss a winning as well…..I guess shinee are generally very well liked and respected in the industry.

  19. yay miss a^^^ i love these girls and their encore was funny with kwonnie

  20. woow i’m impressed. i thought for sure shinee or se7en would win. miss A is one crazy rookie group 😀
    loove the jype family looveee 🙂

    • Well obviously Inki is always behind when it comes to Mutizen.
      So for sure shinee is next week, then next week its either shinee or se7en.

    • SHINEE , all the way !!!!!!!
      they’re the best ❤

    • Congrats to miss A 😀

      SHINee should be shame for themself when they lose against rookies.

    • Agree! miss A is the best rookie girl group ever hehe
      these girls beat:

      SHINee (Lucifer),
      Se7en with (Better Together),
      Taeyang (I Need A Girl),
      Son Dambi (Queen),
      Narsha (Bbi Ri Bba Bba),
      G.NA (I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better)

      ROFL Miss A PWNS~ !!!

    • shinee’s new song SUCKS, I’m not surprise they didn’t win.

  21. congrats Miss A for also winning cyworld song of the month and the rookie of month … these girls are amazing they are the scary rookie of this year
    please lets not start any fan war here

  22. CONGRATULATION MISS A! Finally, they’ve been topping charts for weeks, i’m really happy for them. They looked so shocked.

    Also loving Son DamBi’s performance, Queen B~

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